Baptism is not just one of the important Christian holidays. This is primarily a sacred Ordinance, which touches the man who decided to accept the Christian faith and ask for forgiveness from God for their sins. The secret meaning of the rite of Baptism is that a person revives for dedication to a spiritual life. Baptism is celebrated on the 19th of January in the Gregorian calendar (6th January according to the Julian calendar).

The history of the celebration of Baptism

The story of the baptism of Rus rooted in the distant 988-th year, when the great Kiev Prince Vladimir the Red Sun, his wife, children, and thousands of residents of the capital of Kievan Rus was baptized in the waters of the Dnieper, and the rite of baptism was performed by Byzantine priests and Metropolitan. This year, the state religion of Kievan Rus became Christianity. The acquisition of the new religion had its own well-defined prerequisites. Eastern Slavs were pagans and worshiped Svarog-God of the sky, Kind – God of fertility, Perun-the God of lightning and thunder, dazhdbog – the God of the sun, vélez – the God of cattle and wealth. They made sacrifices for them, set up idols, which was a wooden and stone statues of deities, praying in the sacred groves and shrines made of special religious rites. The life of ancient society by the end of the 10th century has undergone major changes. More notable was the great power, increased social and economic stratification, the princes of Kiev has established with neighbouring States intensive contacts in the areas of trade and diplomacy. The consolidation of power and authority in the international arena princes of Kiev was contrary to the polytheism. In the foreign policy interests of Kievan Rus was to reject paganism and adopt one of the religions established in the Western, Eastern Sereno or her neighbors. The attempt to reform religion was undertaken in 980, the year the Grand Duke of Kiev Vladimir, but she had no success. Then Prince Vladimir gave preference to the Eastern (Byzantine) Christianity – Orthodoxy, rejecting Western Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Because Russia and Byzantium longstanding cultural, dynastic and trade ties. Overthrowing idolatry pagan gods in 988, Prince Vladimir, accepted the rite of baptism, pokretu their children, the team and its community. Thus, he brought to life the most important of consequences and the value of religious reform.

Traditions and customs

The feast of the Baptism has a double name – The Epiphany and the Baptism, which is directly due to his deep religious meaning. These two names reflect holiday is actually one event, namely the Baptism Jesus Christ received from John the Baptist, at the same time, the Holy Spirit as a dove came down upon the God-man, and a voice came from heaven, God the Father reported that it was “my Beloved son, in him I am well pleased”. In other words, in one of the action – the baptism of Jesus Christ came about another, much important – the phenomenon of the three persons of the Godhead.

A large number of baptismal practices was associated Church rite of consecration of water in reservoirs. In the ice of rivers or lakes to do this was through a wide hole, so it was called the Jordan, in memory of the famous river, which was the baptism of Christ. The priests and the inhabitants of the town or village around the hole made solemn procession, where a moleben was served, followed by the blessing of water. It is believed that the hole and the place has a miraculous power, and water in Jordan is very healing. After the consecration of the water type in a different container and take it home and keep it as Holy water from the temple. This water sprinkling out of the room, washed the udders of the cows, give drink to children or sick family members. Furthermore Christians believe that this Epiphany Holy water protects them from evil spirits and is opposed to the “bad” eye. To Jordan the patients come to be cured. Bathe in the ice also those who during Christmas time went gone. Thus, they ’s wash themselves of demonic guise of” trying to remove the consequences of communication with the impure forces. “the bathing of dogs in Jordan” is the custom in Eastern Siberia. You can imagine how much courage to plunge in the cold of winter in the hole, especially considering the fact that, as a rule, this day has come “bitter cold”, which are the most cruel. Nevertheless, belief in God gives people incredible strength, as evidenced by the fact that, of those brave souls who dares to take the baptism in the hole, no one suffers from cold after passing rite.

Baptism, along with Communion, Penance, Marriage, Anointing, the priesthood and the Unction refers to Christian ordinances that send the immortal soul of the grace of God. Moreover, almost all religious movements recognize this sacrament, as one of the most important rites of accepting God man. Today in our country the rite of Baptism can take as an adult and a baby. The rite of Christianity is either full triple immersion in the Baptismal font, or the pouring of Holy water from her. A baptized man is not just a Christian, and a member of the Church. However, still being a lot of debate about whether or not to baptize infants. The priests of the ancient Church believed that to baptize a person can only be in conscious age, when he desires and seeks the salvation of his soul. Today it is believed that after Baptism, the person protects the Lord, therefore the majority of parents believe the compulsory baptism of their babies. And, rightly or wrongly – thinks no one who deprives their children of the awareness of this sacred Ordinance.

Interesting facts about the holiday

According to popular rumor, it is believed that on this day accomplished a miraculous wonder, a wondrous miracle – above the Jordan the heavens are opened by and with them goes into the water the True Christ. Not everyone can see it, but only the most pious of people. But if at this time the Holy heaven pray a sinner, and his wishes will come true. There is a belief if a way to put a bowl of water, but with faith to look at her, then at noon Epiphany itself, the water will us tremble these halls, it will overshadow and sanctify kreshchajushchegosja the Son of God.

Russian ancient beliefs, the wonderful sign is accompanied by the appearance of God, because in effect the most powerful element. Especially in the night of the Baptism and Christmas. Our ancestors believed that in Epiphany water in motion, mindful of the Baptism of Jesus Christ. This is the origins of the miraculous power of the water.

In the national environment there is a belief about the changes of the heavenly element in this day when the sky opens in Epiphany, Epiphany the night before and morning of what will be asked of God, it will come true, because on this night the sky is a not only as an open gate to the Lord. With the feast of the Epiphany is not a coincidence involves a lot of beliefs that are associated with the destiny of man. Some of them say that if you baptize a man in the day when the heavens are opened by above the ground, then he will be happiest in life. Bodes well also, if you make this day the wedding rogobete, for a newlywed couple’s life will be held in peace and harmony.

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