The meaning of the holiday: it is believed that birthday has nothing to do with Christianity. However, at Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and birthday are not made to the table sat 13 – a direct analogy with the number present at the last Supper. The next day after the last Supper Christ had been crucified, and the number present was a sign of future unhappiness. It’s funny that a 13 – limiting the number of people present at the table, because psychologists believe that people can not control the presence of more than 12 people. I.e. with a larger number of guests you will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to devote sufficient attention to each invited because are constantly about someone to forget. (Other prohibited the number of guests – 9, 18 (three sixes), 21, 50, 99 and 100).

Recently there was a tradition to serve a cake with a stick candles in it. All insanely happy when the birthday boy blows out the candles on the cake. Candles should be seduti in one breath and make a wish should be hidden from all. The smoke from sadotech candles takes your desire straight to heaven. Again need to know deprecated the number of candles. Is 3, 9, 12 and 18. This also applies to the total number of candles at the table.

On the day of birth of the child, especially in kindergartens, sushestvuyet the custom of pulling the ears of the birthday boy in the number of complete years. For children’s birthday party, children put a circle around the birthday boy and traditionally sing the song “Caravan” and “Let run clumsily. “and the adults in this day with joy sing “Happy Birthday to you”.

As with any holiday birthday has its own history.

The Hebrews brought with them from Egypt the cult of monotheism, struggled with idolatry and, according to the historian of Josephus, 1-x centuries BC, not celebrated a birthday, so as not to offend God excessive libations. The Christian world has adopted the principle of Tawheed, and the first Christians were Jews. In the Bible it mentions two cases of the birthday party: 1. Genesis (1513 BC); 2. Mark (1st century BC). In this festival you can find the remains of pagan rituals. In particular congratulations happy birthday is very similar to Black magic spells. And the latter can involve both good and evil forces. On this day, people are doubly vulnerable, because when congratulations, he is addressed by name and the day of appearance of a person in the world is an occasion to put a spell because a sorcerer, whenever bad magic practice witchcraft or bad always starts with the fact that finds out when a person’s birthday. In fact, birthday – this access code. So, it’s okay if you are celebrating a birthday in the next day or next weekend. They say that to this day are in good spirits. The spirits will be offended, and plan evil forces will be upset. In celebration of the birthday of the person should be surrounded by well-wishers and avoid encounters with enemies.

There is a version that birthday owes its appearance to the cult of the Sun. In ancient Iran there was a sun God Mithra. Thanks to the soldiers of the Roman Empire, the celebration of worship was widespread. He was celebrated on December 25.

The first Christians did not celebrate his birthday. But in the 4th century, widespread infant baptism, and there was a tradition of celebrating Christmas. The Emperor of Rome to show that he was a Christian, celebrated this day. It was celebrated on the same day that the birthday of the son of the sun God Mithra. Thus, the ancient pagan festival was adapted by the Christians and became the official birthday of the baby Jesus. However and celebrating his birthday, too, was not contrary to Christian tradition.

Tradition advises to celebrate the birthday of the day, because on this day are the angels and the souls of dead loved ones. They will hear the good wishes and help you to fulfill them in the coming year. On the day of his birth should be cheerful and healthy. On this day set the mood for the whole year. If you suddenly fall ill or get dull, you have poor chances. The entire year can become gray and hopeless.

Not all come to this day with good intentions. Sometimes asking for what to do evil. Therefore, there is a ritual to break the spell of evil forces. For this gift conditionally purchased. For it is necessary to give an odd number of coins, usually one. Ordinary people even to enhance the effect, say, taking the gift: “I brought myself from her.”

If during the feast of broken dishes, spilled water, woke up the salt, that means that some of the guests brought trouble. Therefore, shards from broken dishes away when they go home), that together with broken crockery remove from the house and all the trouble.

‘t call a lot of guests, if the child is 13 years, man – 40 years old, woman – 53. The child at this age is broken in nature, the male midlife crisis. In this day man is easy to overlook. Many guests do not call on Saturday – the day behind the scenes is configured to spiritual work. High Jinks in this day called on for a year crashing biorhythm.

The hero of the occasion, if he soiled clothing, should say: “No to evil and to good” to it is not stuck negative energy, which was a nuisance.

The birthday boy can neither lend nor borrow money. People piously believe that in this day in debt given its (i.e. welfare), and when you borrow, you becomes someone else’s misfortune.

Presented to tears: a handkerchief, soap and other cleaning products, yellow flowers symbolize this day the lies and betrayal, a headscarf could lead to treason, and the knives and pointed objects – to quarrels.

The Chinese never give hours because they measure how much time is left until the end of life. In Russia the watch does not give spouses because it is believed that they can lead to separation and even divorce.

If one gives the jewelry, do not choose as a gift pearls, because the Greeks believed that the tears of the nymphs living in the sea. Christians are the tears of orphans and widows.

Mirrors do not give, because amalgam is able to reflect the world of spirits. Accepted the gift of the mirror leads to unhappiness.

It is believed that the bride and groom should not give each other books about romantic love and lyric poems.

Cloves should not give spouses and loved, except official holidays, especially the military.

Donated utensils should be no chips or cracks. Their presence means the collapse of all undertakings. In the donated pot and pan you need something to believe (souvenir, candy, card, finally).

Wallets and purses are welcomed only men, inside need to put a brand new coin or bill. I.e. if I give full – it will always be full.

Potted plants are welcomed only with a good heart, otherwise they will wither. People noticed that root well from cuttings taken secretly from the eyes with alien plants.

You can not give anything with unreadable inscriptions – superstitious people can smell a rat.

Do not give artificial bird figures (especially jackdaws, crows, magpies, storks and pigeons) and medical devices – they are associated with the disease.

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