The Most impressive carnivals of the world

The most impressive carnivals of the world can be found in several cities, which will be discussed in our today’s article. Want to go for the best carnival? We present you a list of carnivals in the world – TOP 8:

1 – Venice (Italy)

One of the most famous carnivals on the planet originates in the XI century. Moreover, there began to blur class boundaries, because the celebration was attended by the aristocrats, who specifically wore masks to blend in with the crowd of ordinary folk.

The Carnival Of Venice. Photo: Javier Cabezón (Flickr: thorinxx)

Famous climactic performance «the Flight of the angel» . which is a symbol of celebration and representing the descent of a young girl with the bell tower of St. Mark the square to the people, launches carnival event. After that, within 10 days, the city hosts various events, theatrical performances, concerts, as well as the competition «the Most beautiful masks» in the Grand theatre in Piazza San Marco, gondolas and «the Feast of Mary», designed to recall the victory in the fight against pirates in 943.

2 – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

We should wrap in old Rome to ancient rituals and traditions to meet the spring to start talking about one of the most important carnivals of the world — carnival of Rio de Janeiro. This event is famous, and deservedly entered the rank of the most exciting holidays of the planet thanks to the scope and beauty of their celebrations. It is the carnival, which, among other things, guarding its traditional date of celebration: four days before ash Wednesday and forty days before Holy Week. According to tradition, in ancient Rome, these festivals were held in honor of the God of wine, Bacchus . when erased, all class differences, because everyone wore masks. These holiday traditions were transferred to America. In Brazil, everything else, they were developed and mixed with an African theme, so the carnival and looks are now so beautiful and colorful.

3 – Oruro (Bolivia)

A recognized cultural heritage site by UNESCO, the Oruro Carnival lasts for 10 days and 10 nights, during which about fifty performers of folklore, who came from all over the world, organize fashion shows around the city, accompanied by musical bands to the Church of the Theotokos Socavon, which are devoted to sacred dance in more than specific costumes. The basic dance is the Diablada . but equally prominent are also Caporales, Waka-Waka and Morenada, among others.

Carnival Of Bolivia. Photo: Ivan Milo (Flickr: Ivan Milo)

The carnival reflects the symbolism of the struggle between good and evil, angels and demons, the end of which wins, of course, welcome! The festival is also accompanied by a parade of carriages and fire. Completes the big carnival procession in which participate about of 28,000 dancers and 10,000 musicians. The procession continued for 20 hours.

4 – Tenerife (Spain)

The carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has the status of a festival of International tourist interest since 1980. In addition, from 1987-wow this carnival is listed in the Guinness book of world Records for the highest number of participants — 200 thousand people — in a mass dance in the open air.

The Choice Of The Queen Of The Carnival Of Tenerife. Photo: Turismo Tenerife (Flickr: Turismo Tenerife)

One of the most exciting events of the carnival — it is the Choice of the Queen of Carnival . In addition, there are great group marches associations, costumes and program which will be prepared during the whole year. Thus, the streets independently and spontaneously filled with numerous carnival performances, accompanied by music and dancing.

5 – Barranquilla (Colombia)

The carnival in Barranquilla also appeared due to the European influence on the culture of Latin America.

Adults and children from all over the world enjoy taking part in a fantastic costume carnival Colombia annually. On the feast of wonderfully combine the different kinds of dancing — each with his character and music.

The carnival of Barranquilla was recognized as an Object of Cultural Heritage of the nation by the Republican Congress and Intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

6 – New Orleans (USA)

Mardi Gras — is the name given to the carnival in New Orleans. The event was the result of French influence and comes from a Catholic «fat Tuesday» (mardi gras), which is preceded by «ash Wednesday», and in which you can enjoy all the gastronomic Goodies without restrictions before the environment and, therefore, Lent.

The Mardi Gras carnival in New Orleans. Photo: Cecilia (Flickr: cecilie.

Characters of the event are the Association of Krewes . organized a carnival parade and dancing, as well as control the design of the floats and costumes.

7 – Cadiz (Spain)

The origin of Carnival in Cadiz refers to the tradition of praising the pagan gods Vacha, Saturn and pan. Moreover, carnival of cádiz appeared due to the cultural influence of Italian shopkeepers, who moved to the Spanish city since the fifteenth century.

The most representative and symbolic moment of the carnival are various groups «Koros» , «compares» . «chirigotas» «quartetos» . which can be presented in the Official Competition of the Carnival Community. Carnival bands are accompanied by original compositions defined, is not devoid of satire and humor, the topics of a political or social nature.

Cadiz carnival is recognized as a festival of International tourist interest since 1965.

8 – Nice (France)

Humor, joke and poetry are the main postulates of the most famous and popular carnival action at the Cote d’azur of France.

Two of the most important events of the carnival — this is the carnival procession «Corso» . which include the parade of carnival floats and theatrical performances in the streets Niecy, as well as the Battle of Flowers . which is arranged on the sea shore.

The carnival in nice. Photo: Net Circlion (Flickr: naitsirchlyon)

Carnival is one of the most fun and exciting holidays of the year in many countries of the world. The tradition of carnival celebrations spread almost all over the world in various forms and manifestations. The city, conducting carnivals, in the days of their celebrations wish to share with everyone the love of music, fun and laughter. This event is for those who agree with the phrase that all of our lives — the carnival!

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