Lovely autumn festivals

Dress up in a vampire costume, to be on the podium Formula-1 track, hot air balloon rides, to congratulate father Frost happy birthday, overeat chocolate or mark the last day of the year at the Scots

Balloon festival in Albuquerque

When and where: from 4 to 12 October in the US (read a detailed guide to the country)

More than four hundred balloons of different shapes and colors annually fill the sky over a small American the city of Albuquerque.. It is the world’s largest balloon festival, which is held in early October and lasts nine days. The festival is also called the most photographed event in the world (take a picture of thousands of spectators, media representatives and professional photographers), and this is not surprising: on the background of blue sky can be seen a giant castle, and a huge turtle, and even the head of Darth Vader. Festival guests can not only admire the balloons, but to fly on them, taking part in various sports competitions, and visit the international balloon Museum.

The Stage Of Formula 1

Where and when: 10-12 October in Sochi

The Sochi stage of the world championship Formula 1 — an event which, without exaggeration, waited thousands of Russian fans of the Royal race. Ticket prices for those who want to see Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton live bite: the cheapest (for seats in the General admission area) cost 5,000 rubles, main grandstand tickets will cost 10 times more. One of the best places to view the race is considered grandstand T4 (16 000) – from this point you will see the fight on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th turns, as well as a prolonged turn-around Medals Plaza – the longest left turn in the calendar of Formula 1 (the speed in the middle will be about 300 km/h!).

The race will be held at the brand-new, specially-built track at the Olympic Park, which is replete with tricky turns. The main object of attention – Daniil Kvyat, who plays for the team Toro Rosso. Experts call a 20 year old guy best newcomer 2014 (currently Kvyat was ranked 15th in the League).

In the days of the race weekend, there will also be race support – stages of the GP2 and GP3, show motorisation and the Kuban wines festival.

The festival of chocolate

When and where: 17 to 26 October in Perugia

During this Grand celebration Perugia turns into a huge bakery. The main action takes place in the historic center, which are huge figures, carousel, palaces, castles — all from a solid bar, open stalls where you can buy sweets and Souvenirs made of chocolate: watches, candles, paintings, statues and even gadgets.

In dozens of tents vendors are making chocolate Shawarma, all kinds of sweets, candy bars, hot chocolate with brandy and whipped cream. All yummy eaten on the spot, “the spot”. In recent years the holiday has become so popular that tourists wanting to visit Perugia in any of the nine days of the festival, organize a special flight from Milan called Chocoflight.

The festival of light

When and where: from 10 to 19 October in Berlin

Autumn dusk in Berlin retreats before the festive riot of colored lights, lights, fireworks and hundreds of searchlights. In a large-scale light show, the Festival of light, involved 70 historical sites – TV tower, Berlin Cathedral, the building of the Main station, Schloss Charlottenburg — which transformed and painted in odd colors and shades. Show light installations complemented by an extensive program of recreational activities: concerts, laser shows, theme night excursions and gatherings in bars and restaurants that are open on these days until late at night. The final chord of the festival — a 10-mile night marathon in the center of the German capital.


When and where: October 23-28 in India

Diwali (or the festival of lights) is an option for those who want to celebrate the New year for a couple of months earlier than usual. In late October, the Hindus celebrate the beginning of the new year, the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and as a sign that lit lanterns and candles, and every night start hundreds of fireworks, fireworks and firecrackers. According to the legend, the festival is associated with the victory of good over evil: the God Rama on Sri Lanka by the demon Ravana. Festive rituals, offerings to the goddess of prosperity Lakshmi and ceremonies in temples are a few days, and the main climax of the evening, the explosions of firecrackers and fireworks in the streets of Indian cities does not subside. Night illumination becomes as bright as day.


When and where: October 31-November 1 in the U.S.

Initially, the tradition of dressing up in scary and funny costumes of evil originated in the countries inhabited by pagan Celtic tribes, but in recent decades, Halloween is celebrated in almost all parts of the world. The biggest celebration takes place in the United States. There are starting to prepare for the holiday several weeks: you see the mountains of masks of witches and vampires, weapons maniacs, grim and banks with artificial blood, and near supermarkets towering pyramid of bright orange pumpkins.

Day of the dead, Halloween, Mexican style. It is believed that in these days on earth the souls of the dead returned to visit her family and “take a SIP” earthly pleasures. The first holiday is celebrated in the family circle: Mexicans prepare themed dishes — for example, bread rolls and a surprise in the form of a small crock or cross. Then the people happy Jolly funeral with songs and dances. The musicians dress up in costumes of skeletons, there are theatrical performances, markets unfolds a brisk trade chocolate coffins, marzipan skeletons in colorful ponchos and sugar skulls. Completes the celebration of the Day of the dead carnival, which has been simmering in Mexican towns almost until the morning.

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