The festival of the world

The festival of the world – the district event, which is open to the participation of children from preschool. Each kindergarten selects one of the countries in 5 continents. For Example: Russia, Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Nigeria, India, Greece, Ukraine, Spain, France, Japan, China, The Baltic States, Uzbekistan, Austria.

Kindergarten, which is a member of the festival must submit: a video about the country, the performance of children with folk dance and to cook the national dish. During the preparation for the festival in establishments organize projects “let’s get acquainted”, which is going to printed and illustrated material about a particular country, the costumes are made for the children’s performance, selected interesting recipes of national dishes. All the participants gather in one of the music halls of the preschool. Presenter, dressed in Russian national costume announces the opening of a ‘Festival of the peoples of the world”.

Hello, dear guests! We welcome you in the music hall for “the Festival of world music”.

Our planet is huge and the whole life is not enough to travel around all the country. They live people of different nationalities. They are different in skin colour and the language spoken. But all of them have in common is that all of the residents love to sing songs, dance, poetry and poems to glorify his country. In each of them you can see amazing places, meet passionate dance, eat delicious food, unusual to hear a speech. I invite You on a fascinating journey through countries and continents.

And it starts by Russia — my country, which is famous for its wide fields, dense forests, flowing rivers and hardworking, friendly and hospitable people. (Coming out party dance performances. At this time the screen displayed landscapes of Russian nature).

Rustled birch,

Swayed beautifully!

This means, my friends, we got to Russia.

Children perform a Russian folk dance.

Now let’s move almost to the middle of the Earth where there is an amazing and mysterious country.

That girl in saree

Raja elephant,

And tunes all heard me.

India tea meets:

– Try our delicious tea!

India — a distant and mysterious country and to our festival Indian women came with his dance. Let’s welcome them.

Children in Indian costumes perform a dance, on screen display photographs of the architectural monuments of India.

It shares borders with India, another Sunny country.

Under the scorching sun in colored skull cap

Motley robe waving in the wind

The birthplace of cotton and homeland melons

Uzbekistan we call it.

Uzbekistan is famous for cotton, melon, fruit. To grow a good crop you need to invest a lot of work. He’s not going in our country 1 once a year, but three. But the Uzbek people will not lose heart, likes to have fun and dance.

Children in the Uzbek costumes perform a dance, the screen displays works of art of Uzbekistan with a unique delicate ornaments.

Our journey continues in another interesting country, traditions and customs which are largely associated with Russia. There live the same Slavs as we are.

Hello, glory Ukraine!

Bacon and bread are rich!

From the Miracle of the Dvina river to the mouth of the Danube

In sunflowers proudly.

Ukraine borders on Russia, and so the language and nature, songs and dances, very similar to Russian. Let’s hurry to see this.

Children dance Ukrainian dance, the screen shows the black sea coast of Crimea, which visited many of the children in the summer.

There is another country in which it lives Slavic people and it also has a border with our vast country.

Ah, the Belovezhskaya Pushcha?

No you are more beautiful and better!

Stork on the roof, the lake district,

Belarus – light.

Belarus is famous for its vast fields. Its territory is home to a calm and friendly people. The songs they are singing, fairy tales, similar to the Russians. They brought us a folk dance. Let’s welcome them.

The Belarusian children in costumes perform a dance, the screen displayed a photo of the Belarusian village.

I invite you to go to a country located on the coast of the sea.

Black sea, hot sand

Hotels and beaches are looking to the East

Song and dance, laughter and laughter

Turkey opened the door for everyone.

Many of You have visited in the summer in this hospitable country, the edge of the sea and fruit and evening lights. The cycle of colors and fun lures, only to hear a Turkish melody.

Children perform Turkish dance, the screen displayed pictures that parents brought back from a summer holiday with the children.

The sea can be not only warm but also cold, so that the pieces of pine resin, getting into it, for centuries to freeze, turning into a amazing decoration.

The sea is cold, raging sea,

Sea called Baltic.

As the three sister countries of the Baltic region

Waiting for the long-awaited sun.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – the country where people have been fishing. In any, even a small store to buy the fish caught in the Baltic fishermen. These are courageous people who are not terrible sea storms and high waves. In their music you hear in the sea.

Children under Latvian folk music take the stage and dance dance, the screen displays amber and seascapes with ships engaged in fishing.

You all know Dr. Doolittle. Let’s remember where he went to treat animals? That’s right, in Africa. In Africa many countries and today we will get acquainted with one of them.

Palm trees and coconuts

Bananas and papayas,

Here it is Nigeria,

There she is!

Nigeria is a country not only yellow bananas and wild animals. Among the palm trees you can hear the fiery rhythm of the drum, which with its fraction invites Nigerians to dance.

Nigerian children dance the dance, the screen displayed a rotating each other savanna landscapes and wild animals.


Among You there is at least one who will dream of visiting the ancient pyramids.

Nile, the pharaohs, pyramids, camel

This country Egypt name.

One of the most ancient countries in the world that found their start many people and from where they dispersed to other camps, capturing a piece of this ancient civilization.

Children dance the dance of the pharaohs, the screen displays ancient pyramids of ancient stone manuscripts.


From the ancient land of the pharaohs I suggest You to move to the land of love and red roses.

There brave D’ ‘artagnan rides in the valley,

And taste the spirits of Paris works magic,

Shaking the feathers on the hats

To visit us in France in a hurry.

Paris – every girl wants to visit this city and enjoy the music of singer – the singer of love.

Out and perform a dance to the melody of the chanson, the screen frames are replaced with views of Paris streets and sights of the city.

Now go to the far East, in a country that is washed by the Pacific ocean.

It is called beautiful

“the land of the Rising sun”

There is gentle Sakura, white crane

Japan it’s called.

Despite the fact that Japan can be called a country of skyscrapers, she managed to keep the flavor of Eastern countries, which is reflected in the dances and costumes.

Children dance Japanese dance with umbrellas, the screen demonstrates the unique landscapes “rising sun”.

Here eat rice and the yellow river flows.

Come here – you get to heaven

Doors and happily you will discover

The country with the beautiful name of China.

The mysterious country of China. Who ever visit here, will want to return again and again.

Children dance Chinese folk dance on the screen are replaced by photographs of works of art of Chinese porcelain and paintings in silkscreen.

And now I invite You to go back to old Europe.

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