Brazil is a country carnival, resorts

I dream to visit the carnival . Maybe you want to get into the Amazonian jungle . Then you need to go to Brazil . This country will help you feel a storm of emotions and teach you in this Latin American culture.

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Although most come to Brazil for carnival, don’t forget that it is also a country of football and Golden beaches. It is worth noting that come here to lone adventurers, youth companies or couples. For a family vacation Brazil is not the best option.

The Capital Is Brasilia . The official language is Portuguese. For the trip will require a visa, which can get in the Brazilian Embassy in Moscow. The period of visa – 5 days.

How to get there?

From Minsk to Brazil (in gortari de Janeiro or Sao Paulo) there are no direct flights, but can be reached with one change – in Frankfurt, flights are organized by “Lufthansa”) or Paris (flight to Rio de Janeiro from Minsk joint flight airline Belavia and Airfrance). The cost of one ticket routes will start at $ 1,580.

To Brazil from Minsk

Travel to Brazil from Minsk offered by a small number of firms. But the choice of interesting proposals. This is mainly combined tours (beach holidays and outdoor activities + excursions). Tours to Brazil from Minsk to see the beauty of Rio de Janeiro. National Park and Iguazu falls, the Amazon. Also some tours to Brazil from Minsk allow you to visit El Salvador, Costa to Swipe.

During Brazil’s famous carnival periodically from Minsk organized tour that allows you to visit the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and relax on the tropical coast.

Some individual tourists interested in diving in the Brazilian Islands of Fernando de Noronha.

Also interesting are transinternational tours Brazil – Argentina – Chile.

When to go to Brazil?

The tourist season in Brazil is totally unrelated to the weather: the largest number of tourists comes here to the carnival in February and the New year.

If you decide to go in the Amazonian jungle, the best time for this will be in late August – early December.

The best time to visit Brazil is from April to September. In this period there is not hot, a bit windy and rainy. Humidity throughout the year practically does not change and remains high.


If you have a craving for danger, then go to Amazonia . However, to travel independently in these places is not recommended: it is full of wild animals, poisonous plants and dangerous insects. Besides, it is dangerous to walk due to the large number of wetlands. Bypassing them can only be a guide from the local community.

The climate in the Amazon is very specific, so it requires a long period of acclimatization.

Here must be visited 12 km from Manaus (the capital of the Amazon region), where there is a unique natural phenomenon — the confluence of the rivers Solimões) and Rio Negro . Their water is completely mixed together. And flow a number of colorful ribbons over hundreds of kilometers.

In Rio de Janeiro should go not only for the carnival. Here is the world famous statue of Jesus Christ on Corcovado . Every year, millions of tourists come to see this statue, breathtaking.

Attract tourists and famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana , Ipanema . Lennon and many others. A coastline of more than 90 km.

Where to stay?

Hotels in Brazil, mainly from 3* to 5*. The service here is at a high level, however, the staff is typical of Latin American slowness and a certain stiffness. Although, perhaps it is the subjective opinion of those who have already gorged myself on a trip to Brazil .

Most hotels are owned by private companies and represent a high-rise urban building. But there are in Brazil and completely unique hotels, you will not find anywhere else. For example, the hotel “Ariau Amazon Towers” built high in the trees, right in the wilds of the Amazonian jungle. The trees are interconnected by a hinged bridges.

Sea and beaches

Brazilian beaches – white sand and warm all year round sea, the Atlantic ocean. Almost all the beaches are free. Surprisingly, despite the increasing flow of tourists, some remain deserted.

Popular Brazilian coast diving. The most suitable for this place is the States of Bahia and Pernambuco . as well as the island of Fernando de Part .

What to bring from Brazil?

Shopping in Brazil is expensive, but interesting. This is due to the fact that public authorities are promoting Latin American products and prohibit the importation of Chinese products.

As a souvenir from Brazil can bring exclusive products from crocodile skin, frogs, snakes and fish. You can buy interesting sweaters from Alpaca and vicuna, are doing in Peru and sold in stores Brazil.

As Souvenirs also beautifully packaged buy Brazilian coffee, dolls in national dress, shamanic drums, shawls “Kang”, alcoholic beverages in reed veins, rough gemstones, feather Boas birds of Paradise, painting from wings of butterflies and more.

National cuisine

Brazilian cuisine – that other, as a result of combination of three cuisines: Indian, European and African. Therefore, those who buy tours to Brazil. treat yourself to a gastronomic mix.

The most popular dish is the “feijoada” . It is made from black beans, pork, smoked sausage, dried meat, garlic, Bay leaf and pepper. Serve it with rice and sauces. Try also thick puree of beans and meat “tutu” and meat “carne do Sol”, sun-dried in the sun.

For Amazon typical Indian kitchen. The main dish is “pato no tucupi” cooked in a thick sauce of duck pieces, with the addition of special herbs. But be careful, it gives the dish an interesting effect – a couple of hours after food begins to burn stomach.

From soft drinks to drink “Guarana” . It’s made from guarana fruit, which grows in the Amazon jungle.

Be sure to try the Brazilian beer is one of the best in the Western hemisphere. From spirits to try the local vodka “Cachaça” .


In Brazil a lot of street crime, but at the same time, many police force that keeps order. However, don’t need to expose yourself to danger. Remain alert. With care costs around the area after dark.

Considered relatively safe resort areas of Rio de Janeiro.

In some districts almost drugs are distributed freely, but if you get caught red-handed, expulsion from the country (or even prison) can not be avoided. In Brazil, prostitution is very common.

Tap water can not drink.

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