Ancient Slavic holidays.

In the past people lived in unity with nature. The changing seasons affect the way of life and was the basis of the mystical (religious) rituals – holidays.

Major holidays all ancient peoples were: the arrival of winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Four of these days are the days of solstice and equinox, the astronomical beginnings of the seasons.

These days were the basic points of the calendar Year. These days preparing the program for the entire season. They served as reference points for employment in agriculture, construction and other important matters.

Currently in Russia, the two major religions – pagan and Christian. The Christian religion came later and replaced the pagan. To Christianity has taken root in Russia, new Christian holidays has imposed on pagan. So now a lot of confusion – what’s the origin of that pagan and what is Christian.

To gradually change the people’s belief in their gods and to impose a new religion, it is necessary not only to replace the ancient folk festivals on new (to change the names, titles, to replace the historical events associated with these holidays), but also add your (new) rituals of another religion. Gradually in the minds of people securing new holidays. People forget their history, their gods and begin to worship other gods.

So the deprived peoples of the past – its history, its roots. Conflicts begin within the people because of a single, historically over thousands of years of religion have not. There is a split. Some people forget their past, culture and traditions of their ancestors, while others are struggling ancestral traditions to revive.

Any nation is strong as long as he had the traditions, historical memory, one faith. And better if this faith was the faith of their ancestors. So is preserved the continuity of generations. Such people cannot be won.

Over time, any belief, any religion needs to be improved. Changing era, people change. Religion must conform to the new conditions. But this does not mean that one religion should be replaced by another. Religion should not displace each other . They can coexist peacefully, giving people a choice. Because all religions have one common basis – the love of God.

Religion should be understandable to the people, to maintain his spirituality and traditions. In religion there should be no confusion.

To destroy the people, we must destroy its culture

As lost knowledge?

Undoubtedly, the ancient people, including the ancient Slavs, had a very extensive knowledge . Wise, intelligent, educated people were in spiritual search for thousands of years and shared their mystical experiences with others and passed on knowledge from generation to generation.

But in the last several centuries there have been developments that have proved devastating for the world of culture and of the whole spiritual heritage of the ancients. The ancients knew, is now irretrievably lost much.

Over the last century created a huge gap, most of the connections with the ancient knowledge and wisdom broken. What now exists in the world is a completely new civilization, which has no previous civilization nothing or almost nothing. People think that their culture is very ancient and in fact it is only the remains of ancient knowledge.

On Earth it took many wars. Not so dangerous and destructive, if conquerors seek only material wealth, land and new resources. If the people manage to keep their internal life (lifestyle, traditions, culture), he will survive. The main thing is to keep the core of life, its essence.

But when he began a religious war – they were not material wealth, and the conquest of the soul of the peoples. The new religion was spread by destruction of the inner life of peoples, the destruction of their traditions. Confiscate and destroy books (chronicle), which are reminiscent of the bygone traditions.

The easiest method to conquer any nation is to separate the country from its centuries-old history, to destroy its past, its heroes. When between the people and its history is artificially created gap, such a nation is deprived of its roots and its power.

A real disaster of any people when he loses connection with his ancient knowledge.

The true basis of all cultures are the sources of their knowledge . If from the history of the country to withdraw a history of two or more generations – she loses the possibility of further development.

At present some figures intensely rewrite history. Destroying the past, they are destroying the future. It is very important to understand.

Must maintain continuity of knowledge . The progress of humanity depends on the transmission of accumulated over thousands of years of knowledge from generation to generation. The succession of generations is not an empty phrase. When the interrupted chain of knowledge, people become ignorant.

So it is with the holidays . People celebrate them, not because they know and understand their meaning, and because it’s so accepted. They don’t know what it should be.

When connected with a genuine knowledge destroyed, people for some time continue mechanically to observe the rites. These ceremonies will last a while and will disappear forever.

But there’s a line. If educated people will want to recover the ancient knowledge, they will carefully consider rituals that are now mechanically perform the illiterate and ignorant masses. These rituals – symbols (residues) of ancient knowledge. The characters can try to recover the ancient knowledge, to give them new life, to restore the lost traditions.

The past is not correct, but you can try to restore what is possible and not to repeat historical mistakes.

Ancient Slavic holidays

Many people try to maintain the origins of culture, to preserve the traditions – Slavic create community, promote Slavic culture in books and on sites on the Internet, trying to revive the ancient Slavic holidays, to understand their meaning.

Ancient Slavs lived on the solar calendar and the festivals of the Slavs were oriented towards the Sun (the Earth’s rotation around the Sun, the changing seasons). These days (two solstices and two equinoxes) were used as reference points for employment in agriculture, construction and other things.

Over time the exact dates of the equinoxes and solstices are slightly shifted. So for a few days shifted the date of the holiday. So, once the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) had on 7 July. Centuries later, on June 23-24. Currently, 21 June. This can be seen in any astronomical calendar, even tear.

Modern calendar long departed from the dates of the solstice and equinox. This is why so much confusion in the dates of pagan and Christian holidays. Must all be aligned. Otherwise there is no point in the festivities there.

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