The Most famous carnivals in February

February is the most depressing of all winter months. And the sky seems gloomy as ever, and, out of nowhere, swoops Blizzard with frosts. Mood all minorai and most urgent wants of heat, sun, spring. Probably that is why in February into the sea’s most famous carnivals, dropping their rain of fun and bright colors.

Carnival in nice

Nice carnival (Carnaval De Nice), which this year was held on February 14, Valentine’s Day is one of the three largest and the oldest carnivals in the world. The authorship of the carnival is attributed to the Duke of Anjou, who came to nice to spend time. Once started, the amusement of the Duke with balls and fireworks seized and all the inhabitants of the city. Since then, and has become a tradition each year in February to triple carnival for 2 weeks! The Central area of the city becomes a fairy tale right course of action – the houses are covered with plywood sheets, which were immediately subjected to attack by local painters of their most terrifying images in the evening and highlighted. An eerie sight! The second component of the holiday the enchanting floral parades with amazing beauty luxury platforms of flowers.

The main characters of the giant carnival puppets, raschetyvaya on carts in the days of carnival throughout the city. And each year, it’s new characters, in accordance with the selected theme of the carnival.

Samba in Bremen

Samba is usually associated with South American carnivals, however, is held annually in Germany your music this Brazilian carnival dance — Bremer Karneval. The spectacle itself is bright and exciting and all the more surprising for the streets of the free Hanseatic Bremen. The Bremen carnival Samba just a quarter of a century, it has appeared thanks to the enthusiastic lovers of incendiary Brazilian dance and «caught» power on earth burghers. Who would have thought that balanced the Germans can «light»! However its a touch of the notorious «punctuality» they made the most frantic holiday preparations for the festival begin on November 11 at exactly 11 hours and 11 minutes. Participate in the carnival children’s dance groups and adult dancers – everybody dance! Crazy Samba covers the entire Bremen, residents who dress up in the most unbelievable costumes, late-night balls and a generous feast festival with traditional sausages to beer. Samba – Samba, and German traditions feast should be observed.

Swiss Carnival

As he walks Russian Carnival is known all over the world. What do we know about the carnival in Lucerne? The so-called second in scale Swiss carnival, which begins on 27 February. It’s winter in Switzerland who spend 6 days before the beginning of Lent, as our carnival. Crowds of people dressed up in amazing costumes and fantastic masks wave spills onto the streets. Music, dancing, fireworks –all mandatory attributes of any of the carnival attracts thousands of visitors to one of the oldest European carnival. The holiday celebrations started with a triumphant parade of the Swiss regiments after the victory over the Austrians in the mid-15th century. Apparently from here the tradition of parades on city streets. But not military units, and costumed musical groups Guggenmusigen . after cannon shot at 5 am «fat Thursday» hurl a barrage of fun on the still sleepy Lucerne.

The week of carnival in Mexico

This we have frosts, snowstorms and all wrap up warmly, and in Mexico at this time, the hottest week. Carnival parades, unceasing music and merriment with dancing invade the streets of the cities. What city in Mexico to choose to see all of the brightest and most impressive? It is believed that the carnival in Mazatlán is the most stunning and comparable to carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Mardi Gras. The final part of the carnival is the annual literary contest and the election of the Queen and King of carnival.

Brazilian carnival

Rio carnival ( carnival in Rio de Janeiro) is a real jewel in the crown of all the most famous and largest carnivals in the world. This year it will start on 28 February and will resound in the whole world, drawing thousands of participants and guests of the string of Samba parades, theatrical performances at the Sambadrome. All the Samba schools, which in Brazil an incredible amount of will be able for almost one and a half hours each to demonstrate all their skills and imagination in dance, costumes and design platforms.

Portuguese carnival week

March 1 begins the week of carnival cascades throughout Portugal. Each day of the week

It is a separate festival. Sunday and Tuesday he comes to sambadrome, Monday opens with a parade of fools. Each of the cities of Portugal is trying to stand out particularly. Somewhere «sawing the old pimp», and somewhere is going purely female company «strong» costumes and howled in pleasure, not allowing men in his company.

Carnival in Luxembourg

Cavalcade de Diekirch annual carnival in Luxembourg literally turns the whole country into one explosion of colors, music and showmanship. Most of all this holiday the kids are so happy, because for them the majority of carnival amusements. To the Luxembourg carnival all in a hurry to buy more umbrellas to catch the rain of sweets, which this year will be shed on 2 March.

Carnival in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, so hurry plenty novoselitsa, to party and to eat sweets before lent. March 2 will start the Grand carnival procession with giant puppets of rare beauty and imagination that created artists. Every city in the country streetsa to stand out as something special, to emphasize its carnival tradition, attracting visitors from around the world. The most cheerful and noisy carnival without any «horror stories» like the capital of Limburg, Den BOS changes at the carnival, your name and displays its streets with an incredible number of participants a couple of hundred thousand, Amsterdam carnival is always ready for any extremes, and Roermond satisfied with anarchy and «propositive» the city authorities, the city of Venlo became famous for the parade of brides and grooms. In all the cities at the carnival, he or she pulls away from the office, handing over power on time, the Princess and the Prince of the carnival . But the main event of the carnival remains of a doll depicting fairy tale characters, politicians, famous personalities, showbiz stars, made carnival clubs competing for the victory in the carnival competition. The finale of carnival fun pure Dutch – eating at midnight of the last day of carnival dishes of Dutch herring.

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