Fun and unusual holidays in different countries

Today 27 July in Finland is celebrated touching holiday – Day Sony . This is a great way to recoup the household for some insidious draw of 1 April. The man in the house, which to this day is not lucky to sleep for the longest time, Wake up in a puddle of water . generously wyliei on his sleepy head.

Generally, the version of the origin of the festival is very sad. The seven youths of Ephesus were immured in the cave because they were Christians and refused to offer sacrifice to the pagan gods. However, miraculously they did not die, but fell asleep for 200 years, becoming a living symbol of the end of the era of persecution of Christianity.

With all due respect to the legend, the Finns decided to focus on the positive side of history – the people who awoke to find that their world has changed for the better . In the port city of Naantali this day is a big national holiday. And the main character is Sonya of the year becomes a pre-selected resident of the city. At 7 am it, wrapped in blankets, stuffing their city dock, and only when he comes out, the audience finds out who it is. Typically, this is the man known in town . – so, each mayor Naantali ever dived the pier, or it could be an artist, a painter, a local politician, author, businessman, etc. While you take a dip made Pentti Arajarvi, husband of the President of Finland Tarja Halonen.

And, by the way, each month you can find some nice and original reason to have a little celebration for a good mood . Here’s an example:


After new year’s eve, which, as you know, runs from 31 December to 10 January, the time for politeness and gratitude. January 11 is international thank you day .


On the first Saturday of February in Peru passes Day cocktail “Pisco sour” . The most popular and favorite cocktail is prepared on the basis of the grape brandy Pisco is the national drink of Peru. Peru and Chile are still arguing about where it was invented “Pisco sour”, but happy to drink there. The recipe is: 8 parts Pisco need to put one egg white, 4 parts lemon juice 3 parts sugar or syrup, cinnamon and other spices to taste.

A day of celebration in all the cities of Peru on the streets playing music, are free tastings and competitions for the best “Pisco sour”.


For those of us who don’t like international women’s day, is a wonderful alternative to 8 March in the us celebrate Kansas Day pancake . In the English city of Albee this holiday at all for 500 years. Every year in Albee satisfied with pancake races: tossing and flipping pancakes in a skillet, women in dresses and aprons must run a certain distance.

However, for something more intellectual fun March 14, 1988 is the international day of “PI” .


In the night from April 30 to may 1 in Europe (especially in Central and North) celebrate Walpurgis night . The opinion that in this day witches make their feasts and the sabbaths, originated in the Middle ages and in principle still exist, but in fact is a holiday the same as, say, Celtic Beltane. It is dedicated to the fertility and the beginning of spring.


May 3, scientists who study our star called the Sun, the professionals involved in the study of solar power, and just all the fans to bask in the rays celebrate Day of the Sun . Congratulations and may 31, blondes . after all it is their own world day.


In South Bohemia there is a very beautiful tradition since the Middle ages in český Krumlov celebrate the five-petalled rose Festival . It is named after extinct Czech family Rosenbergs, who played an important role in the history of medieval Bohemia. Actually, Cesky Krumlov arose around Krumlov castle, which belonged to the Rosenbergs. Every year on 17 June, the residents and visitors dress up in knights, ladies, monks, merchants and sent to the Central square to watch the procession, jousting tournaments, games in live chess, etc. Simultaneously, a festival of ancient music.


In the last week of August in Buñol in Eastern Spain passes Tomatina is a festival dedicated to the departing flight. Its the culmination of a massive firefight tomatoes . which special signal begins in the town square. This tradition was born almost by accident: in 1945, celebrating the end of summer, dropped one of the participants in the parade, dressed in big figure. He took it for the offense and started a brawl, which enthusiastically joined his friends. Let the tomatoes from a nearby vegetable stalls. The police, of course, the fight was stopped and forced to pay for damaged goods, but in the following year, the conflicting parties met again, already armed his tomatoes. Fun had to taste more and more residents Bunyola, and although local authorities have made several attempts to ban Tomatina, as a result were forced to acknowledge her official holiday of the city.



As they say, a smile is all annoying. On the first Friday celebrate world smile day (and don’t think of mimic wrinkles!)


In the homeland of father Frost in Veliky Ustyug – the frosts hit in November. That is why the youngest residents of the city came up with that November 18 is the birthday of the most famous Grandfather . and this holiday became official. On this day in Velikiy Ustyug colleagues come Santa Claus: Joulupukki from Finland, Cishan from Yakutia, mikuláš from CeII, Pakkaine from Karelia. And in the city to establish a special box, where anyone can drop a message to Santa Claus – but not with the gift request, as usual, and congratulations.

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