Winter Venice

If you miss cold winters to warm and bright holiday, dream of an unusual journey and like all mysterious, then you certainly should go to the unique Italian city of Venice. Known to every lover of travel from the school as the city of canals, gondoliers and bridges, it will surprise every guest of the city, as he was preparing to meet her.

To feel at once the city, to understand the meaning of its traditions and customs, to appreciate its canals and bridges, should start around Venice in a small boat. It can be quickly and comfortably reached from the airport to the city under this marine road, fenced on both sides by wooden piles. There is a feeling that you are riding in the limo with a huge, long cabin over the blue surface of the sea. Suddenly appearing on the horizon, Venice impresses with its growing out of the water domes and bell towers that are especially solemn look in February for ten days, during the traditional carnival.

The beginning of the Venetian carnival

The main and most interesting events take place in the centre of the ancient city. Once on the Central square, you will witness a bright beginning of the show. Held here the carnival of Venice is known worldwide. It seems that on the day it starts all Venice Continue reading

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