24 unusual profession

24th place. “Vydalblivanii” curses. At the crossroads in Ancient Rome sat the scribes and hollowed out on lead and clay butcher the most subtle curse. They believed that the gods will read these boards and will punish the offender.

23rd place. Sellers of tears. In Asian countries people are used to restrain themselves, so the funeral service special mourners. The prices for the services of such personnel as follows: weeping – 1 coin; crying with howling – 3 coins; hysterical crying with howling and falling on your knees – 7 coins; sobbing with being himself in the chest, tearing clothes and rolling on the ground – 20 coins. Before you start, you must pass a test on knowledge of traditions, the ability to sob dramatically and instantly calm down.

22nd place. Nazyvalis dresses. People of this profession comes up with a great title for the clothes of the new collection. “The blood Garibaldi”, “Rice pudding Jawaharla”, “the Seduction of a Prince of Bohemia” and even “Hippie-boy, take me!” is his hand at work.

21st place. A taster of breath. Checks the validity of chewing gum, smelling the breath of people with bad teeth after eating garlic or alcohol. Good gum to numb.

20-th place. The cleaners of the ears. They work in the Chinese baths. These are men and women with cotton sticks in hands that offer their services to the visitors of the baths. Time – and the cleaner has already extracted all the earwax from Your ears and now You will be able to hear even the quietest whisper.

19-th place. Best job in the world. What do You think who has the best job? Ben Kushal was a competition of 35 thousand people in place to six months to live on a Paradise island in a luxury Villa. His duties are: to feed the turtles, watching coral reefs and to write my blog. Salary is 20 thousand dollars a month. And the contest was called “the Best job in the world”.

18-th place. Expert dice. This man lives in a world of coincidences. Moreover, he is responsible for ensuring that this world remained so. After the disclosure of several scams with dice casino started hiring experts of dice. Real professionals the most sensitive fingers and a trained eye. Because they guarantee that the probability of loss and threes, and fours, and sixes are exactly the same. Tip for readers: the easiest way to check your dice without special equipment is to throw it in a glass of water. If the bone will not spin, then it is quality.

17-th place. Perevorachivatel penguins. These people work in Antarctica and save the poor birds that stare at the planes and falling on his back. After all, by nature, penguins are not able to climb.

The next three places were taken by master cigar cases.

16-th place. The entertainer-the entertainer. Special entertainer entertains those who turns the cigar to the quality of the products is maximized. It will read positive news, cracking jokes, singing funny songs, recite funny poems and nonstop kalambury.

15-th place. Distribute cigars in color. The person of this profession it is necessary to distinguish not less than 70 shades of brown to put cigars in boxes according to their hue. All this is done for special connoisseurs of tobacco.

14th place. Female. And female will choose the perfect cigar to drink alcohol, and Your mood.

13-th place. Pathecolor. Examines the historical remnants of feces and parasites in them to determine the diet of our ancient ancestors.

12-th place. Tester water slides. Main consumables in this job briefs. They shall be cleaned with a frightening speed, because the main thing here is working weapon is the buttocks. And buttocks Tom Lynch is known throughout the world wherever there are water parks. His 5th point he tested hundreds of slides, recording their feelings in special forms.

11-th place. Milker rattlesnakes. This man extracts the venom from snakes for medicinal purposes. Just imagine how he is at risk! For example, the snake Taipan for one bite can kill 250 thousand mice.

10-th place. Milker of the widow. And this man gets up to 30 yards wide web at one time. This material is used in optics.

9-th place. The APE-man. Recently monkey-terrorists is almost captured the big city station Lucknow (India). They attacked the passengers prevented the trains. But salvation came unexpectedly. One of the locals, Achkan MIAN in just 7 dollars a day running around the station in a monkey suit to the delight of children and on the misfortune of these monkeys. Last frightened and the station no longer attacking.

8-th place. Meatallic heels. The kings of Ancient Persia indulged in different pleasures: they kept harems, ate their fill, hunted, rode on elephants and bathed in gold. And for the excitation of the sacred laughter, so necessary to improve the mood, when they kept the yard deltalike heels. The person of this profession was a whole set of bird feathers (from Nightingale to peacock), so he got different shades of laughter: a light laugh until laughing with tears.

7-th place. Funeral clown. Dead man dancing around in his coffin, joking, singing and laughing – this is a typical picture of ancient Roman life. No, the Romans raised the dead, and just made the funeral a real treat. The main point the fun was a funeral clown who dressed in the deceased, and parodied it as he could. And some of the most talented clowns came to look for money.

6-th place. Taster feed. The house Mr. Simon Ellison live three cats. Everything they eat, as well as millions of other dogs and cats that have passed through the stomach of Simon. He is a regular taster of feed. Allison long taught their receptors, eating together with the shepherds and the Persians. Now he knows how to chew the pieces of dry food and clearly distinguishes the taste notes of the heart or liver. Except that does not meow.

5-th place. Tasters from Amsterdam. At the annual marijuana festival in Amsterdam, the manufacturers of weed compete in many categories: the most delicious marijuana, the most beautiful color, the fun, with the strongest effect… the Winner is chosen by judges who have to taste up to 30 strains of weed a day. And while the winners are awarded for the best effect, tasters trying to recover from this “land of laughter”.

4-th place. Testers therapy. Three weeks You tied to the bed, three weeks without a single movement, the bed is tilted towards the head, from which she is constantly buzzing, and before my eyes appear red spot… It’s not medieval torture, and studies that are able to help astronauts. On it 15 volunteers. After that they had rehabilitative therapy. By the way, the volunteers received a 6 thousand dollars.

3rd place. Poteralski. Kings and princes do not always can. According to the traditions of many peoples, they are not even allowed to touch some intimate parts of their body. Unbecoming of a Royal person. And then proceeds to business Royal poteralski. He head is responsible for the cleanliness of the Imperial 5-th point. This position was very prestigious and there was, for example, General-poteralski.

2-nd place. Students Parmesan You know what is perfect pitch? In Italy, for example, is the ability to clearly sing “O sole mia” on the Parmesan cheese. In factories where it is produced, people work with music education. They knock silver hammer on the cheeses to determine if he matured. As he Matures 3 years, daily issuing the new notes. The further you go the louder the Parmesan.

1-St place. A barking detective dogs. Imagine that You are a resident of Stockholm (Sweden). You bought the dog but don’t want to pay tax on it. Then the tax sends to You Alfredo Carlson. The woman goes home and barks at 20 different frets. And 100% of dogs respond by posing with the head, legs and tail. By barking Elfriede defines the breed and age of dog, and then writes accounts of the owners of our four-legged friends.

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