Calendar of tourist events for holidays

What might be interesting to the tourist, except for passive recreation on the beach and a couple of excursions to the main attractions? It turns out that many are willing to travel around the world specially to visit various exhibitions, festivals, competitions and festivals. There is even such a thing as event tourism. If you want to know, what holidays, carnivals, festivals, exhibitions, global sales and sports events will take place this year – then you here!

Calendar of the traveler – what, where, when to visit in the world

Sporting event of this scale

New sports year will open the acclaimed Sochi Olympics in Russia. Olympics in Sochi will be held from 7 to 23 February 2014 and it will be visited by several hundred thousand people. Other exciting and anticipated events — the FIFA world Cup in Brazil, the world hockey championship in Minsk, the Grand Prix Formula 1 in Russia, the matches of Spanish and Italian football clubs.

Carnivals and festivals of the world

Many tour operators offer special tours designed for visiting the world-famous carnival. The most popular are the Venetian carnival, Brazilian carnival, Oktoberfest, Vienna ball, carnival in nice, Cologne.

List of carnivals and festivals in the world by month (click on the image to view it in full size)

World-renowned festivals (festivals of the world, which is worth visiting)

There are such celebrations, which over time turned into a national world. These include St. Patrick’s Day that is now celebrated not only in Ireland, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Chinese new year and other holidays merry. Usually in the days of these holidays crowds of tourists gather in those cities and countries where they celebrate most clearly.

A list of holidays that will be interesting for tourists

February 14 — Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day) – this day you can celebrate in the romantic capital of the world – Paris, or to give your significant other a trip for two to Europe or at sea, in warm countries. Just on February 14 in the Network of Agencies Burning Permits will be action – closeout a great last minute deal at a reduced price .

From 24 February to 2 March 2014 Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate carnival. Festivities will be possible to visit in Ukraine (for example, in Kiev, in Mamayeva Sloboda, the Kievan Rus Park or in Pirogovo), and in Russia and Belarus.

March 8. This celebration of the most loved people of the former Soviet Union. March 8 is celebrated in almost all the countries of the former UssR plus in Romania, China, Serbia, Italy, Bulgaria and Poland. However, in many countries it has some features, for example in Uzbekistan on 8 March — is celebrated as mother’s Day. But in foreign countries do not expect gifts and celebration on this day – March 8 there was not celebrated at all. Instead of world women’s day celebrate mother’s Day. It is held the second Sunday in may in the United States, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Turkey and Italy. In the UK it is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent. In Sweden and France Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of may.

March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day. On this day, it is best to go to celebrate in Ireland. Well or the nearest Irish pub))).

1 April fool’s Day (April fool’s Day).

13 April Songkran — the Thai New year.

20 April 2014 – Easter. Interestingly, this year the date coincided Catholic and Orthodox Easter. Usually Easter is celebrated a little early.

May 1 and may 9 – important dates for residents of countries that were part of the UssR. On the red square in Moscow during Victory Day parade passes. These days are in Ukraine and Russia the official holidays, but often it turns out that a week and a half becomes closed and it’s a good excuse to go on a journey!

14 July in France with Eclat Bastille Day. In the morning, the main streets of Paris parades, and at night the sky is illuminated with fireworks. The day before the main celebrations in the Tuileries gardens is undergoing a real ball! So try to get there…

In August (every year this festival falls on a different date) after the end of Ramadan (in Turkey called Ramadan) Turkish Muslims celebrate Sheker Bayram — the feast of breaking the fast. 3 days the Turks overeat sweets and give them out to everyone.

In September – October have several Jewish holidays. Jewish New year Rosh Hashanah often falls on September. This is the day to have fun, to cook delicious traditional dishes: challah, kosher and gefilte fish.

And in Europe in September-October are numerous wine festivals in each region they are celebrated on different days.

October 31 – Halloween. This holiday tradition Dating back to the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland, is now widely celebrated not only in English-speaking countries. But to feel the whole atmosphere of the holiday, it is better to go to the USA or the UK.

On the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving Day. According to ancient tradition, several generations of one family meets at the senior house for a holiday dinner. Everyone says words of thanksgiving for all the good that happened in his life. Eating in this modern day Americans the same thing that their ancestors ate in the distant 1621 at the first dinner in honor of thanksgiving, namely, stuffed Turkey and pumpkin pie.

In new York, on Thanksgiving Day, is a Grand parade. Its main attraction is the inflatable toy of enormous size (cartoon characters, books and TV), who sneaked from Central Park to the entrance to Macy’s.

From the first of December in Europe and the USA start preparing for Christmas – Christmas markets open. and the streets are decorated with Christmas lights. If you want unworthy Christmas tale – go to any European country in December!

1 January — the New year. With a special scale, celebrate the New year (January 1 and January 13 – on old style) in the countries of the former UssR. In the main squares of cities celebrations are held, and the streets are decorated with garlands. New year’s celebrations often last from 7 to 10 days, capturing and Orthodox Christmas (January 6-7).

International exhibition

Of course, they are primarily interested professionals. However, there are some activities where they are not only pros but also Amateurs. This, for example, furniture exhibition in Milan or the motor show in Brussels is one of the largest in the world.

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