The Most unusual festivals of the world

Today we will look at the list of the most interesting and unusual holidays and festivals in the world. In this collection were very interested in holidays, which you can see below. Look!

1. Competition in the highlands of Scotland. Party games, dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt, will compete in the hammer throw, in the contest which is held in Glenfinnan. Traditional Scottish games consist of competitions, dances, food and drinks to relax from everyday work. (Jin Richardson).

2. Beltane Fire Festival, Scotland. “The Celts” with bare torsos raise the torches during the Festival of Beltane fire near Carlton hill in Edinburgh. These annual festivities are a modern revival of the ancient Celtic celebration of the arrival of summer. (Jim Richardson).

3. Holiday naked men. Hadaka Matsuri (literally, the feast of naked men) in Okayama, Japan, is a traditional festival which has been celebrated for 1200 years. Picture was taken in winter, the temperature is about 9 degrees. Men dive into the icy water, passing the rite of purification. (Paul Whitton / My Shot).

4. Vegetarian festival, Thailand. Believers temple at Bang Neow, participate in the parade of vegetarian festival on Phuket island in Thailand, stick a weapon in itself, in protest. Chinese immigrants gave rise to this Continue reading

The brightest premieres winter

There is no better time for hot movie premieres than cold winter days! Increasingly famous film studios carry the releases of their films with a hot summer, at Christmas and new year holidays. And practice of previous years, winter movies become the most cash and a favorite among the audience.

Offer to schedule the hottest movie premieres this winter.

1. The hobbit: the Battle of the five armies – December 11

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

Director: Peter Jackson

This is the third year in a row the final part of middle – earth – “the hobbit: the Battle of the five armies” referred to as “the loudest and the anticipated premiere of the year”. It’s not just the long-awaited finale of the epic Saga, but also a sad farewell to such a family, for all of the fabulous world of John Tolkien and Peter Jackson.

Finally we will have a hard interchange adventures of hobbit Bilbo and the thirteen dwarves who tried to return home, and in the final, must continue to fight. The third part, as reported by the Director himself, will be shorter than the previous films of the trilogy – 144 minutes, but no less Grand and epic. In the final we can see a 45 minute battle of the five armies.

Talking Continue reading

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