Festivals and celebrations

The Thais are very sentimental and love the holidays, so festivals occupy an important place in the life of the Thais. Many Thai festivals filled with joy and colorful activities in which to participate for everyone! Whichever festival You watched the ceremony nor participated – You must remain the best memories of the exotic Asian country – Thailand. Most of the festivals connected with Buddhism, the annual cycle of rice cultivation, or ceremonies, dedicated to the Thai kings. Some holidays are held on specific days. Others, especially those associated with Buddhism, are determined by the lunar calendar. Many are national holidays. In chronological order, these are the main holidays and festivals of Thailand:

Festival Makha Puja

On the full moon day in February to celebrate this national holiday. It is a celebration of the memories of how 1250 disciples gathered to hear the preaching of the Buddha. This is the day to do good deeds is to offer food to the monks, to release from captivity birds and fish, alternating good deeds with sermons. After sunset, Buddhist monks are people with lit candles three times around Buddhist temples throughout the Kingdom. Each bears flowers, incense sticks and a lighted candle as a sign of respect to the Buddha, his teachings and his followers

Festival of flowers

Usually held in early February in Chiang Mai, 700 kilometres North of Bangkok. This annual festival is an exhibition of flowers, floating flower compositions, and beauty contests that are held, when the tropical flowers bloom and gaining color.

Festival in Pattaya

Takes place in early April. One of the best resorts of Thailand conducts colorful parades, runs on water, floral arrangements, pass and special events. On the beach are fireworks.

Songkran Festival

Held 13-15 April, is a national holiday. These days celebrated the Thai new year in Chiang Mai the festival turns into a 3-5 day festival, when people do good deeds, make pilgrimages, parades, dancing, and, of course, all basted each other with water!

Songkran festival in the area of Amphoe Phra Pradaeng

Takes place in the second week of April. The community of Mon living in the district of Phra Pradaeng in Samut Prakan, to the South of Bangkok celebrates Songkran as astelinastelin.

Royal Ploughing Ceremony

Usually held in early may in Bangkok, Sanam Luang. This ceremony marks the official beginning of the annual cycle of rice cultivation. The ceremony takes place with the participation of His Majesty the King, refined rituals and ceremonies performed by monks, are called to predict what will be the new rice crop.

The rocket festival

This festival is held during the second week of may, and is best visible in Yasothon province in northeastern Thailand. Before the start of the annual monsoon rains, the villagers build their enormous rockets and launch them into the sky, so as to “ensure” the heavy rains in the coming season of ripening rice. This festival is traditionally a period of rest before beginning a busy agricultural season, this time with parades, folk dances, noisy representations prior to launch missiles

Festival Of Visakha Puja (Visakha Puja)

Held on the full moon in may. It is a national holiday. Visakha Puja is the most Holy of Buddhist holidays, it marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. Ceremonies are conducted the same day Makha Puja.

Birthday Of Her Majesty The Queen

August 12 across the country celebrated the Queen’s Birthday. The main celebrations are held in the Bangkok government buildings are decorated and illuminated with lights.

Ok Phansa & Thot Kathin

Held in October. This holiday marks the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the Kathin period, when throughout Thailand believers-Buddhists presented the monks of new clothing and other necessities to the monks during the coming year.

Vegetarian festival

Held in October. Residents of the island of Phuket Chinese origin follow a vegetarian diet for 9 days. On the first day of the festival, parade, to which all are dressed in white, as well as multiple views

Boat race

Held in October. The Kathin period marks the official end of the rainy season, it is the time for fairs, for many of which are of the regatta. Nan province, located in 790 kilometers from Bangkok, is known as one of the venues of the regatta, also races are held in the provinces of Surat Thani, Phichit, Nakhon Phanom and Pathum Thani.

The Festival Of Loy Krathong

Held on the full moon day in November. This is one of the most beautiful festivals in Thailand. At this time the Thais allowed krathongs on the water – little boats in the shape of a Lotus, made of banana leaves. Inside a boat is a lighted candle, a flower and a coin to honor the water spirits, and smist grésy last year.

Elephant festival

Held on the third Sunday of November in Surin province, northeast Thailand. In this popular festival attended by about 100 elephants. In between folk dances and cultural performances, these intelligent animals are showcased traditional elephant hunting, but also show your intelligence, strength, gentleness and humility, the culmination of the festival – a colorful copy of medieval military parades with elephants.

Week bridge over the river Kwai

Held in late November or early December, in Kanchanaburi province in the Eastern part of Thailand. Here is a special show at the world-famous bridge. Also includes archaeological and historical exhibitions, folk shows and performances, and trips for trophy trains during the Second World War, with the locomotives for steam engines.

Birthday Of His Majesty The King

Is celebrated on 5 December, it’s also a national holiday. December 3 Royal Guards bring the oath of allegiance to His Majesty King Bhumibol during a colorful ceremony held at the Royal Palace of Bangkok. December 5, celebrates the entire Thailand. According to the custom of the government buildings are decorated with garlands. Night Bangkok, especially street Ratchadamnoen Avenue and the area near the Royal Palace lit by many lights.

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