8 the city’s major festivals this summer.

“Newspaper” has chosen the most interesting summer festivals in Moscow, where you can come in any mood — and then to improve it.

June 7-8

Fourth international historical festival “Times and epochs” in the Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” will be dedicated to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Guests can play pétanque, croquet, SERCO and badminton; a ride in the vintage cars and horse-drawn carriages; will see a silent movie, and book a vintage dress in a fashion Atelier and make a vintage photograph.

At the site of the “Village” will host goats, cows, sheep; in craft workshops teach those who wish to make wooden utensils, dolls, clay toys, to weave sandals and lace.

Iron the clothes coal irons, to join a working demonstration or Russian dances, at the same time after having a herring with potatoes and looking at the cockroach races at the site of the “Proletariat”. And the “military” site deployed camps European armies and the hospital, will host a series of battles, reconstructing battles of the First world war.

At the fair you can buy candies, bagels, pie. All this with the sounds of the balalaika and violin, songs of the peasants, Gypsy romances, epics of storytellers, jokes Parsley and other echoes of the past ages.

The festival of colors Holi in Luzhniki

June 7-8

The brightest festival of the summer will be held on the first weekend of June. Lovers of Indian culture and other campers will paint yourself, others and everything that comes to hand, in all colors of the rainbow.

The festival in numbers looks like this: 50 thousand visitors, 150 rubles for a bag of paint 100 g (sold locally), more than 10 tons of paint in the store.

Admission is free, with my paint (don’t try, you still will not be allowed). Paints, dry and dusty, but bright and clean. Holiday guests will concert and Holi-market, where everyone will braids, draw mehndi or will paint a painting. Especially, of course, all these paintings will appeal to children.

The 9th Moscow international open book festival in CHA

11-14 June

This year, the territory of the Central house of artists will turn into “space suitable for non-trivial discover new books, writers, artists and publishers from different countries of the world.”

Within four days, more than 400 events book, children’s, music and film programs, including presentations, workshops, discussions and round tables.

Linor Goralik, Evgeny vodolazkin up close, Lev Rubinstein, Mariam Petrosyan, Igor Chubarov, Olga Vlasova and many other writers will present their new editions.

Expected to arrive more than 30 foreign guests. Special attention will be paid to Shakespeare, which in is 450. It’s a pity he can’t come back.

International festival “Usadba Jazz”

June 14-15

XI international festival “Usadba Jazz” this year will be held in Moscow on June 14 and 15 in the usual “Arkhangelskoye”.

The main innovation of XI festival will be the festival “New Orleans/Moscow 2014”, which will be held in the framework of the “Estate”. Two days on the stage platform “Aristocrat” musicians from Louisiana state will play jazz, Blues, Zydeco and gospel music. Scheduled performances of saxophonist Donald Harrison, vocalist Tara Alexander, clarinetist Evan Christopher, Les Getrex ‘n’ Creole Cookin’, KIPP McDonogh and other musicians. In addition, visitors will be able to learn the national dance and try new Orleans cuisine.

Among music discovery platform “stalls” — the Israeli band Balkan Beat Box, experimenting with hip-hop and Mediterranean, Balkan motifs, as well as the project of the Norwegian pianist, composer and producer Bugge Wesseltoft Bugge”n Friends.

On-site Jazz Club for the first time will organize a milonga, but on the stage “Caprice” will present a program in the style of swing and Blues with headliner Englishman Yana Segal.

Playground “Beach” will become a relaxation area where you will practice yoga during the singing of mantras, Smoking a hookah with water views and taste of organic food. Visitors may enjoy jumping on the trampoline, playing volleyball, riding Segways, badminton, Frisbee, children’s area, design fairs and a Grand fireworks display.

Festival of world food and travel “Around the world” in the Hermitage garden

June 28-29

At the annual festival of food and travel should go if only to try different cuisines of the world and to know what is the taste of Turkish pilav, Brazilian muffin-balls, Thai Tom Yam kung, Vietnamese nemy, spaghetti Bolognese or organic salads.

Besides the food here, you can enjoy ethnic music on the World Music scene, to participate in pageants, along with street performers, dance and explore the world’s major sights.

Besides the usual continents — America, Europe, Asia and Africa — on the fourth festival will be presented to the Arctic. Cook for sleds, skis and whatever else relies polar explorers.

International festival Moscow Flower Show in Gorky Park

6-13 July

Look at the blooming Moscow will be in July at Moscow Flower Show . where traditionally gather landscape industry professionals, architects, designers and florists from Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Japan and other countries.

Moscow Flower Show — a kind fashion Week landscape art.

Guests can see the most unusual landscapes, original floral arrangements and even the gardens, talk with artists in their field, to participate in the competition of home gardening. This year will be to work on a photo project “Ecofocus”, a children’s rally “Tavern” and the floral project “Bikebouquet”. July 10, announced the Day of the rose (in the program — presentations of new classes, workshops, charity Rose ball), and July 12, you will learn about the gardens of Ecuador.

Bicycle parade “Ladies bike” in Sokolniki Park

August 3

The most elegant event of the summer — Bicycle parade “Lady on a Bicycle” — will be held for the third time. The theme of this year’s parade — “film Stars of the twentieth century” (1930-1980).

A real lady is offered a choice of a variety of images, from rock Hollywood beauties Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn to the stars of Soviet cinema, such as Tamara Makarova, Lyubov Orlova, Valentina Serova, Marina Ladynina, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Lyudmila Tselikovskaya, Tatiana Samoilova, Lyudmila Gurchenko.

To participate in the parade need to choose the image of your favorite film stars, to create the appropriate image (dress, hairstyle, makeup), sign up and come in Sokolniki Park on 3 August.

Animals take a bike ride is prohibited. The only exception is for the Maltese and pugs.

International festival of street art and creativity “Bright people”

August 16

For the third time in Moscow will gather the best street theatres, music groups and performers from around the world to make a real carnival .

This year offers 15 theater premieres, 10 art carts on wheels, 30 art objects, carnival 5 workshops, 3 theatrical processions and a cardboard city. On the festival grounds will perform dozens of over 1000 actors, craftsmen and artists from around the world.

Among them are laureates of the “Golden mask” Alexey Zherebtsov and Liquid Theatre, Yury Kvyatkovsky and Circus Charles La Tanna, Yuri Muravitsky, teacher GITIS Alexey Kuzmin-Tarasov, associate Professor of GITIS and Director of Circus Nikulina Elena Poldi and Antique circus, international laboratory of street performance “Made in Cardboardia” together with the Greek Director Motus Terrae Theatre Company by Spiros Andreopoulos, SPAM theatre, creative laboratory “Man”, Moscow theatre of Comedy and clowning “Grim Massa”, taste Theatre, Tall Brothers, “Circle II” and others.

Headlining the festival will be the French theatre, giant puppets Les Grandes Personnes and personages of Cardboardia with large-scale outdoor performance, in which anyone can participate.

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