3D-mapping: light show on the facades of buildings

How to create a projection show?

To answer these questions, you need to first plunge into history. Original light setup was used by the military in the 50’s and 60’s, but by the early 70s they became an instrument of art. One of the first manifestations of this type of culture was the creation of a hologram in the project «N-Dimensional Space” of the new York Museum of Finch College Museum of Art in April 1970. A few years later around the world, including Russia, began to open holographic museums, and to this day are popular.

The next step in the development of projection art was the introduction of mirrors fixed on the piezoelectric elements. The refracted ray was performed due to the rotating mirrors that allowed you to create “the effect of firing” in space. In addition, the construction of the image involved various laboratory items, and “in sum” technique called “laser table”. In fact, the technology was applied until very recently, until it was superseded mirror X-Y galvanometric scanners on the suspension. Today this technique is generally known as “laser graphics and animation”.

Before I talk about the most popular and well-known show of its kind in Russia, it is worth mentioning another important term – “video mapping “. These are all the light shows, which are demonstrated to the audience on the walls of buildings with the participation of high-tech projectors. Originally this term referred to the study of the levels, missions, locations in computer games, but recently the word has acquired a second meaning. 3D-mapping is a technology that allows you to project on a variety of uneven surfaces, the image and video.

Best Russian mapping show

So, the best Directors the world has repeatedly worked to the benefit of the audience from our vast and created some of the best mapping views in the world. The biggest was “Alfa-show 4D”, which we described just above, however, it’s not all that Russia can boast of.

In honor of the Nativity in Arkhangelsk was the first “local” 3D-mapping show on the building of the cinema “Mir”. Five thousand spectators were able to see the entire history of our planet within a 10-minute presentation on 8 January 2014.

It should be said that having studied the Russian Arsenal show of this kind, unwittingly come to the conclusion – the best of them still held in Golden. For example, Moscow can boast an annual mapping festival show, which is called “Circle of Light”. In the fall of 2013 lights projectors illuminated the building of the stadium “Luzhniki”, the Arena, the Bolshoi theatre and the Tsaritsyno Park. Festival to see the Muscovites your city in a completely new guises.

The video presents an evening transformation of the Bolshoi theatre during the festival. The audience was able to see and “space” facade one of the most famous buildings in Russia, and his magical disappearance, and dance ballerinas. All of this was created using the aforementioned technologies masters mapping-the-art.

The building in the Park “Tsaritsyno” was not just another object for the mapping show, it opened the festival “Circle of Light”. The drama has attracted tens of thousands of spectators who were lucky enough to watch the magnificent light show.

The mapping shows presented at the Manezh building near the Kremlin walls, it’s easy to award the title of the most “hipster”. It involved projecting onto a wall of newspaper clippings which formed a variety of shapes, including human head, performing “soundtrack” an arranged performance. It looks really amazing, but the idea is the fruit of creativity of modern mapping artists.

As many say, the festival “Circle of light” evolved from a mere entertainment to residents of Moscow in a real business card of the Russian capital. To see these views with my own eyes, in Moscow attracts a lot of foreign guests, including eminent mapping-artists from the West and the East. And will the festival and this year is still unknown.

But that’s not all large-scale mapping shows that took place and take place in Russia. Almost every week in different parts of our country, the audience can watch the magic transformation of ordinary buildings in tools to travel through time or in screens for displays of holograms.

This art form has reached the city of Novokuznetsk. Local attractions in the fall of 2013 was the first in the history of Novokuznetsk mapping show. Unfortunately, to view all available video, shot on Amateur camera, and below is the best of them.

This view is a very good example of the fact that today, many large companies use mapping as an effective advertisement of their products. By the way, “Alfa-show” on the main building of Moscow state University was sponsored by “Alfa-Bank” and the logo was shown to the audience several times during the action.

Another major and highly original show was held at the Palace square of St. Petersburg. Its essence consisted in showing the life of ordinary Russians through the eyes of photographers from around the world. The project involved 20 people who traveled to Russia and filmed the daily life of local residents on camera. From the photos was installed brilliant 3D-mapping show, which was presented in late 2013 on the building of the Winter Palace. It began with the projection of 3D maps of the countries participating in this project, and then appeared a beautiful slideshow from remote regions of Russia. According to the presented data, gathered in the square about ten thousand spectators.

In 2012, residents of the Northern capital could witness another exciting 3D-mapping show, for the show which was chosen as the legendary building of the Alexandrinsky theatre. The facade of the building is similar with the Moscow Bolshoi theatre, but the view was radically different from the festival “Circle of light”.

By the way, most mapping-shows are held at certain times of the year – autumn. The reason is that for the full establishment of good performance the necessary atmosphere “of the night” – the night time. In winter large-scale show can I not be, because it’s cold outside, and thousands of spectators are unlikely to gather in front of the building. That is why the choice of many of the organizers of the falls in the fall, usually in November in the evening.

Many, certainly, are interested in the question: what is the projection to its immediate display on the building? As an example, we offer you to look at the created mapping show for the opening of the branch of “Sberbank” in the city of Tyumen. The developers show us a picture without its projection on a building.

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