Holidays in Poland

The holidays always bring joy and cheerful mood. Of course, everyone loves to relax and have fun. And the poles are no exception. Holidays in Poland, take a worthy place in the whole of Europe, the country ranks second for the number of holidays. There are as many as 11 . Yes, the poles love and appreciate a good rest. So delve into the world of festive extravaganza and learn what they like to celebrate poles!

So, actually, holidays in Poland much more 11. There is, for example, Day grandmother or grandfather Day, but we will focus on the most important celebrations. Usually, in those days, nothing works, all officially granted the day off. Now, we are getting to the list of holidays in Poland .

January 1 to celebrate New Year . Usually, on this day, asking “Where to go on day Sylvester?” This should not discourage You, because it means everything is very simple. If You ask this question, You just wanted to ask you where You want to celebrate the New Year. Despite some differences in the cultures, everything happens like we do. Celebrate New Year with friends or family, at midnight uncork the champagne, walking and dancing until morning. In General, having fun.

January 6 — it is the feast of the Three kings . or Catholic Epiphany . In the New Testament there is a story about how he traveled the three Magi: Balthasar, Caspar and Melchior. They started their journey from the middle East and followed the star of Bethlehem. On this day the Magi leaned over the manger of Jesus and gave him gifts. On this day the doors of Catholics can see the letters “CME”, which lit written in chalk.

Catholic Easter — the next major holiday in Poland. Every year she falls in different ways, it can be traced, using the Church calendar. Easter is celebrated for two days — on Sunday and Monday. Sunday morning the poles go to Church for mass. Then the whole family gathers for the holiday table. Certainly on the table should be covered Easter cake, eggs, horseradish, meat and sausage. Also, Easter table has other delicious meals and lots of sweets. Also, a lot of chocolate eggs will delight the sweet tooth. Monday is always the “wet” day . This means that absolutely all throw water. With that, she can get to You in the most unexpected place, such as in the subway or someone can pour out on You a bucket of water with a balcony. Everything today is wet, but happy. Because it is believed that water brings good luck, health and income in the family. But if someone remained dry on that day, then it does not promise him any good. By the way, before lent Thursday — Fat Thursday . The festival is not large, but is interesting for its traditions. In this day need to overeat sweet to satiety, especially donuts that whole post, not to forget the sweet memories (in the literal sense of the word).:-)

May 1 is celebrated labour Day . But in this day and Saint Joseph’s day, which emphasized the importance of his self-development. Some combine these two holidays and it turns out that stresses the importance of personal development in one’s life. To this day, many go on picnics, to fry sausages and have fun.

National day of the Third of may . or as it is also called the Feast of the Constitution of the Third of may. This day was adopted by the first Polish Constitution. This happened on 3 may 1791. Incidentally, it is the first Constitution in Europe! So this further adds to the celebration of the solemnity. On this day in all churches, cathedrals around the country held thanksgiving services. Also, concerts, going to visit memorials.

Trinity also can appear differently, depending on when it was Easter. This day of the Church, so be sure to visit the Church.

Corpus Christi — is the third largest Catholic holiday after Christmas and Easter. It means the feast of corpus Christi. Mark it on the Thursday after Trinity. The holiday is celebrated lavishly and beautifully. Especially in this day famous for communion. The poles consider it a gift that was left behind by Jesus. On this day across the country partake, it can be done even just in the square! The morning many believers the country gather in the main street of Warsaw — Krakowskie przedmieście, where the Church of the Holy cross. The street is a procession that carries the sacred gifts. Very solemn and ceremonial.

August 15 — the Day of the Polish army . Still celebrates the Day of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary . In August 1920 battle of Warsaw held between the Polish Army and the red Army. When it seemed that the Red Army will break through the defense, residents strongly began to pray to the virgin Mary, so that she defended Warsaw. And 15 August reached a tipping point, which made it possible to ignore the enemy’s army. In this day rallies, military parades, exhibitions, screening of the various movies, read speech. Since this match day 2 of the festival, are held and festivities. So, prayers of thanksgiving are recited, put theatrical performances, it hosts dances.

November 1st is the Day of all Saints . or Halloween. Although, you begin to celebrate on the night of 31 October to 1 November. All dressed in various costumes, and the scarier the costume the better. It was believed that on this night all the dead rise from their graves and walk the earth. But dressing up does not attract attention, none of the Saints will not be able to cause any harm. This evening is a lot candies and other sweets, as all go from house to house and collect candy.

November 11 — Independence Day of Poland . After the First World war, after 125 years of partition of Poland, she again appeared on the map. It happened just on 11 November 1918. At this time, józef piłsudski was head of state. On this day, the President and other officials of the country, held a military parade, solemnly posted the flags. And of course, concerts and popular festivals!

Catholic Christmas is celebrated on December 25 and 26 . At 12 o’clock in the morning right after Christmas eve Christmas mass begins. Usually, 25 December the whole family gathers around the holiday table, all exchange gifts. At 12 o’clock in the morning right after Christmas eve Christmas mass begins. On the second day the poles or go to visit, or receive quests. The table is always full of tasty dishes, and in the house there’s a carnival atmosphere.

These are the largest holidays in Poland. There are a lot of other holidays such as mother’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day. The poles are not averse to celebrate these holidays and to congratulate their loved ones and have a good time!

Holidays in Poland are always lively, interesting and fun! You should definitely learn about the most important holidays in Poland!

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