New Dungeons

TERA Players waiting for the hot summer ahead. In the coming weeks and months we will present a new battleground 20 on 20, the biggest PVP area, which is available to players, including siege weapons! Several new dungeons will expect PvE players and all can enjoy a System of Alliances and summer festivals.

Today we go to look in the bright future that awaits us. We’ll talk about exciting content that will be introduced in the coming weeks and months the summer of 2013!

New Battleground 20 by 20 – Pirate Fortress

Let’s start with a new battleground: the Pirate’s Fortress. This will be the biggest PvP-oriented arena that You have ever seen in TERA. Enhanced with brand-new siege weapons. The first time You can control guns, capture castles and sneak up on enemies using the tunnels and air ships!

In order to provide You with more details we asked Knut Brockmann, game designer, to provide us with all necessary information

Interview with Knut Brockmann, game designer, about the Pirate Fortress – the future battlefield 20 20

1. What is a Pirate Fortress?

Whip: Pirate Fortress – new PvP area in TERE that offers an exciting siege warfare with some surprises and high entertainment potential. Two teams consisting of 20 players each, attacking and defending the castle. The main goal is to seize the fortress and destroy the enemy’s crystal, or to protect the crystal of his team as long as possible. The first command sets the time during which the second command should first defeat in the second round.

Note that attackers have at their disposal many ways of approach to the fortress, the gates of the fortress, stairs or even airships. Both sides available big guns: Tanks guns and serve as an effective long guns.

2. What’s so special about this content? What opportunities are in this field?

The whip: a Huge cannon make this field of war is truly special, as well as airships. This gives each battle its own flavor, I’m sure the gun will be popular, especially for beginners in the world of PvP. It turns out that the killing of enemy air ship full of attacking enemies while in the protection, gives a certain satisfaction to the players. However, riding on the tanks as much fun lesson, though You can undermine a couple of times, but the tank can be recovered by using skills and team work. You get a strong feeling of the first phase of the upgrade, which will provide You with all of these weapons – a new branch of development of TERA, where You will use all the elements of siege battles to capture fortresses. Of course, the basic PvP mechanics are still active here and it will serve You in the heart of the enemy fortress.

3. Who can go to a new battleground? What will be the difference between newcomers world PvP and brave soldiers have the experience?

Whip: Teams with similar experience in PvP will go on one field of battle through the search engine matches.

If You are not yet at the final stage of capture, the system will pick the right players at the right level for you and things that all people are equal and enjoy the game. Beginners TERA can start to get experience in PvP from level 30 and by the end of its journey to join the war of the Pirate Fortress.

4. What is the difference between a Pirate Fortress and existing battleground 15 to 15?

Knut: There are 2 main differences. The first difference is that in a normal battle field you need to capture control tower and keep them as long as possible. Pirate Fortress completely different than the players saw it, but I am sure that the popularity of Fraywind Canyon will not be affected after the introduction of the new field of battle. The second difference – the opportunity to participate with 30 levels.

5. Can you explain how the strategy and teamwork will help the new battleground?

Whip: I think we need to distinguish two features here.

Special groups can be very moving in its strategic tricks. The attacker must capture the fortress. However, the team can develop its own “chips”: wreak havoc enemies with air vehicles and at the same time to break into the main gate of the fortress, or as quietly podbiraetsya to it – thanks to so many players, any manipulation tactics.

I think they will try various schemes and tactics in the beginning. However, I am sure that will not be the only correct way. The teams are given full freedom of action. Thanks to technology, support classes will be able to provide decent damage at the beginning.

On the other hand, groups with no experience will be something to learn. The map has many different items that can help in the battle.

6. You were talking about the Siege Weapons? I would like to get more information on this topic.

Whip: Siege weapons on the battlefield were created for one thing: Fun!In addition, it is possible to develop various strategies involving such weapons.

Really fun to ride around in a tank or fly through the large walls of the air ship and hope that you will not get off early. For me, undermine the enemy’s big gun means not only points, but this is a very stylish win over the enemy team. There are 3 different ways to penetrate through the wall: using a ladder, by force through the gate or using the airship. For all 3 methods, it is important to provide fire support. To break through the gates easier using tanks, defense counsel can only shoot down airships with cannons. But even when the enemy tries to infiltrate the fortress with ladders, tanks and guns also play an important role in the protection of walls or organization to the chaos that will let the attackers to do their job.What would not be the solution you choose, I guarantee that You will enjoy.

7. How can I get started and join the team?

Knut: Thanks to the search system, anyone can apply for a search with 30 levels and it will automatically be assigned to a suitable group. You can also apply for a search with Your friends (5 people team) and join their allies.

The System Of Alliances

Also this summer: TERA’s political system will be supplemented by a system of alliances of guilds who can choose their leaders, to participate in government and in the end to fight for the championship of their continent.

In order to prepare for the new system of Alliances, the current political system will be disabled in the next update, but it’s for the best, because the new system will completely change the game. We activate all the appropriate NPC manually during the transition to the new system.

Stay tuned.

Summer festivals and new dungeons

Summer has prepared for You many surprises. The game will be held 3 summer festival. In addition to plenty of new content, the game will be entered a few events to get new sensations. The festivals will be of a historic nature and You will be able to update your wardrobe, your character collection of new outfits.

We will publish more details about the System of Alliances and summer festivals in TERA for a few weeks. You just have to follow the news!

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