Festival tourism

On the role and place in the tourism sporting events similar to various theater: carnivals, festivals (French word from Latin festivus is a holiday), national festivals, song contests and beauty. In Ancient Greece (6th century BC) in honor of the God Apollo started Pythian games — musical competition, which gathered participants and spectators from all over the Greek World. Prize for the winner was a Laurel wreath.

Among the most famous events in modern cultural life is part of the Edinburgh festival. In Edinburgh (UK) attracts the world’s best Opera, ballet and theatre companies, as well as various folk ensembles. Same here and fans are flocking eternal art. Among lovers of classical music popular international festivals in Santander (Spain; has been held for 50 years) and Lucerne (Switzerland). Festivals of classical art can collect up to 55 thousand people. The most important events in the world of art festivals have become cinema. They are traditionally held in Cannes (France), Venice (world’s first international film festival in 1932), Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Cairo (the largest film festival in the Arab world).

But a truly global reputation enjoyed carnivals. The origin of the carnival originates from the ceremony in honor of the ancient Egyptian God Osiris. The origin of the word “carnival” (from the Italian carne vale — farewell to meat) is associated with the celebration of gluttony before 40 days of Christian lent before Easter, when you can eat meat, drink wine and be merry. This tradition takes place in many Christian Nations (Russia — Carnival in France — Fat Tuesday). A week before the beginning of lent carnivals are almost in all major cities of Latin America and Europe (Malta, Germany). Carnivals historically imply emancipation in the entertainment and sex. Hence, there is a wide distribution at carnivals masquerades men and women wear fancy dresses and masks, trying to be attractive and not recognized. In the middle ages, the French established the tradition of carnival as a universal feast with copious libation, dancing and love games, and political parties used the holiday to humorous criticism of the authorities. In Italy, the carnival parade was held through the streets of Rome, Naples and other cities.

Jokes, laughter, joy are present everywhere on the streets and in homes. Look at Italian masquerade arrived guests from many overseas countries. Complicated plexus of human destinies the comic, the sublime and tragic in connection with carnivals and masquerades were the topic of many outstanding literary works that became the Foundation of the classics of the genre.

High aesthetics, and often exotic carnivals attract many tourists. Many of them are held regularly within a certain period, which held in conjunction with numerous tourist trips. Examples include the famous carnivals in Brazil, carnivals and masquerades in Italy.

The most famous festival event in the world — Brazilian carnival. This national holiday represents a special spirit and unique lifestyle of the country. The population of Brazil was formed as a fusion of indigenous Indian population, descendants of African peoples, immigrants from Asia and Europe. The connection of different cultures and religions has become the basis of new traditions, the crown of which was the Brazilian carnival is a national holiday, unparalleled in its scope, activity, action, and significance in society and financial costs. The emergence of a Brazilian carnival refers to 1641 when the Governor of Rio de Janeiro declared a week of national holiday in honor of the coronation of the king of Portugal.

Currently, the carnival is held in February, officially for 4 days, and in fact a week or more. The streets and squares of all the cities filled with parades and processions, dancing and making merry people in a variety of bright and fantastic costumes regardless of their nationality, position, age and gender. Participation in the carnival procession is a great honor for any citizen of the country. Special charm to the holiday give numerous schools of Samba — rhythmic group dance with a characteristic body movements. Samba school for a year coming up with and rehearse their performances, sew expensive suits. They become the center of the carnival in your city, and the winners are eligible to represent their city or area on the main festival in Rio de Janeiro, where the carnival procession will last three days without a break, after which the judges will announce the winner Samba school, which will be the symbol of the country for a year.

The main carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro held on a special sambadrome. Sambadrome — a straight line more than a kilometer long street with a huge roomy stands for judges and spectators on both sides. The main carnival procession going up to 1.5 million participants and spectators. To get to Rio de Janeiro during the carnival it is difficult and expensive.

Reservation of seats is made for more than a year and the prices are very high. Hence the significant revenues of the local Treasury, amounting in 1995 to $ 100 million.

Among the festival events that attract thousands of tourists are: bullfighting (Spain, Portugal, France), parades and festivals flowers (Holland, Thailand), Royal parade horse guards in London (UK), wine festivals (France, Switzerland) and beer (Germany), beauty pageants (the oldest of these — “Miss world” founded in 1951, is held annually at sun city, South Africa). And also exotic — racing buffaloes and elephants jump (Thailand), races of lizards (USA), international championship sheep shearing “Golden scissors” (New Zealand).

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