Carnival in Germany, Rhenish carnival

Everyone knows that Brazil and Venice is famous for its amazing carnivals. But, few people know that almost all mother Europe to celebrate this holiday.

The carnival is a spring folk festival, the corresponding Russian Shrovetide and is accompanied by folk festivals and street parades and spectacles. It is common in Catholic countries and originates from Roman times.

In mid-February, before the Catholic Easter, in old Europe to ride the wave of carnivals.

Despite the fun, in which are immersed the country during the carnival, the event is pretty serious.

Carnival in Germany, Rhenish carnival

The history of carnival is very ancient. The first carnival on the Rhine is listed in the annals of the fifth of March 1341 in Cologne. But the date of his birth in that form in which celebrate it today, is considered the 10th of February, 1823.

The fabulous world of carnavalito

Germany law-abiding country. And laws of the German burghers try to abide by. But, as in every country, there is a departure from the law. This is the time of carnival. At this time, “repealed” all laws and prohibitions, which the Germans used in everyday life.

On the streets adjacent to the Rhine begins truly festivities. Thousands of visitors come to see this wonderful, festive spectacle. In the crowd you can hear not only the German, French, Dutch or Italian language, but also Russian, Polish, Ukrainian.

People come and come to see the fabulous costumes and unique procession.

Many people want at least some time to plunge into the world of childhood and look at the tale where on the clock at the time of the procession, came to life characters from fairy tales and talking we can understand human language.

Starts real idea of fairy tale characters in costumes that participants buy or make for your money.

In carnival crowd you can see the good magician and the evil Baba Yaga, a cat and a dog, the snow Queen and Cinderella, prisoners and prisoners of war, aliens, and pirates. All those who came out of a fairy tale and decided to please the guests and spectators.

Two months before the carnival procession shops start trading carnival set. Almost every store has departments where carnality can choose any outfit.

A small digression. A surprising number

I came to Germany shortly before the carnival. Visiting one store after another, horrified by what he saw the spectacle. The shelves were literally littered with glittering material. Exactly, which we sold at a fabulous price. Ladies sewed from dresses, blouses to go out “into the light” and to impress his girlfriend or his rival outfit. They did not know that this material is PURELY FOR CARNIVAL PROCEssIONS.

Fifth season

Everyone knows that there are only four seasons. But this law is not for the inhabitants of the Rhine. They believe carnival fifth season . And to disagree with them is impossible. They were born with the carnival, with him and they die.

The preparation for this event starts much earlier. On 11 November at 11 hours and 11 minutes in the Cologne carnival comes the devil, and there are the first entertainers of all ages. By this time, trains, trains, cars arrive in Cologne “devils” from all the coastal towns of the Rhine.

On 11 November each year begin to meet festive committees, various carnival societies and unions. At these meetings, drink beer, tell jokes, joke, have fun and discuss the program of the holiday.

The climax of the carnival falls on the last week before lent.

Thursday – day whores

It all starts on Thursday. The people called it Day whores. On this day, almost nobody works. And women are allowed to do whatever they come to mind.

On this day, Thursday, the women burst into the town hall, will mix with their positions of burgomasters and take the power into their own hands. But, alas, women’s happiness to last for one day.

On this day the man has no right to tell a woman what she needs and what she can do. A woman can enter into the men’s bathroom can bare to walk through the city, maybe start kissing a stranger. The police in this day in leprosy women closes her eyes. On this day women infringe men’s ties. Yes, Yes, ties. They cut them with scissors. However, knowing this custom, most men in this day wearing old ones, or even come to work without this accessory.

So, if you ever reading this article the man would be a day whores on the banks of the Rhine, it is not necessary to wear a tie. And do not write a complaint to the police on the weaker sex. None of this happens. The law is there or not, will be on the side of the beautiful half of humanity. Police to investigate a complaint will not. Not necessary to have legal proceedings with the people’s traditions — it’s pointless.

Evil Friday

Comes Friday. “Wicked” women men can “take revenge” on women for their yesterday’s leprosy. They are armed with lipstick and their imagination with this “instrument of revenge” paint a woman.

Pink Monday

Long awaited PINK MONDAY. On this day the inhabitants of the Rhine banks big and small are rushing to the carnival. It is a magnificent sight can not leave indifferent any person.

Leads the carnival parade of the KING of FOOLS. Behind him is moving thousands column a fun, brightly dressed people. People singing, dancing and laughing, drinking strong drinks and flirting. Walking on the streets are entertainers of all ages, the variety of costumes and masks. Clowns, witches, princesses and cowboys are interspersed along the street and watch the carnival procession.

Admiration is the inventiveness with which make out carnival cars: here’s where it really spare neither money nor effort. By a colorful crowd floating fortresses and castles, missiles and ships, the snow Queen and the dragon. In between marching bands that perform famous carnival songs.

The total expenditure of the organizers and participants only to the main procession of carnavalito in Cologne in “pink Monday” is more than € 2 million, the procession stretched for 7 miles. About a million of chocolates, bars of chocolate and packets of biscuits cleared in this day, from fancy wagons to the delight of hundreds of thousands of spectators. Most casino is a “candy” seats in the front rows early in the morning. Yes, it is important not to forget to take your umbrella. Open, inverted umbrella catches more sweets than the most skillful hands.

In the column you can see a newborn baby and a very old man. Painted cars, bands — a symbol of the carnival.

To this day, few works. Urban residents take to the streets in any weather, to take part in this amazing procession.

Ash Wednesday

End the carnival on ASH WEDNESDAY – before the beginning of lent before Easter. On this day, draw each other on the forehead ashy crosses, all of the restaurants and pubs of Cologne, Bonn, Koblenz, Dusseldorf traditionally served with fish dishes, and in the squares burn scarecrows are the symbols of the carnival.

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