Autumn festivals and celebrations of hunters and fishers

III international festival of hunters and fishermen was held in Yalta from 24 to 26 September. On festival there have arrived representatives of the hunting societies of the United States, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In Kamchatka celebrated the ancient holiday of the indigenous inhabitants of the Peninsula – the Itelmens. This thanksgiving indigenous people of Kamchatka for the generous gifts and awarded local nature

From 24 to 26 September in Yalta hosted the III international festival of hunters and fishermen. The ceremony was attended by Deputy mayor of Yalta Elena Yurchenko and representatives of the hunting societies of the United States, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The opening of the festival began with a solemn procession participants along the seafront of Yalta, where each team was able to provide uniform, flags, decals, and emblems of their clubs. Then a festive procession situated on Lenin square, where he held the official opening of the festival.

Congratulating the participants and guests of the festival, Vice-mayor Elena Yurchenko said that Yalta happy to host hunters and fishermen from all over the world – the people are always distinguished by great courage and effectiveness, adding that the man was from time immemorial the breadwinner of the family – a procurer, a hunter and fisherman.

Elena Yurchenko thanked Yalta club hunters “Artemis” under the direction of Valery Boyko for organizing this wonderful holiday and wished all the guests of the festival an unforgettable experience.

The largest delegation of guests arrived from Poland. It was headed by head hunter country of Eugenol o Gwiazdowski. In his message he emphasized that immensely happy and proud of the invitation of Poland at the festival of hunters and fishermen in Yalta.

In turn, distinguished hunter Voronezh region, TV presenter Vladimir Klimov explained that participates in the festival for the first time, adding that after such a successful start definitely will continue this wonderful tradition every year.

– I had no idea that Sunny Yalta will be the center of the hunting festival, – explained Vladimir Klimov. – In Russia, hunting is not just a hobby, but one of the types of philosophy and ways of knowing the world.

For American hunters, according to a representative of the U.S. delegation Vladimir Polosin, a trip to the festival in Yalta was happiness.

– Yalta – the most beautiful city on the black sea coast, so our delegation with great pleasure that I accepted an invitation to the festival, – said the head of the delegation of the United States.

Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian society of hunters Paul Drusen noted that his country was also not in place and due to the state has successfully developed a programme of hunting.

– We are happy that all post-Soviet republics the most incendiary was the Yalta club “Artemis” by which we all could meet in Yalta, to exchange experiences, to expand knowledge about hunting and fishing traditions of Ukraine and the world, and just to promote the hobby.

In the framework of the festival on the waterfront in the city organized a parade-exhibition of hunting dogs, as well as fair of hunting and fishing paraphernalia, ammunition and Souvenirs. In addition, in the mountainous forest areas of the Crimea were competitions in clay target shooting, fishing, paintball, Billiards and even tennis. Also during the festival, was held in Yalta seminars and conferences on a hunting theme.

Kamchatka was a thanksgiving feast of the gods

Throat singing, purification rites, and dancing to the sounds of the tambourine. In Kamchatka celebrated the ancient holiday of the indigenous inhabitants of the Peninsula – the Itelmens.

Performing strange rites, the indigenous people of Kamchatka – the Koryaks, Itelmens, evens and – worship to her gods. The autumn festival of Alalalala is a kind of local thanksgiving. The spirits of the ancestors say thank you for the generous gifts and awarded local nature. This year the rivers were stocked with fish, and in the tundra – a good harvest of mushrooms and berries.

“In alalalala none worked, it was a sin, and who sinned, thrashed with a stick”, – says a local resident Boris Zhirkov.

Alalalala is considered one of the main festivals on the Peninsula. This is the day to show what managed to get and prepare are the main wealth of the Northern people. Men cut up seal meat this mammal is very nutritious and rich in fat. In the harsh conditions of the Kamchatka winter this food is simply irreplaceable. All the guests are treated and thick fish soup from red fish. But most of all demand tea, infused with local herbs and special Kamchatka honey.

“This is not the bees make the honey. It is brewed from the young twigs of cedar, harvested at a specific time and in a special recipe”, – says Galina Melnik.

The culmination of the holiday always gets the dance marathon. Couples need to survive on natural the dance floor as long as possible. The rules here are very strict. Absent valid for no longer than three minutes. And no doping. The elders say that their ancestors during these dance marathons little toadstools have to enter into a trance. Now to maintain strength allows the jury to only drink a little herbal tea.

“Begins the summer season – the entire nation is on a fishing trip on the wild plants, the tundra, the mountains goes. And by this time have themselves in good become the norm. In the spring of this marathon no one will pull, autumn – freely”, – says a local resident Nikolay Shishkin.

The music here is also special. Couples dance to tambourine and under the so-called throat singing. This is a very difficult technique. Artists imitate animal sounds, which are very revered in national communities.

This year for the first time in a marathon and watched the representatives of another state. Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bolivia in Russia, however, itself to participate not decided. I was afraid that I didn’t have the strength. Although her compatriots are also satisfied like dancing, but to stay on the ground for so many hours straight can’t even the hardiest Indians of the distant Andes.

“Now I understand how important it is that people danced. It is not only physical movement, but it is a spiritual relationship between people! Very interesting”, – said the Ambassador of the Republic of Bolivia in Russia Maria Luisa Ramos Urzagaste.

Have reached the finish line only 5 pairs out of 30 claimed. They managed to survive the night. The last pre-dawn hours was tough. This continuous dance lasted exactly 16 hours 10 minutes. The winners beat last year’s record, lasting on the ground for 9 minutes more. They say that the spirits of the ancestors have to be satisfied, so long them here have not thanked.

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