Russian folk holidays

In the old days this was attended by all classes. Christmas is not complete without the participation of the mummers. Play the mummers – ancient Russian buffoon fun. Mummers went into the hut and had fun as they could: fooled around, played the entire presentation. Common Yuletide ceremony and caroling was – an echo of the ancient holiday of Christmas carols. Christmas carols – Christmas special songs. Their content was traditional – the praises of the owner, wishes to his family and home well-being and prosperity. A Christmas Carol relied reward – lint. If the owner was stingy and did not give, or give little, we ventured to hear such a wish: “On New year’s aspen coffin, the grave, obajana Mare!” Favorite Yuletide entertainment – guessing. Spawned guessing people’s desire to foresee the future and even magically affect him. In the pagan time of divination were purely economic in nature – about the harvest and the livestock offspring, about their relatives ‘ health. Bring on Boxing day in the hut a sheaf of wheat or a bale of hay and teeth pulled out a straw Yes straw. Full ear presaged a good harvest, and a long blade of grass, good hay. Over the years, the interest in the fortune have kept only the youth, especially girls. Long forgotten pagan Yes magic that included the ceremony, and born from the wreckage of festive fun. But why is good for divination it is this time? Folk legend says: “In the night of New year the countless hosts of demons out of hell, and slink along the ground, scaring all baptized people. From her, from the forces of evil, and it was possible to talk your destiny”. Christmastime adult girls vorozole: will do this year to get married? – in the dead of night when sound asleep all members of the household, the stay, in compliance with the strictest silence, bring into the house of the rooster. If he goes to the table, so the girl would marry, but if the rooster will retire from the house, it will remain in the girls. Girls timelkam went to Gusyatin in the dark and caught the bird: if you fall into the hands of the male, then she will only marry if the female is still a maiden name. Unmarried or a widower? girls secretly left home to tõnu or hedges, and, clasping it with both hands, began to touch with one hand each Tenino, saying quietly: “unmarried, widowed, unmarried, a widower” – if the fence is over the title blank, it means that for such and will leave the girl. Which way is the live betrothed? “for the gate of the Shoe, after removing the legs, threw”. In what direction will the show end of the Shoe, there and live betrothed. To learn their fate, “ardent wax stoked”. By the formed shapes were tried on his lot: like the Church – to the wedding, and if a pit or cave – wait for death. The most common was podprudnoe divination. Girls, clasped his ring in a dish and covering it with a handkerchief, “sang songs in harmony podlozny”. After the song, the plate is shaken, and the Blanca randomly pulled one of the rings. To the owner and treated the content of this song, foretelling the fate. The most interesting and the most terrible was the divination with a mirror and a candle. She looked through the flames of the candles in the mirror and she could see something. Guess it was possible during the Yuletide, that is, until Epiphany, or Baptism.

Kupala day is a pagan celebration, the worship of natural elements – fire and water. But pagan Midsummer never was Ivan. He wasn’t any name. And he bought it when the feast Kupala coincided with the Christian feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist. Yet this feast was called the day of Ivan Herbalist. Because lechenie grass collected during this period, the miraculous. On Kupala wanted to find and see how fern blossoms. It is in these moments come from the land of treasures, illuminating green lights. Not less desirable was the meeting with “the gap-grass”, from the touch which shatters into pieces of suitable metal, open any door. The Slavs believed that it was time for lush growth of grasses, maturation of bread is a time of rampant evil spirits. To combat the evil ancient way of friction to make fire, bonfires, jumping through crowned with flowers boys with the girls. Believed in omen: the higher you jump, the better it would grow bread. The fire threw a worn things, clothes patients. In the evening, after relaxing in the bath, went to splash in the river. It was believed that bathing water has the same cleansing effect as the fire. The Orthodox Church did not recognize this holiday, finding in it a lot of pagan and unseemly. Persecution of the authorities has led to the fact that in the NINETEENTH century the holiday has almost disappeared from Russia. Russian national holidays were unusually rich is rich and diverse. Unfortunately, some of them almost forgotten today. I want to believe that a genuine interest in Russian culture allow to revive a lost for future generations. References 1. T. I. Quick. “Circle of life”. 2. Y. S. Ryabtsev. “Journey to Ancient Rus”. 3. “I know the world.” Children’s encyclopedia. Mythology.

Nick was very fond of traditions and follow them, especially loved the whole family to go to Church on Easter. Even if any of the friends she invited over, he was not; recognized on this day only family. Remember fun holiday cooking. Everything and everyone is dressed in the best toilets. Walked sedately, and Kohl’s always between a mother and a wife. Went to the Tsarskoye Selo Palace Church, which in this vysokachestvennye holiday was always open to the public. At the same time, the poet was very superstitious. True Abyssinia gave him that. He is funny sometimes was superstitious, which often caused laughter among relatives. Remember when A. I. moved into their new home, she was visited by “aunt Eugenia Ivanovna”. She was already very old. Aunty pleased to announced that can stay with us for a few days. In the presence if I said the A. I. “I’m Afraid not to die with us aunty. Hard being in a new home to survive death.” This Kohl replied to me: “You surely do not know Russian folk beliefs. Buying a new home, deliberately invite very old, mostly old people or sick old ladies, so they died in the house, and some of the owners dies

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