The Best summer music festivals in Estonia

Barely become green foliage on drivah and the bees will Wake up from its winter sleep, as extensibility threw open the window and hearts to another wonderful and eventful summer, marked by a variety of outdoor concerts and noisy summer festivals. Look lower than it might please you Estonia at its resorts this summer, and choose those activities that suit your needs.

1-4 July 2015, Tallinn

At the largest beer festival in Estonia for decades performed with many legendary international stars, this year among the performers in the Placebo group and The Cardigans.

õllesummer is a summer festival for you if you.

1. get pleasure from a good mug of beer

2. feel in the crowd, like a fish in water

3. prefer to stay in the city

2-5 July, island of Muhu

Juu Jääb is a stylish festival in a relaxed setting, which takes place on the island of Muhu, which is famous for its traditional culture and prestigious hotels and restaurants. The festival presents a wide range of world music, with a slight bias in jazz, funk and soul.

You, of course, is to drink a Cup of tea on Juu Jääb, if you…

1. get pleasure from the outdoorsy type

2. treat all sincerely love and earthly joy

3. ready to make a sea trip to get to the festival

July 4, Kilingi-nõmme

This increasingly popular festival music indie and electronic music, is worth a visit. Schilling is a small family celebration, which is held in the Summer garden of the small town of Kilingi-nõmme. It is possible to listen to live music and DJ sets.

Visit Schilling, if you.

1. love the rhythms of pop music

2. want to make memorable your absence from the pärnu resort

3. appreciate craft beer and healthy food

23-26 July, Viljandi

Want to see how a small ancient Estonian town filled with the sounds of drums, violins and coming from the hills, from squares and cafes of the votes, before becoming the festival arena? One of the most popular in Estonia, festivals, theme in 2015 is “Freedom”, are both local and foreign musicians.

You should visit Vulndisco folk festival if…

1. do you like to dance under the scorching sun and the pouring rain

2. you love to relax and feel renewed

3. you want to learn a new song or dance or just to play at night on the shore

31 July – 1 August, the village of Lago

This is undoubtedly the most picturesque summer festival in Estonia, attracting in Lago crowd of music lovers of all ages – both experienced and young. Get ready to relax and unwind, to enjoy the fine classical and jazz music in the lap unassuming rural beauties.

The lake festival of music in LEGO you’ll be pleased if you…

1. avoid noisy crowds

2. want to get lost in the music

3. not averse to see the fire show

June-September, Estonia

Each year a series of concerts given by the leading conductors of Estonia in churches, hay barns [M1] and other scenic locations throughout the country. Annual subprogramme devoted to the world-famous Estonian composer Arvo to Pärt.

Plan in advance and visit the Nargen festival, if you…

1. appreciate sophisticated music

2. looking for new, intellectual pleasures

3. want to hear music from one of the executable of the living classics of world music – Arvo pärt

July 31 – August 1, Haapsalu

In the days of the festival “August Blues” romantic cafes, castle ruins and beautiful century-old train station, the historic resort town of Haapsalu filled with music. The festival, which was conceived as one of the Premier Blues festivals in Europe, alongside other performers are Andy Fairweather Low, Boney Fields and Candye Kane.

August Blues will bring peace to your soul as you.

1. enjoy long, resetname summer days

2. love good food (Haapsalu is famous for its cafe)

3. love the atmosphere of small towns

August 6-8, pärnu

Northern Europe’s largest cultural event on the beach, Weekend festival attracts not only colorful pärnu coast, but outstanding performances by DJs, among them Armin Van Buren and David Guetta.

Weekend Festival is certainly worth a visit, if you.

1. like dance music

2. feel at ease in the crowd

3. I regret that the summer days are slipping like sand through your fingers

7-9 August, käsmu

This is the eighth year in a row in a sleepy fishing village not far from the Estonian capital, the festival Viru Folk. The 2015 programme is inspired by Danish culture, and perhaps it is a way to pay tribute to the medieval past of Estonia. In addition to the popular Estonian folk fusion band Metsatöll the guests of the festival will also Melanie Dekker, Svartsot and Sorten Muld.

Viru Folk is sure to include in your program stay outside of Tallinn, if you want.

1. to feel the atmosphere of the North coast

2. discover the Estonian music

3. take a walk located in Lahemaa national Park

The Hip Hop Festival

14-15 August, Elva

Get ahead of others and open this promising festival earlier than it will do the rest. Held in the ancient forests of South Estonian Hip Hop festival gathers mostly local artists, but among the headliners of the festival in 2015 will be such stars as, for example, the English UK band from Manchester’s Virus Syndicate.

Get ready for a wave of festival Hip Hop Festival, if you.

1. like rap music in all languages

2. want to add toughness to their absence from Tartu

3. inspired by long walks through the woods

August 22, Rakvere

You may have heard of the biennial festival of song and dance, which is a subject of special pride of Estonians and included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO? Now imagine mnogodolinnyi choir, which is composed of young people in black leather jackets with Mohawks and piercings. Festival punk song is held in the historic town of Rakvere as the variation of the age-old tradition of choral singing in Estonia. The festival hits from the Sex Pistols to Pussy Riot.

Feel free to go to the festival punk song if you…

1. want to experience something new and unique

2. strive to bring variety to your stay in Rakvere

3. cherish the thought to sing the chorus of the legendary songs of punk rock

We will be glad if you will share with us highlights from the Estonian summer festivals, by tagging your photos #VisitEstonia.

Share with us highlights from the Estonian summer festivals, by tagging your photos #VisitEstonia.

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