24 the most unusual holiday World

We all know such holidays as new year, the eighth of March, and all those other who have or have had public holidays. We are also known for such international days, such as April fool’s day, Valentine’s day or the day of Cosmonautics, somebody else will be able to name the day of the Heart. However, the international days-holidays much more than we think. They are all established by the UN and UNESCO, and if not check in with us, then surely at some point the world is celebrated in a big way.


So, in January, in addition to the new year, marked another international day “thanks”. January 11, can without exaggeration be called one of the “polite” dates in a year — today is the international day of “thank you” (International Thank You Day). “Thank you” is, without which our lives would be negligible and gloomy.

While January 21 is celebrated worldwide one of the most unusual holidays — International hug day (International Hug Day). It was founded in the USA in 1986 under the name of the National day of hugs (National Hugging Day), and then rapidly spread worldwide.


In February, in addition to Valentine’s Day, is celebrated the world day of the sick World Day of the Sick) – February 11. This event is conceived, rather, as a social step, aimed to support the people caught up in the sad category of patients. World day of the sick was established on 13 may 1992 at the initiative of the late Pope John Paul II (Pope John Paul II).

Also in February is the day on which it is not customary to speak a foreign language is the 21st – international mother language day (International Mother promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.


Now let’s talk about “the cat, the March”. The expression is not a coincidence. Of course, in March, males sing to my cats Serenade 8, but the salt here is this – 1 March it’s international cat day! And when the singing cats reaches its climax, it was the middle of the month, the day of PI – March 14. No, the celebration is not associated with obscene thoughts about cats, it is about the number PI, known to us all as 3.14 since high school. Why March 14? Everything is simple – 3 month calendar, 14 – day, and all together 3,14.


April begins with a Day of Laughter, but it is much more serious – 11 April every year is celebrated as international day of liberation of prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. April 11, 1945, the prisoners of Buchenwald lifted an international uprising against the Nazis and were released. It seems so long ago it was. But not for those who went through the horrors of the Nazi torture chambers.

And on April 28 the international labour organization (ILO) announced the world day of labour protection, for the first time it was celebrated in 2003.


Replete unknown to us and may. So, on may 3 in Europe celebrates the day of the Sun, the source of life on Earth, as well as a source of renewable energy. Since 1994, may 3, enthusiasts and professionals, community organizations and businesses across Europe are organizing various activities related to the demonstration of solar energy.

On the last day of may 31, is world day of blondes. Svetlovolosye representatives of humanity have found their day in 2006.


The first summer month happy world day of Friends, celebrated the 9th. Maybe this holiday for someone will be a good reason to once again, after some time, to gather noisy friendly company and to share some good news and pleasant memories.

Partly close to this holiday and another one of the unusual days in June – world fisheries day, which is celebrated annually since 1985. The holiday was established by decision of the International conference on regulation and development of fisheries, held in July 1984 in Rome.


The hottest month of the year July contains an interesting date, as world chocolate day (World Chocolate Day), which was invented by the French in 1995, and Day of the system administrator who has a “floating” date, and is celebrated annually on the last Friday of July.


August happy left-handers, because 13 of this month day name them. Also in August, namely on the 23rd is international day for the remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition (International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition). The holiday is celebrated on the recommendation of the 150th session of the UNESCO Executive Board on the day of the uprising of the slaves of San Domingo and Haiti in 1791 that began the process to eliminate the system of slavery.


In September, in addition to the Day of knowledge, is and birthday all familiar smiley – it’s the 19th, and car free day – September 23.


October, culminating in a mystical Halloween, begins much more positive: 1 October is the day of smiles. In essence, the same smile, only real and a lot warmer. And yet, in many countries, 8 of October, we celebrate international day of eggs. This is the day of all lovers of eggs, omelets, casseroles and fried eggs. Nothing surprising in this, because eggs — the most versatile food product.


In November, associated with the older generation of our country with the Revolution, and young people’s unity Day, celebrated international men’s day – November 6, and November 9, 2002, the progressive world community for the first time celebrated the world toilet day World Toilet Day) — one of the most original and, by tradition, happy holidays.


The last month of the year is also rich in various memorable dates. For example, December 10 is the world day of football, and 28 – the international day of cinema.

As you can see, is only a wish, and almost every day will turn you into a quite reasonable holiday and a reason to smile and be happy.

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