Autumn festivals and celebrations of hunters and fishers

III international festival of hunters and fishermen was held in Yalta from 24 to 26 September. On festival there have arrived representatives of the hunting societies of the United States, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In Kamchatka celebrated the ancient holiday of the indigenous inhabitants of the Peninsula – the Itelmens. This thanksgiving indigenous people of Kamchatka for the generous gifts and awarded local nature

From 24 to 26 September in Yalta hosted the III international festival of hunters and fishermen. The ceremony was attended by Deputy mayor of Yalta Elena Yurchenko and representatives of the hunting societies of the United States, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The opening of the festival began with a solemn procession participants along the seafront of Yalta, where each team was able to provide uniform, flags, decals, and emblems of their clubs. Then a festive procession situated on Lenin square, where he held the official opening of the festival.

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The brightest premieres winter

There is no better time for hot movie premieres than cold winter days! Increasingly famous film studios carry the releases of their films with a hot summer, at Christmas and new year holidays. And practice of previous years, winter movies become the most cash and a favorite among the audience.

Offer to schedule the hottest movie premieres this winter.

1. The hobbit: the Battle of the five armies – December 11

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

Director: Peter Jackson

This is the third year in a row the final part of middle – earth – “the hobbit: the Battle of the five armies” referred to as “the loudest and the anticipated premiere of the year”. It’s not just the long-awaited finale of the epic Saga, but also a sad farewell to such a family, for all of the fabulous world of John Tolkien and Peter Jackson.

Finally we will have a hard interchange adventures of hobbit Bilbo and the thirteen dwarves who tried to return home, and in the final, must continue to fight. The third part, as reported by the Director himself, will be shorter than the previous films of the trilogy – 144 minutes, but no less Grand and epic. In the final we can see a 45 minute battle of the five armies.

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