The Best summer festivals around the world

Summer time is the charm, filled with ice cream and picnics, swimming in the pools and festivities at the festivals that will be even bigger and more luxurious this year than ever before. The most famous musical performers and pop stars such as U2, Green Day and Norah Jones, are planning to ignite the crowd at festivals in Chicago, Tennessee, Washington and the UK. Apart from music, You expect the competition at the semi-wild horses, view, cowboys, air shows with so many aircraft that vertigo will be guaranteed, and demonstration of a variety of art forms, which You have never seen. drive colored small cars and little people live Fill up a backpack with the necessary provisions on the shoulder, grab a bottle of water and go out for an adventure that You have in store for the organizers of the best summer festivals in the world.

Statue at burning man in black Rock city, Nevada

Every year in late August – early September, tens of thousands of people gather in the desert of black Rock, to build an experimental city: the theme is set in advance (for 2010 the theme will be the metropolis), no one sets the rules, deadlines or the end of the project all goes on. Being polupodvizhnym, polyamidoamine the festival, the organizer Larry Harvey, was the start of ‘the Burning Man’ in 1986 in San Francisco, when on one of its beaches he urged others to ‘keep yourself alive’ after death. Habitat conditions during the festival, which lasts one week, may seem very primitive: everything You should have with you, including food and water, nothing to leave behind, the only way purchases – commodity exchange (so decided by the majority of visitors).

The red bull Flugtag, Miami, Florida

This festival is the competition kicks off this year from Biscayne Bay, Miami. More than 30 teams from around the South East coast of America will show off its engineering innovations. ‘Flugtag’, which in German translates as ‘day of flight’ is a competition for the design, construction and piloting air vehicles, made with their own hands and launched from a 30-foot height. Great show can be called and how all of these creative and sometimes absurd flying objects find their last refuge on the water. but that’s not important, the main thing is to show how beautiful Your flying the invention can soar and how finely You can control. Additional competitions will be held in long beach, Philadelphia, and the twin cities in July, August and September.

The Spoleto festival in Charleston, South Carolina

Being the most important festival of different kinds of art, North America, Spoleto has become celebrated since 1977 as part of the annual Italian festival of two worlds in the same city – Spoleto. Continuing the celebration from the end of may to early June, the main action takes place throughout the city, including concert halls of classical music, Opera and theatre. This year the visitors will be offered the performance figures of the Irish gate Theatre: soprano Anne-Carolyn bird and jazz vocalist Liz Wright. Will not be surprised and also indicative of the number of street performers and comedians, which will be held in the historical part of the city, and the elegant parties that have become an integral part of the festival, will attract lovers of night festivities.

Music Sasquatch festival in Quincy, Washington

Starts the scene in Day of Memory of the fallen soldiers and lasts for three days, the scene – a gorge, near Seattle, Washington. Unsurpassed beauty of the place with an endless chain of hills will be a real scene for a number of musical numbers performed by Vampire Weekend, The Posies, Massive Attack and Band of Horses, – all performances will be held at the charming backdrop of the Columbia river. The majority of festival goers camp on all three days and enjoy the rooms of the rising stars of the music stage.

Festival Glastonbury, UK

Held in July, the Glastonbury festival is the largest musical theatre event in the world. Known for its music, and rainy weather (as in England and it’s raining), this festival began in 1970 after the death of Jimi Hendrix. Located on 900 acres of the valley of avalon, he attracts many people who wish to enjoy the mythology and religious traditions. In addition, there is a belief that there was buried king Arthur, but because this place hides the ancient secrets and symbols. The action of the festival, located around settlements that are completely unlike each other: in the ‘Dance Village’ You can enjoy the rooms of the performers of modern dance music, and in ‘Green Fields’ You will find everything that keeps our planet green, for example, try to produce a little electricity, pedaling a bike, or just take an hour massage to relax. On the stage, built in the form of a pyramid, will be performing artists of completely different genres: Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, U2 and Norah Jones.

The festival fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland

This festival is now officially the huge festival of art in the world; here you can see all: performances of theatre, Comedy, dance groups, and, of course, musicians. All the action takes place over three weeks in August, and it starts with a parade known as the Cavalcade. Colorful beads are given to all who are taking part in the procession, dressed as Mardi Gras, but here the beads don’t just throw into the crowd. At this festival to make their rooms can each any Committee of judges does not exist here, and although this means that not all who dare to show themselves, can truly offer a quality sight, but to see such a variety anywhere else You will fail!

For laughs festival in Montreal, Canada

In this Comedy festival is attended by such famous artists and stars like Pamela Anderson, Cheech and Chong, brad Garrett and John Pinette. The venue of the festival can be in different clubs of the city, every year in July there is going to 1.5 million people to see the performance more than 2,000 comedians. Visitors of such a prestigious event can meet the future stars of Comedy, agents and producers who are looking for new talents. Additional festivals are also held in Chicago, Paris and Toronto.

The festival of San Fermin (the pursuit of the bulls) in Pamplona, Spain

More than one million people visited the festival in Pamplona, which begins at noon on 6 July, when the fireworks and missiles are launched into the sky near the city hall and ends at midnight 14 July, with the singing of Pobre de Mi – anthem, which means the closing of the festival.

Encierro, or the Pursuit of the bulls is held in each morning of the festival at 7.30, when six bulls are out on the streets of the city. All who want, can chase the artiodactyls animals only suggest that you ignore the street lane-Bullring and Santo Domingo, because here some of the pursuers bulls were killed in the last years of the festival. The biggest celebration happens on 7 July, when thousands of people, dancers and street performers through the streets of Pamplona, following the copy of the statue of Saint Fermin.

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