Top 5 most spectacular stadiums in the world

Large stadiums, representing a beautiful architectural solution is a person, the national pride of the country and not only the venue of the sporting event. I represent to your attention the most ambitious, original, expensive and beautiful stadiums around the world.

Top 5 most expensive stadiums in the world

1. The most expensive stadium in the world recognized as MetLife Stadium . located in new Jersey, USA. The construction of the stadium, opened in April 2010, was spent 1.6 billion dollars. Recently in the annual ranking of the highest-grossing stadiums in the world, the MetLife stadium became the highest grossing in the U.S. and third worldwide. For the construction of MetLife Stadium in equal shares allocated money clubs “new York Giants” and “new York jets”, are available for home matches. The color of the interior light depends on which teams are playing. Also MetLife stadium, which can accommodate 82566 viewers is the most capacious in the NFL. At MetLife Stadium hosts international football matches and concerts.

2. The construction of Wembley stadium . also known as the New Wembley and located in London, at a cost of $ 1.5 billion. It was built on the site of the old Wembley stadium in 2007. Wembley ranks first in terms of capacity in the UK and second in Europe Continue reading

3D-mapping: light show on the facades of buildings

How to create a projection show?

To answer these questions, you need to first plunge into history. Original light setup was used by the military in the 50’s and 60’s, but by the early 70s they became an instrument of art. One of the first manifestations of this type of culture was the creation of a hologram in the project «N-Dimensional Space” of the new York Museum of Finch College Museum of Art in April 1970. A few years later around the world, including Russia, began to open holographic museums, and to this day are popular.

The next step in the development of projection art was the introduction of mirrors fixed on the piezoelectric elements. The refracted ray was performed due to the rotating mirrors that allowed you to create “the effect of firing” in space. In addition, the construction of the image involved various laboratory items, and “in sum” technique called “laser table”. In fact, the technology was applied until very recently, until it was superseded mirror X-Y galvanometric scanners on the suspension. Today this technique is generally known as “laser graphics and animation”.

Before I talk about the most popular and well-known show of its kind Continue reading

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