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If you want to celebrate Christmas, we invite your family and the children act out a small scene, telling of the birth of Christ. Prepare the costumes for Mary, Joseph, Christ, Herod and the Magi, as well as a little pokolduyte over the room. Your family and friends will definitely appreciate your efforts!

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In this Holy feast. as Christmas . You can prepare for your guests home with a performance involving the participation of both adults and children. In advance you need to distribute all the roles and pick up all the costumes. Christmas Eve . Christmas eve is a wonderful time for all sorts of miracles and fairy tales. Offer children small miracle, create and play together with them the tale.

You can dramatize the Christmas story . calling it the story of the star of Bethlehem. Role of the facilitator can be someone from adults or older children. The presenter will tell everyone a little about the birth of a baby named Jesus.

You need to remember the gospel parable, which tells of the birth of the son of God. It all started in the city of Nazareth, into a pious family of Anna and Joachim was born of the virgin Mary. Anna and Joachim, a long time could not conceive a child and therefore gave a vow to the Lord that he will give his child to his service. In the family with the parents of the girl have lived up to three years, after which it gave to the temple in Jerusalem, where she had been educated under the care of the virgins until the age of twelve.

After that the virgin Mary gave the elder Joseph. He cared and helped Mary and she was like a second father. One day before Maria appeared the Archangel Gabriel who is the messenger of Divine mysteries. He told Mary that she was soon to bear a son, whose fate — to be the Savior of sinful people.

In these times of Judea, where he lived with Mary and Joseph, was under the rule of the Roman Empire. And the Roman Emperor wished to conduct a new census. All residents had to go with their families in those cities where we were both from their parents and ancestors. Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem. But in the hotel there was no free seats, so Joseph and Mary left the city and found a small cave where shepherds drove their cattle in inclement weather. It was there that the blessed virgin gave to light a Son, who became the Savior of the world, she wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger.

That night on the road trodden by the shepherds and suddenly saw the most beautiful star that burned very brightly in the sky. Shepherds surprised by this, but then before them appeared an angel and told the astonished people that the Savior was born. The shepherds heard the joyful news, he went into the cave, where they found the Baby lying in the manger, Mary and Joseph. They worshipped Mary, the Baby and went to spread the good news of the Savior’s birth.

And in the far East lived the wise men who followed closely the movement of celestial bodies in the sky. And saw in the sky a wonderful star, which testified of the miracle, namely about coming to our world the Savior, the wise men wanted to see a newly born Baby and bring him their gifts.

The three wise men Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar went in the hard way. And the road was covered and pointed to a brightly burning star that was before them. The Magi came to Judea, where Herod reigned and informed him that was born King of peace, before whom they would like to worship. Herod was very scared for his authority and ordered the Magi to know the exact location of the Child of God, so that he could be leaving.

The wise men left Herod’s Palace and went on, following a star. In Bethlehem, they realized that the star stood over the house. Entering this house, the wise men saw the young Child of God, and gave him their gifts — frankincense, myrrh and gold. Each of the offerings was associated with a particular meaning. So, gold has been a symbol of Regal power, in this regard, he presented the Baby as the king. The incense used in the Church, that is, it gave the Son of God as God. And myrrh is a perfume, which was masively body of people. Thus, Miro gave to Jesus as a person.

Bowing to the virgin and the divine Infant, the wise, the Magi left Bethlehem and went to their lands, nothing without telling Herod about the location of the Savior.

Set out the Christmas story can be beat in a kind of home performance. Magi can be both adults and children. Specifically this requires special costumes . which can be any bright and colorful robes (as the wise men from Eastern lands, and there are very appreciate bright apparel). On the head it is possible to build a kind of turban made of cloth.

It may be that a large number of children also wish to play in the play. They can depict the retinue that accompanied the wise men. Someone needs to play king Herod, to which come the wise Magi. He should be wearing a crown . the throne and bright beautiful Cape in which he will sit. A small number of participants have to be shepherds . which will see the first Baby of God, one person will play the angel brought before them. This character should be dressed in white robes, to have a pair of wings attached to his back.

In a special niche in the curtains, which means a kind of cave, can be two, which perform the role of elder Joseph and the virgin Mary. But at the same time, anyone in the cave may not be as all and so understand that it is a Divine family.

Begin the action of the play . Any of the kids passes in front of the audience, holding a stick ( preferably long ) large and brightly burning star. This means that the star of Bethlehem appeared in the sky. After that come the shepherds, they show their surprise and point to this bright star. Then an angel appears and tells about the birth of the Savior to all the shepherds, and also says that they went into the cave and worshipped the Savior. Angel then disappears, and the shepherds are heading to the cave. In the cave of the shepherds bow before born baby, and then filled with joy go.

Followed by the second action . Middle of the room sit the Magi who look at various ancient scrolls. Then they look at the sky and find the emergence of a new bright star. Wise men look to the ancient scrolls, read what is written in them and head out.

The next scene takes place in the Palace of Herod. The Magi come to the king and tell him about the amazing star and the birth of a new King. After that, they leave the Palace and go ahead following the star. The star led them to the manger where the baby Jesus. The Magi bow down before him and presented him their gifts and go.

After that, the play ends . Symbolic gifts that bring Jesus to the wise men, can distribute to young children. From ancient time it is customary on this holiday to give gifts to children. This is a kind of memory about how the baby Jesus brought their gifts to the Eastern Magi.

The whole performance and it can be in the form of pantomime. But also the heroes and the characters of the play may have certain words. As well as learn little songs associated with the holiday and celebrating the Birth of Christ the Savior . and also you can read spiritual poems, devoted to this event.

Or is this story in the play to act out some scenes from the Gospels or the Bible. Both adults and children during this holiday, rejoice and remember the beautiful biblical event is associated with this day.

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