Beer festivals of Europe

Beer is perhaps one of the most democratic drink, having a large army of fans around the world. And in almost all producing countries formed a colorful tradition of beer festivals.

Pub mile, Berlin

For more than 20 years at the beginning of August is the Berlin beer festival, better known as the Beer mile. The festival repeatedly got into the Guinness book of records as having the longest beer garden under the open sky. Guests have the opportunity to try two thousand varieties of dark and light beer, provided by three over hundreds of Breweries from around the world. Beer rely on a variety of national dishes: sausages, sausages, meat from the skewers, pickled vegetables and salt dough pretzels, pretzels. Three days here have time to have fun more than 750 thousand people, after all, a holiday – a real show with a fair, dances and music of various directions.

Oktoberfest, Munich

The most famous festival is held in Germany for Oktoberfest, and this is no accident: according to statistics, foamy drink in this country regularly consume more than 90 percent of men and almost 70 per cent of women. The event, taking place in Munich, grew from the normal of the festival and represents the largest folk festival in the world, because every year it attracts about six million visitors. Interestingly, the festival is attended by only brewing company in the city that brew beer on special, medieval recipes. Oktoberfest starts fine September morning at the Theresienwiese, after the procession of people in national and historical costumes and hosts beer tents, in that exciting moment, when under twelve rounds knock the plug out first at the fest beer barrel. The scope of the festival captivates the imagination: in the biggest beer hall can accommodate 10,000 people. Holiday guests are entertained by a variety of rides – from roller coasters, to cute traditional carousels. Beer reflects national preferences. Guests come to the delight of potato and cabbage salads, grilled half chickens and pork hams, Munich white sausages and a huge traditional pretzels, baked fish and meat, grilled on a skewer. More information about the festival can be read here .

Volksfest, Stuttgart

The world’s second largest festival, attracts more than four million people annually, called Volksfest. Residents of Stuttgart called it a National holiday and is considered lightweight, family kind of Oktoberfest. Volksfest also grew out of the agricultural fair, held for the first time in 1818, and has now become the main competitor of the Bavarian festival. But this festival bears the features, rather, the harvest festival, creating an atmosphere of rural life. Here not only taste the beer, but also spend a lot of contests, carnival, demonstrate the possession of the ancient crafts. Among the tents, occupying 16 hectares, at 26 meters towering column of fruit, which is concurrently the chief landmark of the holiday. Tables and the reserve for a few months.

Gebogenes, Straubing

Bavaria is famous not only for the Oktoberfest. In Straubing is the second largest holiday, bearing the title of the fifth season – Gebogenes. From annual farm festival, which originated in 1812, it has become a real folk festivals, most popular in Germany than tourists. To assess foamy drink here seven large beer halls that accommodate 24 thousand guests. Each pavilion has its own scenery, signature dishes and desserts, a unique musical program. In honor of the beginning of Robodefense the city passes a procession that stretched for three miles.

Pilsner Fest, Plzen

During the three days of September in Pilsen, in the Czech Republic, is the largest in the country Pilsner fest. He is the final and largest festival after a series of summer beer fests. The feast, held in honour of the birthday of local Breweries and passing on her site or in the surroundings, going about 60 thousand admirers of intoxicating drink. Here you can listen to the performances of the groups to visit the Park for thrill-seekers or master class for bottling beer into glasses, to try Czech cuisine and to visit the crafts fair. The festival is a lot of funny competitions; one of the most popular – throwing beer tray.

Belgian beer weekend

Another event, held in September, the Belgian beer weekend. Tradition, of which less than two decades, instructs to set the beer tents in the city center, in a Park near the famous Grand Place. Despite his youth, pompous festival has already become the largest beer festival of Flanders. For a tasting of pay caps from beer bottles purchased in advance. At the festival you can find varieties of beer, cooked according to ancient monastic recipes, and together with the beer offer corresponding to each class snack.

The big beer festival, London

London’s great beer festival was first held in 1975; since then every year it comes around seventy thousand visitors. The festival is held at the local Convention centre, nicknamed for it’s the biggest pub in the world. The emblem of the festival is unexpectedly goddess Ninkasi, regarded as the patron Saint of brewing in ancient Sumer. The favorites of the event – wheat and ginger beer, ale and cider. Everything here is submitted more than six hundred varieties of beer, half of whom are products of local brewers. Tourists having a great time listening to modern music and ancient British drinking songs, visiting attractions and workshops, playing skittles, table football or Darts.

Beer festival in Peterborough

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