the height of the Summer festival!

Adventurers, the Summer festival will end next week, so we double the number of Petals you receive other awards events until the end of the festival. In addition, since September 5, we will play twice as many Priestesses of Sune!

During the Height of the Summer festival:

– The Reward for collecting all the colors you will find 30 petals onecote, 2 Light cotton fabric, 2 Bright filament of the Summer;

– For the tasks you will get twice as many Petals;

– For participation in competitions you will get twice as many Petals;

– In the Adventures on the Sword Coast you will get twice as many Petals;

– The task “Gather a few petals of onecote” you will get 150 Petals.

New item in the ZEN Market: Reward Suna

If you miss a few days of the Summer festival – do not worry. With this kit you can get to catch up. In this set is 350 petals agnecies and 1 Mercy Suna.

While the players are enjoying new adventures in the recently released module “Tyranny of Dragons”, in Neverwinter comes time for the Summer festival! We are pleased to announce a new event, with the participation of swine-record holders and water bubbles. You will see interesting games festival and unique rewards!

Start of event: August 22, 2014, at 04:00 Moscow time

The end of the event: September 12, 2014, at 04:00 Moscow time

Transfer the ZEN into the game and get a priestess of Sune

During the Summer festival players can win the satellite – the priestess of Sune, if you just translate any amount of ZEN in Neverwinter. Within 21 days of the event will be a random selection of players who won the priestess of Sune. We will choose winners every day at 21:00 Moscow time and to declare them after a while. Remember that you only need to make a transfer ZEN to get a chance to win!

What to do during the summer?

The new area will be available to players tomorrow. There you will be able to perform everyday tasks or participate in many competitions. You also expect a special summer job by profession and a brand new dungeon in “adventures on the Sword Coast”.


Gina Marradi gives players two daily quests. For example, a Summer feast, the battle with the trolls or water battle. In performing these tasks, players will receive various awards, including the petals of a fire-flower.


During the festival will host many contests that start every 15 minutes. Participating players will receive the petals of onecote and craft items to prepare for the Summer festival.

Summer feast

The farmer Pavro from time to time need help on the farm – you need to collect all the necessary for a Summer feast. He asks strangers to drive the escaped animals back to the pens. If you act skillfully, you can return the animals back to the farm and get points for it competitions.

Players who are tired to drive animals to collect corn, growing in large fields behind the farm. Those who bring corn to the farm, earn points competition.

The battle with the trolls

Not only strangers want to frolic in the middle of summer. Sometimes in the southwestern part of the holiday region trolls wander, attracted by the smell of food and flower petals. At sight of them, players of all levels can join with them to fight, because for the murder of trolls rely points of the contest. Just be careful if there are any on the battlefield of Garmendia or Morgenroth – larger trolls, to defeat that require multiple players.

Water battle

When the trolls trying to spoil the party, in the same places is another contest – water battle. In this competition, players are thrown into each other with water balloons, getting points competition, if someone sprayed, and losing points, if water got in them.

What rewards can you earn?

In addition to a variety of festive food and game currency, players can also earn these valuable summer awards:

Pig-winner and Kuniansky stallion

Sayanskoe apparel

In this set of stylish clothes best suited to warm nevervinterskogo summer, includes a tight-fitting top with floral patterns for women and airy shirt for men.

Set sayanskogo weapons

Want to have the weapons were more colors? Complete sayanskogo weapons are subjects for conversion, which will remind everyone about the flowers – it is force.

This pinata can be placed anywhere, and everyone will be able to break it and collect sweets, gold and magic items. Ah, if only this piñata was in real life!

Adventures on the Sword Coast

For the first time in “adventures on the Sword Coast” on the Portal Neverwinter will be available for a particular dungeon. There you will find many non-combat encounters become peaceful spirit of the holiday. All meetings will drop the petals of a fire-flower.

Preparing for the Summer festival

During the festival will be available in a particular profession. Players can hire Ananina-novice and create a variety of food and clothing by using reagents that are only available at the festival.

In this rural Paradise is waiting for you so many interesting things that you won’t want to leave. Thanks to the amazing prizes and fun pastime that will veroyatno, the best Summer festival ever held in Neverwinter. You already want to get a sled pig or a new sayanskogo horse? Share with us on the forum!

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