The latest and most significant developments in Sumy

In the last days of the outgoing year Topgood decided to take stock and remember the most important and bright events in Sumy . The year 2013 was presented to the residents of Sumy many surprises. Let’s remember how it was.

Social life Soums in 2013 was particularly active. The townspeople finally plucked up the courage to talk about their grievances publicly. So, in April, unknown activists circled holes on roads of the regional center of the glowing paint and added the words “Minaev pit”, “Minaev Gene”, “Minaeva field.” And in October of that graffiti appeared near the house of the mayor. There is depicted the traces of a dragon labeled “3 RS”. Thus, the activists were protesting against the rise in price of travel in the bus.

If Sumy artists wished to stay unknown, members of the public organization “Student brotherhood of Sumy region” expressed their protest openly. Citizens has stirred up a series of billboards with scandalous label “Sumi — Misto Beadle, Beadle fashionable bootie”, “Vono mid us.”

In March the citizens of Sumy had to meet face to face with the elements. During long days in the city was overtaken by the March winter . and in the summer at the regional center struck a series of hurricanes. Sumy, however, came from the battle with natural forces with minimal losses.

Especially diligently prepared this year for the city Day, the local authorities gave the city a number of “new things” . Among them, the “European” fountain, monuments Anton Chekhov and Mikhail Lospe, colonnade Park near the b-updated the bridge on prospect Shevchenko. In addition, the map Sum new point for citizens ‘ leisure is a modern shopping centre “Manufaktura”.

Continuing a series of pleasant events . note that in 2013, returned to work on the decorative design night train to Kiev, Reikartz Sumy included in the list of “100 best hotels of Ukraine”, Sumy took 12th place in the ranking of “50 best cities to live in Ukraine” according to the magazine “Focus”, and, according to the results of an opinion poll conducted among the citizens, it became clear that every 5th a native resident of Sumy were satisfied with their city and don’t want to leave it.

Political events . occurred at the beginning of the year, somewhat faded on the background of the December rallies in support of European integration. In Sumy held a series of public protests, and is still in Independence square continues to stand the tent city. Local policy, however, has demonstrated the judgment and tried to warn the citizens from the threat of protest. The position of the President was supported by Igor and Yuri Purepecha, Yuriy Bova and even the mayor of Sumy Gennady Minayev. who at the dawn of the uprising enthusiastically participated in the “supine” student protest.

However, whatever was happening in the country, a real shock to the people of Sumy became the statement of the Governor of Sumy region Yuriy Chmyr that he leaves his players and goes to the capital. The area is now headed by the former Deputy-Governor Igor Yahovdyk .

According to the results of 2013, the hope and pillar of the economy of Sumy region is the agricultural industry which is developing by leaps and bounds, — in the regional center appear one by one grain complexes. Furthermore, advances have been made in the construction industry. Here is the clear leader remains the company “Fedorchenko” . ready to build 60 thousand square meters per year and implement favorable for citizens project “Affordable housing”. Expands production plant “Kerameya” . opening a new line for the production of clinker. And, of course, the pride of the region is a promising industrial Park “recent findings” . which is gaining momentum every day.

Despite a number of positive events for some area businesses have dark times came . So, put up for sale the Sumy porcelain factory, closed Proeski sugar factory, came to an end supermarkets, “Ball”, and even “Sumykhimprom” after a temporary timeout puts 92,75% stake on the auction.

Despite the fact that the Prosecutor of the Sumy area Ruslan Belokon constantly informs about reducing crime, the heading “Incidents” on Topgrade not have to be empty. The most resonant in 2013 became the night’s collapse of the future shopping center that is being built at the Central market, the arson of the car of the Vice-rector of the Ukrainian Academy banking, the mysterious death of the head teacher of the Alexander high school, the murder of the master of sports in biathlon Helen Demidenko, terrorist attack on the checkpoint “baczewski”, beatings of foreign students of ssU, the accident, which injured 14-year-old Lucy Sharapova, is already more than a month girl comes out of coma

But, undoubtedly, the most terrible event that shook the entire city became a wreck on the street of Kharkov . which claimed the lives of two innocent people, and the epic “the Sumy maniac.” the sketch which thoroughly studied every conscious native resident of Sumy. Fortunately, and intoxicated the driver is a murderer, and a maniac-gold digger already fallen into the hands of justice.

In 2013 Sumy athletes continue to delight their fans with new achievements. It is nice to see the successful development of the Sumy Boxing, martial arts, motorsports, direction-finding, field hockey. But Sumy football club, unfortunately, somewhat disappointing their fans, showing a rather uncertain game in the championship of FAVBET. In the end PFC “Sumy” was on 9th position in the table, although he had all the chances to win a better result.

Whatever it was, but it was very gratifying to observe Sumy biathlon . which showed the highest class at the world Cup in Austria, and won the honorary gold. By the way, on the eve of holidays Sumy biathlete Andrew Deryzemlya became the leader of the “Christmas race”, making a nice gift to the country and their homeland.

The category “Culture” every day proves that the Sumy has a talent. In 2013, they actively participated in the national show projects. Thus, the ensemble “VIOLA” from the village of Yamna and 6-year-old Boris gorbonos Hairpin successfully performed in ethers “Ukraine’s got talent 5”, and a vocal duet of “Two Voices” almost reached the final in the show “X-factor”.

In addition, from 17 to 24 may in the regional center there was held the traditional festival “Cehapest” . which attracted theatergoers from all over Ukraine, this time in Trostyanets in a festival of classical music “Chaikovskii” .

Near the library Krupskaya appeared painted bird of Wonder . which went to present Sumy region on the traditional “Parade of embroidery”. However, the bird stole the show accompanying Nude, clothes, the girls were only wreaths.

Among other exciting cultural events . held in Sumy, we call the presentation of the autobiographical book of Taras Shelestyuk, the premiere of the controversial film “the Open show”, visits group “druga Rika” and “Okean Elzy”.

Meanwhile, the ex-Governor of Sumy oblast Yuriy Chmyr performed the song “I will live in Sumy” and went to live in Kiev. The townspeople, of course, was a little poobijali Yuri Pavlovich, but then I calmed down, because the people of Sumy — people are not vindictive and very optimistic. Topgood wish all our readers joy, smiles, a lot of fun and only good news in the New year!

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