25 beautiful Christmas trees from around the world

First appeared in Germany around the 15th century, the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree has spread in many parts of the world. Now billions of people decorate their Christmas trees in a variety of ways. But elegant pine trees are festive attribute of not only houses and apartments, they can abundantly be found in the squares and streets of almost any city in the world. Giant spruce and pine, sparkling garlands, encouraging passersby their enchanting illuminations. Each one is good in its own way, and for you we have compiled a selection of beautiful holiday trees from around the world.

1. In Pittsburgh, USA, in the center of the ice rink regularly established a 20-metre Christmas tree, surrounded by a complex of high-rise buildings PPG Place Wintergarden. Night skiing around the shining tree in a cozy corner at the foot of skyscrapers reflecting in the ice surface becomes for all visitors an unforgettable experience.

2. For those who prefer to admire the huge Christmas tree in the room, is to visit Paris. Located in the famous Department store Galeries Lafayette 25-meter high Christmas tree, decorated with Swarovski crystals, during the holidays is becoming a major tourist attraction.

3. In Kiev, the tree always stands on Independence square. Each year, the tree takes on a new design. In 2011, the choice was made in favor of pretty original conical design with colourful patterns.

4. In December 2012 the world’s largest floating Christmas tree was opened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Having really huge (weighing 542 tons and a height of 85 meters), the tree was erected on 11 giant platforms in the lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas.

5. In 2011, unusual Christmas tree was installed in Seoul. Located at the Peak Agabon, rolling countryside less than 3 miles from the border separating North and South Korea, a holiday tree happy at the same time citizens of both countries.

6. To see this impressive Christmas tree, you need to visit Milan. The festive tree is located in Piazza del Duomo, next to the Gothic Milan Cathedral, the largest in the country and the fifth largest in the world.

7. Although the majority of the population of Lebanon is Muslim, in 2012, the country’s capital, Beirut also has dressed up kind of tree. Situated opposite the mosque of al-Amin, the tree has become a subject of keen interest both tourists and locals.

8. In the Vatican, the heart of the Catholic Church, Christmas tree – an attribute more than is required. Tree set next to the Basilica of St. Peter, has a height of about 30 meters and specially delivered to the Vatican from South Tyrol.

9. After looking more closely to the Israeli tree, established in Haifa in 2010, it is possible to distinguish details of an unusual material from which it was made. This is a 10-foot tree made of five and a half thousand recycled plastic bottles and is intended to remind people about current environmental issues in the country.

10. Thanks to the appearance in the movie “home Alone-2: Lost in new York”, the Christmas tree from Rockefeller center this worldwide popularity, becoming one of the most famous Christmas trees. In 2012, the 80th annual ceremony of ignition of the Christmas lights the main character is a fur-tree in height of 24 m, illuminated 45 thousands of led lights.

11. Another country where in spite of the small number of Christians can be seen a decorated Christmas tree, is Turkey. This original design was established in 2012 in Istanbul about a shopping Mall in Taksim square.

12. Christmas tree is usually associated with snow and sub-zero temperatures, so its appearance among the palm trees might seem a bit strange. However, the people gathered around her at the ceremony of the lighting of the lights in Newport beach, California, apparently, not against the likes of dissonance.

13. Having the desire to see the world’s highest decorated Christmas tree, you should visit the country that gave birth to this tradition. In Dortmund, Germany, Christmas markets are always held around the Christmas tree, towering into the sky at 45 meters and is made of 1700 individual small fir trees.

14. In Japan, Christmas is not celebrated particularly large, because the vast majority of Japanese follows the ideas of Buddhism and Shinto. And yet this does not prevent them to set up and decorate awesome Christmas trees, such as this tree from Tokyo.

15. Speaking of Japan, it is worth mentioning the work of Christmas art. In 2012, in honor of the 110th anniversary of Walt Disney’s Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka has created 40 kg of gold tree height of 2.4 metres. The price of the resulting product amounted to about 4.2 million dollars.

16. This impressive view, crowned fairy-tree, can be seen in the Biltmore estate, a large private estate, which is the tourist attraction of the American city of Asheville. Every year on the square in front of the Windows of the Banquet hall of the estate dress up is a charming 11-foot tree.

17. In Brussels, Belgium, historic Grand-place is a place where every city is being built Christmas tree. Each time it is a huge natural wood, but in 2012 his place for the holidays took a 25-metre electronic design, executed in an abstract style. But such an original design step is appreciated by all: the Christmas tree this format has caused outrage among many local residents and have incurred the abundant criticism.

18. This tree, located in Wilmington, United States, no claim to the title of one of the most beautiful or original trees, and still has one feature that gives it a kind of superiority. This solid oak is the largest and possibly the oldest living Christmas tree in the world.

19. A good example of an original approach to new year’s decorations stands this amazing multicolored tree 7.3 m in height. Unusual Christmas tree stands on the Central square, the Campo Santo Stefano in Murano, Italy. Its branches are made of thousands of glass tubes Venetian glass artist Simon Cenedese.

20. Prague – one of the cities from year to year consistently prefer traditional forms of festive decoration. Therefore, at the old town square every New year and Christmas set gorgeous tree, usually about 25 meters in height, decorated with thousands of lights and toys and crowned with a large shining star.

21. In London, the main city the tree is erected in Trafalgar square. Every year since 1947, a Christmas tree gives Britain the Norwegian city of Oslo. The tree is made in a traditional Norwegian simply furnished and decorated with 500 white lights.

22. Chocolate lovers will surely appreciate the design of this sweet Christmas tree, created by French master Patrick Rogers. Creating pure chocolate is a unique four tons the tree about 10 meters high, Rogers pursued the noble goal of raising funds for research in the field of neuromuscular diseases.

23. Chocolate, obviously, not the only material from which it is possible to make the original tree. In December 2012 Asian Park “Legoland” graced this 9-meter-high Christmas tree built from 400 thousand pieces of LEGO Duplo.

24. This impressive example of a well-dressed Christmas tree can be seen in Washington, in front of White house. Honor to light her garlands are offered annually to the American President. From year to year here uses the same type of wood – 10-foot Colorado blue spruce.

25. Let’s finish our holiday trip to Germany, the homeland of all Christmas trees. In the days of the New year and Christmas on the streets of Berlin pleasing to the eye many beautiful ornate trees. However, the most popular, decorated in a traditional style, is always located near the Brandenburg gate.

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