the Most unusual festivals in the world

Every year around the world held more than hundreds of different festivals. Some of them are quite traditional, while other festivals are striking in their uniqueness and even absurdity. Perhaps the existence of such festivals you never knew existed!

Festival of cuckolds (Festa del Cornuto)

Rock Canterano (Roca Canterano, Italy

Why cry when you can have fun? As much as the other participants of the Festival of cuckolds, which is held annually in the village of Rock Canterano, near Rome. Instead sprinkle his ashes on his head, deceived by their halves of Italian men and women put on the heads of cute horns and merry go March in the streets of the village. The carnival procession is accompanied by songs, dances and satirical sketches on the theme of adultery.

Basically, cheating is not a reason to have fun, but as they say, “If the bride went to another, who knows who the lucky one.”

The mud festival (Boreyong Mud Festival)

Boring (Boreyong), South Korea

Cissy is unlikely to want to attend this fun festival. The participants of the mud Festival, which is held annually in South Korea, naked almost naked, and then coated with sea mud yourself and everyone who comes handy. To be smeared with mud not only fun but also useful, because sea mud is very useful for skin. The mud festival is usually held in July and attracts thousands of foreigners. Festival guests become spectators and participants of various cultural programs.

Festival Catania cheese (Cheese Rolling Festival)

UK, Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire)

Such a delicious and healthy product, like cheese not only eat, but also roll up the hill. Why? Ask the British. Annually, the last Monday of each may, lovers of cheese and fun going on top of a hill Coopers hill Coopers Hill) to the fun rolling the cheese down. Each participant of this unusual event confronts the hill 4-pound block of cheese, and then chases her to the foot of the hill. Incidentally, the cheese rolls down the hill at a speed of 112 km per hour, so catching him is no easy task. Note that the race for the cheese – quite a traumatic lesson, that’s why during the celebration the hill on duty ambulances.

Festival burning drums (Burning Tar Barrel Festival)

Devon (Devon), United Kingdom

If you prefer fire show race for the cheese, you can attend another festival in the UK, namely the Festival of the burning barrels. This festival is held annually on 5 November in Devon, UK. Nobody knows how did this holiday, there is only speculation that the festival had something to do with ancient pagan rites. Participants of the festival coated barrels resin, set them on fire and then hoisting burning barrels on his shoulders, and parade through the streets of the city, fun and scaring the audience. If you want to actively participate in the festival and walked to the barrel by yourself, then better stay at home. Participants fire show can be only natives of Devon, who know the ins and outs of the fire process. Untrained allow only as spectators.

The running of the bulls (San Fermin Fiesta)

Pamplona (Pamplona), Italy

This festival is held annually in the Italian city of Pamplona from July 7th to July 14th in honor of Saint Fermin (San Fermin). The highlight of the program is a joint bullfighting and people on the streets. Probably someone running through the streets in a crowd of rampaging bulls seem fun, but those who are shy, it is better not to participate in such fun. During the festival, the doctors at the local hospital, do not sit without work – no celebration of the day of St. Fermin is not without victims.

Festival who escaped death (Near Death Festival)

Las Nieves (Las Nieves), Spain

Every year on 29 July, in the small Spanish town of Las Neves passes strange and somewhat frightening festival. This festival is a celebration of those who have been on the verge of death, and escaped. Miraculously surviving heroes of the festival lie in the grave, which then applies your favorite relatives in the Church of Santa Marta (Santa Marta De Ribarteme). Then takes place in the Church service, and the coffins are taken to the local cemetery, where the lucky survivors bring gifts and offerings to the statue of Saint Martha. Although the name of the festival is daunting holiday is exciting: the festival who escaped death accompanied by drinking alcohol, eating paella and dancing.

Egg festival (Testicle Festival)

Montana (Montana), USA

If you think that the participants of the festival compete in eating eggs, you are mistaken. Actually, this festival is dedicated to…bull testicles! Guests of the egg festival, which takes place at the end of every summer in Montana, enjoying all sorts of dishes made from bovine testes: fried, pickled, baked eggs, and other exotic dishes of this exotic product.

Festival al Colaco (El Colacho Festival) or jumping over children

Castillo de Murcia (Castrillo de Murcia), Spain

This unusual festival is held annually in June in the Spanish town of Castillo de Murcia. The festival takes place in the framework of the celebration of the body of Christ (Corpus Christi). The main action of the festival are jumping over small children. Residents gather all the babies born during the year, and placed them on the pillows. Then Colaco (Colacho) is male, symbolizing fleeing the devil, runs up, and starts jumping through the children! It is believed that thus he purifies children, taking away all the fears and illnesses.

The penis festival (Kanamara Matsuri )

Komaki (Komaki, Japan

Every year on the first Monday of April in the Japanese city of Komaki is a festival called Kanamara Matsuri, in other words, a celebration of fertility. In Japanese culture, the penis symbolizes fertility, so it is the highlight of this holiday.

The people gathered at the festival Kanamatra Matsuri, are paraded through the streets of the city a giant penis made of cypress. Every year people make new penis, using ancient tools. In addition to the “main” giant penis in 2.5 meters tall, the festival is accompanied by hundreds of other figurines and statuettes depicting the phallus.

Holiday fire balls (Bolas de Fuego)

Nejapa (Nejapa), El Salvador

This fire festival is held annually on 21 August in the city of Nejapa in El Salvador. During the festival, people dancing, looks and makes shows, but most importantly comes in the evening when the festival participants are divided into teams and begin to throw each other glowing balls. Fireballs are simple lumps of matter, impregnated with a combustible mixture. This tradition goes back to the year 1685, when there was a volcanic eruption that almost destroyed the city. The city was saved, and its residents have a reason to celebrate. They say so far no one from this risky fun is not affected.

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