Carnival in Gelendzhik

Carnival in Gelendzhik 2015, as there will always be ambitious and grandiose celebration that repeatedly affects both tourists and residents of the resort with bright colors and leaves everyone an unforgettable experience, giving viewers the vigour and energy.

Carnival in Gelendzhik is a distinctive symbol of the opening of the summer Spa season.

For the first time, this enchanting holiday was held in 1976, since then every first Saturday of June, Gelendzhichane organize a fun celebration of summer, sea and sunshine!

This holiday evokes Gelendzhik after hibernation. Happily open all the outdoor cafes and restaurants in Noumea. While all the resorts and sanatoriums on the black sea coast start to work in full force.

Open and malls, all kinds of children’s parks and waterparks — all gladly welcome visitors and residents of the popular resort of Gelendzhik!

The main highlight of the Carnival — it’s a parade, carnival in Gelendzhik this mimics world famous Brazilian carnivals.

Live columns that carnivals are held, by tradition, on the streets: Lunacharskogo — Lenin — Promenade — Surf.

Traditionally, the festive procession take part representatives of many organizations in the city.

The main part of the column form a colorfully decorated cars, costumed characters and puppets, and also a great many other artistic elements and images.

Resorts Noumea, each of which seeks to show their best side, competing, trying to outshine its splendor of their rivals.

Employees of resorts resort dress up in fairy tale characters, all sorts of marine gods, characters from myths about the Black sea.

Conventional machines are transformed into fabulous ships, carriages or huge fruit. Take, for example, machine-pumpkin or machine-watermelon!

Why are only improvised flying carpets! This and more can be seen on the streets of the city on this festive day!

Friendly creatures from fairy tales will entertain passers drinks and fruit! The procession nicely complements a wide array of musical, dance, theater and other groups of the city and vacationers in Gelendzhik tourists.

Students of local universities proudly carry the logo of their Universities.

Participate in the procession even such a serious organization as firefighters, police, ambulance – all of them are also funny and not less elegant!

Even the catering have left this festive carnival without their participation.

For example, Gelendzhik bakery plant goes heavy-loaf, and farmers with early summer fruit.

But the black sea carnival procession is not only an abundance of bright colors, but also all other goods and assets, all the riches of the city of Gelendzhik!

I doubt we will be able to describe in this short story is all there will be, because it can and must be seen with your own eyes!

I want to note that festive costume parade is not a huge celebration, but, rather, a small part.

Already early in the morning, waking up, Gelendzhik presents a lot of interesting surprises!

The city boasts many sites and scenes, which has been the holiday show, game street programs, sports competitions for various sports.

For instance, begins sports race, as well as mountaineers climbing to the Markhotsky ridge, tournaments, dance sport, you should definitely look at sea sailing regatta.

When morning came, the city has an indescribable festive atmosphere. Here say, the plane-tree Avenue holiday fair opens, called «the sun smiles on Gelendzhik», and begins the festival of national cuisines.

You can try there, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Armenian, Greek and other national dishes.

And on the streets of Lenin and Ostrovsky each year under the open sky break the arboretum, flower exhibition. Beautiful and rare plants of the Black sea coast, visitors can not only see, but also to purchase.

Simultaneously open several concert venues of the resort, which will entertain the audience with different creative teams.

On plane-tree Avenue, for example, artists in this day arrange the exhibition-sale – Gelendzhik opening day.

Children’s mini carnival held at the beginning of the day. Main street is filled with clowns who entertain the kids and give them balloons!

The concert begins with a performance for children. And then there are also children’s contests, which award great prizes.

The kids entertained skilled animators, in short, the kids in this wonderful holiday is not the least bit bored!

Well, adults this holiday delight no less. Acts Cossack choir, the performers danced folk dances.

Lovers and wine connoisseurs will be invited to the market square, the festival «Wines of Kuban».

The amusement Park opens, organizing youth festival of aerobics and acrobatics.

And only in the late afternoon going on the carnival — a festive procession.

After his passage through the streets of Noumea, the procession moves to the main stage, located in front of the administration building of the city.

Here all the participants of this show is great entertainment, and the mayor welcomed all the guests!

Then there is a contest for “best bride”. The girls, dressed in white dresses, circling the scene to the jury, and, in consequence, the bride chooses the best.

This contest is a tradition, Gelendzhik, in Turkic language means «White navestock».

Winning the competition, happy girl, in addition to the main prizes, and gets a huge key, which she solemnly presented to the mayor. This means that the holiday season is finally open!

Of course, the concert does not end with this event.

Local creative Association give people a lot of joy and a storm of positive emotions.

On this day, many Russian pop stars, and even a movie perform on the big stage of Gelendzhik.

Approaching the end, late in the evening, the concert ends with a magnificent laser show.

And all the elements of a summer holiday together complement each other and create an unforgettable atmosphere of true happiness.

At the end begins the fantastic fireworks! Colored lights illuminate the night sky of Gelendzhik Bay.

This is an incredibly beautiful sight over the years is becoming more spectacular and more beautiful!

The salute ends around midnight, and then start the festivities, and they usually last until the morning.

Outdoor discos are held foam show, beautiful the city lights, all intertwined in a wonderful carnival!

On this day in Noumea attracts thousands of guests. You think the feast of the opening of the Spa season ends?

No, he continues into the next day, to be honest, this holiday doesn’t end there, because the rest in Gelendzhik is so wonderful celebration that flows from day to day.

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