10 most interesting new year traditions and customs of the world

Comes the time of new year holidays. Bright lights, shiny balls, pre-holiday fuss and magical atmosphere once again return us to the children’s tale.

I love the New year for his magic, his mysterious appeal, for meetings with family and friends, for fun conversation and laughter, fireworks and sparklers — this is a good holiday loved me since childhood.

In every corner of the world, in every home and every family has St OI tradition for the holidays. For example, in my family, earlier early morning, and now, when all will gather for a birthday, the family is built, spoons banging on pots and marching towards the birthday boy to give him a gift. And on New year’s day my mom still puts the gifts under the tree, although it may still Santa Claus.

Today I want to talk about Christmas traditions and customs of different countries of the world, which seemed to me the most curious. Sit back, you will find a lot interesting.

Impulsive and fun the Italians are convinced that together with the old year goodbye and with all the junk, that’s why there is an Italian tradition for the New year to throw away unnecessary things. Often they throw rubbish from their Windows and curiously watching the reaction of passers-by. If old things there – you have to throw new, otherwise happiness will bypass the home side.

However, due to the fact that getting rid of trash through the window of activity is quite dangerous — some particularly the worship traditions of the Italians and throw large items, such as furniture, recently from this Christmas traditions almost gave up.

But thriving is another, no less dangerous fun. The sky in Italy on New year literally lights up, and around there is a tremendous noise — almost every Italian considers it his duty to launch a firework, explode a firecracker or cracker, shout loudly greeting cards and sing a song! Pretty funny looks ancient custom of 31 December men and women give to friends red lingerie. The Italians believe that red underwear worn on new year’s eve brings happiness. That’s why everyone, from young to old, women and men, the New year is welcomed in linen color of passion. By the way, this is a good way out of the situation when all the skip out the window:).

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Brazilians like no other people in the world who know how to have fun! New year’s eve in incendiary Rio — it’s something extraordinary. W ere mixed Indian, African and European Christmas traditions and turned into something incredible.

Ol adnik takes place on the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro — Copacabana, thousands of people flock to the beach. W a nd go to the ocean and bring the goddess of the sea Yemanja gifts. On the sand light up thousands of candles. Every year it gathers about 2 million people!

Girls in long dresses go in the ocean and cast into eternal water the petals of flowers, which carries surf, and other gifts are put into little boats and send in the sea …

New year’s eve in style Rio begins!

DJs give birth to the sultry rhythms, appear hot Brazilian women in bright costumes — comes the carnival, and beautiful Copacabana beach turns into one big beating heart on the ocean shore!

In 1969 in Cuba has banned the celebration of Christmas. Now Cuban New year — this is the main winter holiday is the island of Freedom.

In Cuba instead of a Christmas tree decorate their coniferous plant — low Araucaria, with horizontal branches and stiff needles. And the clock at midnight beat instead of 12 just 11 times. The fact that the Cubans give hours to relax and rejoice with all, as the 12th-kick has been on the New year!

While the clock strikes, the Cubans eat a grape for each stroke and make optional. When the new year begins and the clock is silent, people eat twelfth berry and make your fondest wish!

Then start “water treatment” — from glasses filled with water before the New year. Cuban citizens spewing water out of Windows in a sign that the old year is over and they wish that the new year was just as successful. Most importantly, going outside, not to forget the umbrella:)

In the villages in the South of France mistress, which in the New year the first will collect water from the source, leaving beside him a pie or a muffin from the table. The hostess, who came after her, take the pie and leave your — so until the evening hostess treat each other. I hope that the first owner someone from home also brings delicious pie:).

In Hungary, the Christmas holidays are very noisy. In the new year days disappear from the shelves all children’s whistles, pipes, tubes. Hungarians believe that shrill and not always pleasant sound of these simple musical instruments drives away from the habitation of evil spirits and calls home in the well-being and joy. In cities and towns are youth gala columns, which move ahead musicians. The Herald loudly announced that the old year is gone, and next year all who work, expect a good harvest, full bins.

Austria has long been a symbol of happiness consider a chimney sweep. Sometimes, seeing a chimney sweep in the New year, the crowd ran after him, to touch him and to stain the fingers with soot and get a share of well-deserved happiness. Now Piper was not enough, but the tradition still remains.

The noisy New year, probably in Panama, it even surpassed the noisiness Hungary. Here the festival starts with a deafening ringing of the bell at the fire-tower. At midnight a from cars, sirens begin to howl, thundering pipe bands, people shouting and banging anything. Adults become mischievous as children. And the Panama Santa Claus Papai Noel is dressed in summer. In the coat he would not have endured the heat.

North America

North American tribe of the Navajo there is the custom to celebrate the New year by dancing around a huge bonfire in a forest glade. Glade surrounded by trees and has only one way out — to the East, whence should come the sun. The dancers are dressed in white robes. Their faces are also painted white. In the hands of the dancers — wand with white balls of feathers. Sometimes these balls erupt from the flying sparks of a fire, and then everyone was cheering. But there are 16 of the most strong men. They carry a huge bright red balloon and pull it with a rope on a tall column. All shout: “the New year! Birth of the new sun!” In the hedge of trees immediately do three passes: North, South, West. The sun now shines everywhere!

Of course, traditions of New year celebrations around the world: noisy, cheerful, romantic and not so good and naughty — and it’s hard to choose from them the most. But they all make us become closer to each other, to believe in a Christmas story, get a vivid impression and make that the New, the coming year will be even better!

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