The Most delicious festivals devoted to food

Man’s love for food is so great that in our world even created a cult of some products, especially revered by the people. It is expressed in the existence of numerous festivals devoted to food.

Such holidays are common in all parts of the world.

“Delicious” holidays – this is a great reason unusual to have fun and enjoy earthly blessings, a gift to humanity. The more that we are talking about the next feast for the stomach. So what products people are revered to such an extent that they honor the celebrations?

Perhaps the most popular “edible” holiday is world chocolate day . celebrated on July 11. For the first time began to make chocolate the Aztecs. In Europe learned about chocolate thanks to the Spanish colonizers who brought chocolate or «black gold”, as they called him, from South America. Since then, chocolate has gained incredible fame and love of all mankind. Found that chocolate has many healing properties, in particular it increases vitality and stamina of a person, has a reinforcing effect on mental activity, elevates mood and improves emotional background.

Chocolate day were the first to mention the French since 1995, but soon this holiday has acquired the status of a worldwide celebration. Man’s love for chocolate is so great that he even build monuments. The first monument to chocolate was opened in July 2009 in the town of Pokrov, Vladimir region.

And on the second Friday of October, many countries celebrate world egg day . The egg is recognized as the most versatile, it is used in cuisines all around the world. And the number of dishes prepared from eggs, incredibly large. It’s not just eggs, cooked in all sorts of technologies, but also a variety of eggs, omelets, salads, hot dishes, pastries, etc. In General, the international egg Commission considered that a reason to celebrate eggs more than enough. Wherefore since 1996, the world began to celebrate egg Day. The interesting fact is that the country where the eggs love the most is Japan. On average, here every person eats an egg every day.

Another remarkable holiday – cheese Day . widely celebrated in Latvia. Every year Latvia ’s cheese Club” is throwing a Grand celebration in honor of this amazing product – cheese. This day is tasting different kinds of cheese, a competition of original recipes from cheese, as well as competition of athletes who have to lift heavy cheese head. Traditional members ’Club of cheese” put a huge cheese cake and a 20-metre cheese braid, and on the boat with club logo bring hundredweight of cheese, which cheese build the pyramid.

A favorite holiday of many Americans – it is the national day of the hot dog . celebrated annually in the United States on July 18. The story goes that 1893 was declared in America by year ’s sausage in a bun”, since there was a custom to celebrate a Day of hot dogs. What this dish Americans have dedicated a solemn feast, it is not surprising. After all, hot dogs, according to statistics, is a favorite food of most people in the US. On average, each American annually eats 60 hot dogs.

In Thailand there is a tradition to arrange the pineapple festival . In this country the pineapple is valued very high, because this fruit contains magnesium, chlorine, iodine, vitamins A, C, b vitamins, etc. the pineapple Festival lasts for three days. Traditionally, during these celebrations, seminars producers of pineapples, agricultural fair and numerous competitions, including the competition «Miss Pineapple”.

The British – also big fans of fruit. But they especially revere the apples. Every year in late October, it hosts celebration in honor of the Day Apple . The purpose of the festival – to demonstrate the richness of nature and to encourage a person to take care of her. Apple – a very valuable food product. Apples contain vital vitamins and useful elements. Apple – it is also an important cultural symbol. At Apple Day in the UK exhibited a variety of varieties of apples available for purchase rare varieties of Apple trees. Passes tasting different dishes and drinks made from apples. And entertainment includes traditional contest for the longest strip of Apple peel and a variety of games, including archery for apples.

Another festival dedicated to the fruit, the lemon Festival in the French city of Menton. This is a truly Grand celebration. In Menton lemons are grown all the year round, aided by the warm climate. The first festival was organized as a preparation for himself a rich harvest. Since the lemon has become a good tradition. The city is decorated with whimsical figures from citrus fruits, tasting different varieties of lemon dishes and beverages prepared from this fruit. Just on holiday consumes about 130 tons of lemons.

In Russia to celebrate the festivities are cold enough. However, we have our own holidays, in the centre of which are a favorite among Russians dishes. The main of such holidays – that Carnival . It is an ancient Slavic holiday, dedicated to the ending of winter and beginning of spring. Required attribute carnival – is the pancakes. And this is no accident. After all, a pancake because of its round shape was considered the Slavs the symbol of the sun. The celebration of carnival dedicated a whole week. Every day of the week is associated with certain rituals.

Festivals devoted to food, there is a huge amount. In the East the most popular of them – is a holiday kitchen deity in China and bean Day in Japan. In Switzerland annually celebrated Day of cheese In Scotland – lobster Festival, in the Netherlands – the Day of the herring. In France it is customary to celebrate the maple syrup in Iceland – Day cakes, Cuba – Day grapefruit and Azerbaijan – the Day of pomegranate. And this is not a complete list.

Holding the “edible” holidays has become a tradition that has spread around the world. Every year the number of events increases, people arrange more and more celebrations in honor of their favorite products.

Food – this is the most important source of energy needed for the human body. And when it besides use and delivers another great fun, it becomes a double pleasure. Perhaps this fact was the basis for the organization of various festivals devoted to food.

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