Autumn holidays in Europe

This year September is not kind to us weather, Indian summer got lost somewhere. The rain and damp, looming gray sky — this is the weather forecast for the next few days. In Europe the situation is not much better. However, spring and autumn — traditionally considered the best season for travel in European countries. And for good reason. September, October, November — three months, when the Old world is literally buried in various festivals and celebrations. So, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the main autumn European events not to miss something important, walking around Europe.

Festival of street art (Nuart Streetart)

Norway, Stavanger (20th September — on the 18th of November)

At this time in Norway is going to a huge amount of artists from around the world. Armed with spray paint they paint the walls of houses, fences, fencing, creating as little graffiti, and large-scale works.

Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest)

Germany, Munich, Theresienwiese (22nd September to 7th October)

For 200 years, held in Munich for the annual Oktoberfest beer festival. The first Oktoberfest was held on October 12, 1810 in honor of the wedding of the future king Ludwig I and his bride Princess Therese of Saxony. In celebration of this event were invited to all the residents of the city of Munich, and the feast was held in the meadow, which was later named Princess Therese.

Now the festival opens 12 shots from the cannon and the opening of the barrel with a festive beer Lord mayor of Munich. Traditional festive beer can be purchased only at this time of year. It is aged longer than regular lager beer has a strong malt taste and strength from 5.8 to 6.3 per cent. The festival is allowed to participate only 6 Breweries in Munich.

Each year Oktoberfest is visited by about 6 million visitors, who drink around 6 million liters of beer.

International film festival of science fiction and horror

Spain, Costa Dorada, Sitges (from 4th to 14th of October)

This festival is almost half a century. Since 1968 in Sitges show a variety of films from around the world, created in the genre of science fiction and horror. Festival guests meet not only each other, but also have the opportunity to talk with manufacturers favorite movies.

At this time, the city turns into one big workshop for the manufacture of monsters. At various venues in the city are working make-up artists, which is free to turn you into a Zombie.

And on one of the days of the festival will be a parade of monsters and villains. In the parade can participate any costumed person.

The human towers competition

Costa Dorada, Tarragona, Tarraco Arena Plaza (October 6)

The Spanish nation is hot and fun. Grabbing the bull by the horns? Throw tomatoes? This is all very perky and fun, but between these two events plenty of time that could have something more original to spend.

So the Spaniards invented to build human towers. On the square is going to a few teams, at the base of the tower are the most sturdy and strong men climb further women and crowned with the crown of the tower children.

It is very important not only to build a tower, but also to strip the “bricks”. As a rule, at this point, the tower crumbles.

White night in Paris

Paris (October 6)

Once a year, Paris is transformed into a light-filled area, where the various artistic light installations, performances and other activities. Lighting designers, designers, decorators, each time coming up with a new light show.

Also on this night, there are museums and art galleries that offer free admission to its halls.

Fiesta de Nuestra señora del Pilar and the Day of the Hispanidad

Spain, Zaragoza (from 6th October to 14th of October)

There is a legend about how the virgin Mary appeared to James, giving him the instruction to build a temple on the banks of the river Ebro. Thus was the city of Cargos and Christianity in Spain. And coincidentally, on the day of the virgin of Pilar, Columbus approached the lands of the New world, the believers saw this as a good sign and the protection of the Holy virgin of Pilar.

It is very bright and colourful festival, with dancing, live music, street theatre performances, and fireworks. But the main attraction, of course, bullfighting is considered with participation of the best bullfighters of Spain.

The Festival Of Chocolate

Italy, Perugia (from 19th October to 28th October)

Perugia has become the world’s sweet capital, thanks to the unique festival of Chocolate. Every year it receives a huge amount of sweet lovers. The city turns into one huge confectionery, and the street fills a unique chocolate flavor.

Here you can buy not only the traditional candy and chocolate bars, these days confectioners offer an unusual chocolate products — nails, books, phones, watches, figurines and even pictures.

Stands alone chocolate cosmetics — foam bath, chocolate masks, wraps, lipsticks, balms for the body.

The chestnut

France (21 October)

The Guy Fawkes Night

UK (4 November)

Guy Fawkes is the only criminal in the world whose name is on the national holiday. Though this day is not an official holiday, however, the British celebrate it for the past 4 centuries.

In 1605 a guy Fawkes took the attempt of explosion of the houses of Parliament along with king James I, but the attack was stopped. Guy Fawkes quartered, and since then, every year, the British celebrate the day of disclosure of crimes against the Royal power.

Almost every family makes an effigy of guy Fawkes, and burns it on a holiday. Night ghuda bonfires, fireworks.

Kite Festival

Spain, Canary Islands (from 9 th to 11 th of November)

A colorful sports festival, which is held annually in early November in Spain. The essence of this sport is to slide through the waves on a Board for a large kite. These sporting events are reminiscent of the Chinese New Year, a lot of bright kites fluttering skyward, decorating a sea horizon.

The white truffle festival

Italy, San Miniato (from 13 th to 18-th of November)

November — a month gathering of white truffle. At the festival you can taste dishes with this fungus, and to try to find it under the guidance of a professional. The festival annually hosts a white truffle auction, street festivals and celebrations.

Holiday wine «Beaujolais Nouveau”

France (November 15)

It is a celebration of young wine made from special sorts of grapes “gripping”. The wine is ready to drink just six weeks after the grape harvest.

The holiday begins after lunch with tasting of regional wines. Coopers are competing in the ancient craft of making barrels. The band playing dinner music. Starts at 23.00 procession with torches and carts, so thank the winemakers for their work. The grapes are harvested manually.

At midnight uncorked the barrel, and begins a General tasting. On festivals tourists gather from all over the world.

Christmas Bazaar Striezelmarkt

Germany, Dresden, Altmarkt square (from 29th November to 24th December)

600 years on Altmarkt square is a Christmas market. In the center of the square set Christmas tree, surrounded by snowmen, nutcrackers, miners.

At the fair selling traditional sweets, such as Stollen Stollen, men with gingerbread houses and other Christmas characters.

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