Festival of dragon boat in China

During the warring States poet qu Yuan was active in educational work, has called for the unity of the country and the salvation of our beloved country, instead of destructive wars.

His ideas were severely repressed rivals, the aristocrats, from which he was expelled from his native city. In exile, qu yuan continued to work, but seeing the devastating effects of civil strife could not stand spiritually and 5 of the 5th month jumped in the water (according to other sources, was killed by the same opponents who scared the rapidly growing reputation of a poet among the locals).

Local residents are deeply respected and loved qu Yuan, rapidly swam to the boats on the river to save the poet. Men used the boats along the river, trying to find the body of the poet and the women stood on the shore, and to protect the body from eating fish and other creatures that were thrown in the water, eggs and rice wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Additions to the legend about a certain doctor . who poured the poison into the water, mixed with wine (realgar) to poison river residents and to find the body of qu Yuan. Since then, every year, in memory of the great poet and a true patriot of his homeland, this festival is celebrated.

The body of qu Yuan was never found. But after that, every year at this day the common people to commemorate qu Yuan began to organize mass heats boats, depicting his search.

In addition to feed qu Yuan, people began tossing pieces of bamboo which was filled with boiled rice.

But according to the legend, qu yuan himself appeared to them and said: “the Rice which you send to me, goes to the dragon. Wrap the rice in reed leaves tied with colored thread, dragon afraid of these things.” Since then happened that in those days were to cook sticky rice, minimizing it to the pyramids in the leaves of reeds, tie colored threads and throw into the water. In addition, the people themselves on this day to eat that food.

In this festival binds many events is the beginning of summer, the legend of qu Yuan, demonstration competition and rivalry in the period of Warring kingdoms.

How to celebrate the dragon boat Festival

1. Boat racing-dragon

The most exciting part of the festival, held all over the country. Once launched, the rowers harmoniously and hastily rowing oars, sitting in a boat in the shape of a dragon, to the rhythm of the drum sounds, the faster the rhythm, the more they lean on the oars.

Boats decorated with dragon heads images and painted in your favorite colors of dragons (and all Chinese) — red, gold and… that’s unusual, green is the color of summer. The faster the rhythm, the more they lean on the oars.

2. To eat delicious tszuntszy – sweet or savoury rice with various fillings, wrapped in l by bamboo.

During the festival “Guanyu” (dragon boat festival) eat Tszuntszy. Based on different nutritional habits, Tszuntszy in the North and in the South of China differ in taste. Below are the most famous:

Beijing Tszuntszy

Beijing Tszuntszy features a large size and has a rectangular or triangular shape. The rice inside is sticky and fragrant. He is very unique, usually has a filling of red dates and pea puree, sometimes it has a filling of dried fruit.

Guangdong Tszuntszy

Guangdong Tszuntszy usually has a small size, graceful appearance. From the front he has a square shape, and the rear part is triangular, much like the awl. Except Tszuntszy with meat and a sweet pea puree, there are popular and stuffed with salted egg, chicken, duck, sweet pork, mushrooms, green beans.

Residents of Sichuan province like spicy. There they are divided into sweet and savoury. Acute Tszuntszy unique in their taste, so they are known symbolic food of Sichuan province.

Suzhou Tszuntszy

They have long, thin rectangular shape. Made with a filling of meat, date puree, pea puree, bacon and Spices etc. are special and require careful preparation. For example, Tszuntszy with bacon is cooked add mashed red beans, sugar and fat fat. During the wrap in the dish, put a piece of fatty pork. Thanks to this ready Tszuntszy have Shine and sweet taste. In addition, variants of recipes Tszuntszy a great many, all of them not listed.

Tip: don’t try there is a bamboo sheets:)

How to cook Tszuntszy video

3. To drink a special wine, with the addition of realgar – toxic mineral.

It is recommended to drink in small doses, and this tradition is exclusively medical in nature – the weather at this time of the year in China is hot, but very humid due to seasonal rains and need to protect yourself from harmful bacteria and mold spores, which is rapidly spreading everywhere.

With the same purpose in this day planting wormwood, and hang at the entrance brooms from anera and other plants with pronounced antibacterial properties. Therefore, a SIP of this wine will improve the stability of the immune system in times to different bacteria.

4. To give children a special silk bags with herbs.

Probably good to be a Chinese child for every holiday you get something especially delicious, and I’m not just talking about food. A bunch of little nice bonuses from all the guests, relatives and friends.

On this day the children decided to give a small silk bags filled with herbs. The bag is carefully hung on the neck, and according to traditional beliefs, protects from diseases and evil spirits (see point 3).

What else can be seen on the dragon boat festival

In celebration of all strata of the population. You can see the monks and during the festival perform their prayers.

Another question: Why are the boats adorn the heads of the dragons? Boats to this day began to make like a dragon that lives in water dragons took them for his fellows and was a good place to go boating on the water.

The warlike Chinese women, who are happy to serve in the Chinese army, and even on a holiday show like they are ready to defend their country and a huge number of children at the festival.

The modern festival of dragon boat is the most interesting original holiday beautiful and exciting competition. When you see how teams of rowers to 25-30 people on these long, narrow (and very fast) boats, decorated with the heads of dragons, the drumbeat hard row to be first, begin with respect for this nation.

Such competitions on boats, dragons can be seen in many countries where there are Chinese Diaspora. But the most colorful of course in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

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