Bright events, interesting meetings

The eve of the new year – it would not be the only expectation of the holiday, but a time of reckoning. There is something to remember and activists, veterans of the Republic: as usual, the year has been bright, full of events. What are the accomplishments, events, meetings they consider particularly important? I want to wish my colleagues and myself in the new year’s eve? This tells the elders.

Haber of Istratov, prethe Chairman of the Republican Council of veterans (pensioners) RT:

One of the brightest events – the second national festival of Amateur creativity of veterans ’Balkus” when the opportunity to show off their talents again got older persons from all Tatarstan. Among them are the real stars! I am sure that your task – to draw public attention to the elderly, to encourage creative activity, to contribute to the preservation of cultural and national traditions of the peoples of the Republic to pass on to the younger generation – our festival cope. I am glad that expanding geographically, increasing the number of participants. Suppose further “Balkus” collected crowds of participants and spectators!

Rafik Isaikin, Chairman of the Board of Naberezhnye Chelny veterans:

The outgoing year was rich in various events. Among them were joyful – for example, electing me as President, and a very sad – died Honorary citizen of the City, the former head of our Board nail Safin. We miss him very much. Among the vivid memories that have left the past year – and a meeting with the mayor Visalam Shaihrazieva, where we discussed the most serious problems of veterans, and participated in cross-country of the Nations. On the treadmill reached almost all our activists, including 80-year-old!

Rima Trinity, Chairman of the Board of Vladimir Mau open veterans:

We managed to produce three booklets. One is called “From one metal Lew…” and is dedicated to verkhneuslonskom – heroes of the Soviet Union and Socialist labor, the second – “Not the heart wants to retire” included the best poems of our gray-haired poets, and the third “Chastushka – folk soul” combined 300 rhymes, collected and written by one of the oldest inhabitants of Verkhny Uslon Praskovya Zakharova. Funds for the publication of brochures highlighted the district administration.

Nina Valiullin, Deputy Chairman of the Kazanth city Council of the veterania:

We were able to successfully implement the first social project, which became a grant holder of the national competition for grants to community organizations participating in the implementation of social projects organized by the Cabinet of Ministers of RT.

Prepared culturno-educationTitelSkye program included series of creative meetings of veterans of the younger generation. Created in the framework of the project «Salon intellectuals of the third age” has attracted a huge number of veterans. In my experience, this is a very important and useful thing – social planning. The project has enabled us to attract new social partners, enhanced the credibility of our organization. I wish our veteran brethren more grants in the new year!

Denmark Kasmalieva, prethe Chairman of the Council of Pestretsy veterans:

The most spectacular event – conducting in Pestretsy retreat-the meeting at which they discussed issues of improving the conditions of work of organizations of veterans in the field. So many gathered colleagues from all over the country, as all actively exchanged their experience! We too were at the height shown, which created good conditions for the work of Pestretsy veterans support us authorities, departments. I wish that the new year was such an opportunity and for people to see and be seen.

Messer Mansurov, prethe Chairman of the Board of Kukmor veterans:

Remember the hot time of harvesting. We, the activists, veterans, regularly traveled in economy of the district. All members of our veterans ‘ selhozbrigadah than a dozen years worked in agriculture, have a great experience. Checked the quality of the harvesting of grain, fodder, sowing of winter crops. What he saw satisfied. No worse than in Soviet times! After the new year we will again start trips – spring is around the corner. Let the weather favors good harvest!

Vakhit Gizatullin, Chairman of the Committee on Patriotic education of Almetyevsk Board of veterans:

Today is the first time we met women frontovik with students, and she was very sincere: with touching memories, the interested questions guys. The event so everyone liked that it was decided to organize such meetings and for the next year. Another joyful memory – in early December, our team of veterans education has occupied in the regional Olympics among seniors 1st place in table tennis competitions. Beat 18 teams!

Mars Iskhakov, Chairman of the Board of Leninogorsk veterans:

The main event of the year – the opening in the village of Zay-Karatay in September of the monument to soldiers and widows of soldiers and children of the great Patriotic war. It was all on the highest level, with the participation of numerous guests of honor, came and Chairman of RT state Council Farid Mukhametshin. 2013 gave me and personal achievement: I was the winner of the Republican stage of the contest «Civic initiative”.

Gennady Khaliullin, Chairman of Zainsk Board of veterans:

I first performed at the festival ’Balkus” as a soloist and became the winner! No less impressive left field seminar in Pestretsy – I learned many new, interesting. More such useful events in the new year!

Razia Sadretdinov, Chairman of the Board of Nurlat veterans:

We created our website, we have your email address, we started an active correspondence with fellow veterans. Office equipment the Council provided: a portion was allocated by the Republican Council of veterans, part – oil. Internet payments assumed by the Executive Committee. Now we have everything in electronic form – the database, and various documents, scripts, plans, photo archive. We have completed the creation of a database of children of war. By the way, 90 of our elders participated in the national program called “Internet-longevity”. On the eve of New year I want to wish all my colleagues the eternal peace of his youth, and an inexhaustible zest for life.

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