Holidays in Thailand.

When planning your trip it is important to take into account public holidays. These days do not work for the Embassy, closed many stores and cafes, some holidays are overcrowded hotels and no flights. And holidays in Thailand a lot, because it is always better to have such a list at hand. Despite the fact that such lists online a lot, I decided to keep your dates interesting and useful to me. There are still beautiful festivals that are worth to visit. Some holidays are celebrated only in a few provinces or only in one city, because to write about all I have will not work. I will try to describe the main. Many festivals have a relation with agriculture and are celebrated in far from tourist spots in the provinces, it will not write. Anyone interested look for yourself Official weekend will be set in bold, and the holidays celebrated only in one or more cities are in italics. Usually, if a holiday falls on a weekend, the following Monday is a public holiday too.

January 1 — European New Year . Thais are pleased to note the European New Year despite the fact that in Thailand, there are your New Year — Songkran. Weekends in some institutions (for example, in the Thai Embassy in Laos) on the occasion of the New Year can be from December 31 to January 3.

12 January — Children’s Day.

January 16 — Teacher’s Day.

February 01, (first Friday of February) — flower Festival in Chiang Mai. Very beautiful and colorful festival.

10 February — the Chinese New Year. Otmechaetsya according to the lunar calendar. The date of the holiday is the second new moon after the 21st of December (winter solstice), that is, celebrate it in between January 21 and February 21. In 2014 it will be January 31, 2015 — February 19. In Thailand, as in other Asian countries, many Chinese. Because Chinese New Year is celebrated in a big way. Everywhere fireworks explode in the sky launch paper lanterns, and larger cities have festivals on the occasion of this holiday.

25 February — Makha Bucha (Makha Bucha Day) . Notes on Thai lunar calendar, the full moon of the third lunar month (February — March). In 2014 it will be on February 14. This is one of the most important Buddhist holidays, during which the faithful Express their gratitude to the Buddha for his teachings.

March 13 — national day of the Thai word .

March 17 — Day of Thai Boxing Muay Thai. Praise is one of the most important sports in Thailand — Thai Boxing and legendary fighter Nai Khanom Tom.

Also in March is a very beautiful festival of kites . the date and venue announced for a few months before the festival.

April 6 — the Day of the Chakri dynasty (Chakri Memorial Day). Starting from 1782 to the present time in Thailand is ruled by the Chakri dynasty. On this day, Thai people pay tribute to the Frame I and all subsequent monarchs.

13-16 aprll — the Thai New Year Songkran (Songkran Festival Day) . This joyous holiday is one of the most important Thai holidays of the year. On this day, Thais gather the family and carry out different religious ceremonies, the most famous of which is the widespread dousing each other with water. Celebration date may vary in different provinces. Most often it is from 13 to 16 April. If you want to relax, do not plan your vacation in Thailand for these dates.

5 may — Coronation Day . On this day in 1946, was crowned the current king of Thailand Rama IX.

May 24, — Visakha Bucha (Visakha Bucha, Vesak) . This is another important Buddhist holiday. Dedicated to the birth, life, enlightenment and death of Buddha. Held various religious ceremonies. The date of the holiday is determined by the lunar calendar and each year it changes.

In may-June in different dates in different Northern provinces Festivals Missiles . that launch into the sky to cause rain.

30 July (11 July ) — Asaha Bucha (Asahi Puja, Asahna Bucha Day) is a very important Buddhist holiday. On this day Buddha preached his first sermon. Across the country hosts various religious ceremonies. The date of the holiday is determined by the lunar calendar and each year it changes.

31 July (the day after Asaha Buchi) — Beginning of Buddhist lent (Buddhist Lent Day ) — is Also a very important day for Buddhists. Not a public holiday, but many institutions (for example, the Thai Embassy) make it a public holiday.

August 12 — Queen’s Birthday and mother’s Day in Thailand. Across the country celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty, and also congratulate the women, presenting their gifts with the Jasmine flower (flower Queen).

15-24 October — Festival of vegetarians in Phuket . The most brutal festival in Thailand. Dates determined by the lunar calendar. Come and be astonished.

October 23 — memorial Day Rama V. Rama V (or Chulalongkorn) is one of the most beloved kings of Thailand. He held many important reforms for the country, earning him universal love and great respect.

28 November (Nov 17, , 07 November ) — Loy Krathong (Loi Krathong). Celebrated according to the lunar calendar during the full moon, usually in November. It is a festival of light and water. In water start beautiful flower boats, throw flowers, light candles, and the sky is decorated with tens, hundreds, and in large cities thousands of Chinese lanterns.

December 5 — Birthday of king Rama IX . This is the current king of Thailand, who all love and respect. Across the country hosts various celebrations on the occasion of his Birthday. Also, this day is considered to be father’s Day.

10 December — Constitution Day

December 25 — Catholic Christmas. This holiday is not for Thais no difference, but in tourist cities are happy to celebrate together with foreigners.

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