Vietnam: holidays and festivals


What better way to tell about the country and its inhabitants than local holidays and festivals? The Vietnamese are a proud people, tempered in battle for their country, respecting age-old traditions, religious people, and yet that is rapidly growing and keeping up with the times.

The reason for many of the holidays were the legends which were told to the present day the history of Vietnam.

The timing colorful and lush festivals of Vietnam are determined by the lunar calendar. The most famous of the history of the festivals of Vietnam – Tet, Lunar New Year, in celebration of which are organized gay street parties and views, and the Vietnamese themselves together with their families, dressed in national costumes and prepare national food sharing with congratulations and good wishes.

Beautiful and bright autumn festival Thu Trang, during which the Vietnamese people decorate their houses with myriads of colorful paper lanterns, feast on the sweets in the shape of a moon and month, and see theatrical Lion Dance, dancers who perform in masks.

Festivals Of North Vietnam

The Festival, Yen Tu

This colourful religious festival of Vietnam, dedicated to one of the figures of Buddhism, a real personality in the history of Vietnam, the king of the Tran Nhan Volume, twice winning the Mongol invaders. The festival is held within 130km from Hanoi on the top of mount Yen Tu. According to legend, came at her, struck three times in the sacred bronze Gong pilgrim will be forever blessed with wealth, health and happiness. The festival takes place annually, the sixteenth day of each of the first lunar month.

Festival Co Loa

Every year in Hanoi pagoda To Loa satisfied with this religious and cultural festival. Lush musical procession dedicated to the five elements of life – fire, water, air, earth and wood, accompanied by a symbolic sacrifice and is a fascinating sight. The festival is held annually from the sixth to the sixteenth number of the first lunar month.

Festival Of The Chu Dong Tu

Vietnamese honor their heroes-creators, no less than military figures. Numbered among the saints Chu Dong Tu was one of the “four immortal heroes” who have made a huge contribution to the development of Vietnamese society – this wise ruler devoted considerable attention to the development of agriculture and economy of the country. Traditional procession of dragons, mesmerizing drumming and journey to the center of the river on the ornate boats are worth to them to participate. Held annually, the tenth to the twelfth day of the third lunar month.

Traditional bullfights

This like Spanish bullfighting, only in the Eastern version. The ceremony is a religious one, so coastal residents pay his respects to the God of the Waters), and therefore, in addition to bullfighting should expect a colorful show with all the elements of the traditional folk festival is a spectacle to remember. Held annually, the ninth of the eighth lunar month.

The Giong Festival

The spirit of patriotism and pride in their cultural heritage that encourages people of Vietnam from year to year to make this colorful festival. In addition to the traditional elements of interesting performances given by artists of Vietnamese Opera. Held annually, the ninth of the fourth lunar month.

Festival of Keo pagoda

Another cultural hero in the history of Vietnam, Duong Khong Lo, a fisherman, a sorcerer and Royal coach won a national celebration of his Birthday. Colorful musical procession, a traditional Vietnamese game and a lot of fireworks soaring into the night sky, will not leave anyone indifferent. Held annually, the fourteenth of the ninth lunar month.

DOI fighters festival

An exciting sports game of Vietnam, duels professional wrestlers, the creativity of the writers and readers of the satirical poems – here the main motive of this festival. Furthermore, as with any festival, visitors can enjoy traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Held annually, the fifth day of the tenth lunar month.

Festivals Perfume pagoda

A series of religious, historical and cultural festivals held in Vietnam this beautiful place. Held annually, with the sixth day of the first lunar month until the end of the third month of the lunar calendar.

The pagoda festival Thau

Beautiful legend of Day, traditional games in honor of the Buddha and the crown of the festival of puppet theatre, played on the water of the lake in front of the temple. Held annually, fifth, sixth and seventh number of the third lunar month.

Festivals Central Vietnam

The Festival, Cau Ngu

Here you can feel the full flavor of fishing villages of Vietnam where skill and national customs are passed from father to son. The festival is dedicated to the patrons of the village and the traditions of fishing in Vietnam. By the way, we strongly recommend to taste the national dishes of seafood here know how to cook. Held annually, the twelfth day of the first lunar month.

Kwan – Marble mountain festival

Celebrations in honor of the national flag, accompanied by the folk songs of Vietnam, iconic Lion Dance, playing chess, demonstration and sale of paintings, performances of the national Opera of Vietnam, is very interesting, but the climax comes in the evening when hundreds of lighted paper lanterns embark on a journey across the dark surface of the river. Held annually, the nineteenth day of the second lunar month.

Festival village Singh

This village is known throughout Vietnam for its wrestling competitions, conducted at the professional level. Dozens of representatives of the clubs of the Vietnamese struggle Lo arrive here, in order to compete for the championship. Beautiful tradition of Vietnam respects the history and traditions, this festival attracts many visitors interested in the technique and history of martial arts. Held annually, the tenth day of the first lunar month.

The Whale Festival

Keith, the deity of coastal area residents Quang Nam, ensures the prosperity of the village and the well-being of each of its inhabitants. For the care and kindness towards them, the grateful people of Vietnam are throwing lavish festivities, during which a floating procession of ships in the sea are symbolic of sacrifice and, of course, national holiday, no different from that which has held many centuries ago. Held annually over two days in the middle of the third lunar month.

Festivals Of South Vietnam.

Festival BA Hua Hu

Mountain Sam, located five kilometers from the town of Chau Doc, is the centre of the whole complex of historical and architectural monuments of Vietnam. The Central part of the festival is the bathing and changing of clothes on the religious statue of St. You Hua, and pieces of last year’s clothes are distributed among the visitors and pilgrims present at the ceremony. Ritual and prayer for the welfare of Vietnam complete this ongoing for centuries spiritual festival. Held annually, from the twenty-third through twenty-seventh the number of the third lunar month.

Racing bulls

Racing bulls – typical Khmer entertainment, featuring a colorful show with songs and dances. Long marathon race attracts thousands of locals and tourists of Vietnam, fills all space, with which it is possible to observe a dangerous competition. Held annually, the ninth and the tenth day of the tenth lunar month.

Festival of the temple There Thang

The festival, hosted this temple is built on a culture area of Vang Tau based on the worship of the Three Bodies and marks the beginning of the fishing season in Vietnam. Colorful spiritual rites, calling on the well-being and good fishing, Dancing Lion and folk art continues throughout all four days of the festival. Held annually, from the seventeenth through the twentieth of the second lunar month.

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