Carnival in the glade of fairy Tales

2This holiday falls on the first day of summer. Ahead wonderful time – summer vacation. Certainly many of the children sent to the camp, to her grandmother. I propose to make the kids goodbye carnival in the Glade of fairy Tales or a trip to visit in the Cave of Ali-Baba. As glade or cave can serve as an ordinary court, Playground, gym, etc How to decorate will tell you your fertile imagination.

On the Meadow or in the Cave everyone is invited, will be very good if the kids will be in carnival costumes of heroes of different fairy tales. At the entrance is placed a box of caps, ribbons, noses, beards, and other carnival tinsel for those who did not or could not come in costume.

As a pass to the carnival would be the pronunciation of the magic spells (“open sesame!”, “toh-tibidoh. “. ), after the ticket is issued with a number, which in the future will become a fabulous room lottery.

Fabulous prizes of the lottery can be any fabulous attributes, for example, a bag of mind frighteners, the bottle is the courage of a Lion, a stethoscope, Doctor Dolittle, a nail from a horseshoe Sevki Burki, thread from the Carpet. The lottery must be a win-win. And of course among the prizes may be more serious, such as Golden key, Aladdin’s lamp and etc.

As the entertainment at a carnival, you can use quiz “In the world of fairy tales”, the baton of heroes tales that will reveal the sport. The contest “Cinderella” will reveal who of the girls best needlewoman.

What’s a carnival without songs and dances. You can hold a concert “Visible song”. For concert pre-selected soundtrack fairy tale characters. The guys, dressed in period costumes, are invited to a recording to sing a song of his hero or dance.

All participants in all contests are issued pre-prepared chips. At the end of the celebration, who would be more all tokens are awarded the title the most active participant of the carnival and he is awarded the prize (a book of fairy tales, soft toy, etc.).

And of course the whole holiday will organize you, the parents. Therefore, you should take care of the costumes. At the entrance to stand guard in the costumes of the heroes. The lottery can spend all known scammers Alice Fox and cat Basilio. Quiz questions may ask dunno, the competition of “Cinderella” will hold a Fairy, vocal and dance concert – Sadko. Well, the main – moderator may feel free to dress up as Baba-Yaga.

Quiz “In the world of fairy tales”

1. What is the name of a fairytale character, who sings:

“. I every beast

Stronger and braver than!

Tremble before me

Bruin the bear,

When the bear

Me down!”

2. What tale was such an event:

“. Here in the house corners are cracked, the roof swayed, wall taken off, and the furnace itself went down the street, on the road, directly to the king. ”

3. About whom it is said: “she Has only two legs! How sad! She doesn’t have the double antennae. ”

4. Can a Princess from a fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen’s “the Swineherd” musically educated”

5. What a fabulous hero was one of the sons of an old pewter spoon?

6. What tale using a pea the Princess found herself a fiance?

7. In which mirror the most beautiful landscapes looked like boiled spinach, and the best of people – freaks?

8. As at the beginning of the tales was the name of the elf Queen Maya?

9. What does the goldfish to every request of the old man?

10. What is the tale ends with the words:

“The fairy tale lie, Yes in it a hint –

Good fellows a lesson!”?

11. What was the name of the Prince’s crest, the hump and the slanting eyes in one of the tales by Perrault?

12. Whose words are these: “What is the charm of these tales! Each poem is!”

Fabulous relay

Through the relay, the kids will be better to recall the plot of the tale that they are better able to understand the task. Very well, if the background sound tracks from fairy tales.

The core of Baron Munchausen

The kernel is a normal balloon, which is largely written: “the Core”. Participant must “ride the core”, holding it between his knees and holding hands. Thus he must make her way to the turning mark and back, pass the ball to the next player. If the core explodes, the team loses.

Puss in boots

Props to this relay – boots very large (how many teams, so many pairs), a wide-brimmed hat for each team. On command, the participants wear boots and a hat, run to the rotary marks, it to make the bow and back, passing the baton to the next participant.

Alice Fox and Basilio’s cat

Team members are grouped in pairs. In each pair, one participant is blindfolded and he puts a hand on the shoulder of his companion, which in turn bends one leg at the knee and holds her hand. In this situation (one blind, the other lame) they have to reach a turning mark and back to the start, passing the baton to the next pair.

Frog dares

Props – the gymnastic stick. Two of the strongest party put the stick on the shoulders, and the third takes her hands and pulls his feet off the ground. At a signal, all three have to reach the turning mark. If a player hanging on a stick, applies during movement of the floor, with team penalty points removed. At the finish of the “frogs” releases from the sticks and stay there, and “ducks” run for your next party – “the frog”. Thus, the entire team should be at the start.

Baba Yaga

Remember that Baba Yaga travels in a mortar and helping besom. Instead of the stupa will be a bucket, and instead Pamela will be a MOP. The participant stands with one foot in a bucket and holds it by the handle with one hand and the other hand holds the MOP. In this position he had to walk to the rotary marks, go back and pass the props to the next participant.

The Contest “Cinderellas”

This competition involved girls. Leading distributing tasks to the participants. On each task is given a certain time (e.g. 2 minutes). The competition results estimated by the jury. All participants are awarded prizes, the winners – the main, the loser consolation.


You will need fabric, needles, thread, hoops. Each participant must secure the fabric to the Hoop, thread a needle and sew a few stitches. The winner is the embroiderer, in which the number of crosses will be longer than others and neater.


Participants should crochet a chain of air loops. Wins, which would tie the longest chain.


Participants are given pieces of cloth and pins. Girls must dress up the doll without the use of scissors, needles and thread. The winner is, which will be the most original outfit.


The participant is offered from a simple set of products, using a knife and cutting Board, prepare the Royal sandwich. Estimated speed, quality and ability to beautifully decorate the dish.


Just like in a fairy tale – Cinderella arrives at the ball at the Palace and takes the dance – improvisation.

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