The Most unusual festivals in the world

There are things that, like, are optional, but without them people would be simply boring to live.

There are many examples of similar things, but one of the most striking are the festivals.

These massive concentrations of people are somewhere at the intersection of celebration and ritual. In countries that are famous for such their activities, people come, literally, from all over the world.

And it is true, so it is important sometimes to spend time thus, “off”, to join the bubbling stream clean fun, and not a single, wholly-owned collective. This sufficiently explains why festivals are so popular.

But they are not only interesting, ambitious and so on. They can sometimes take their uniqueness, eccentricity. And then it becomes doubly better.

Included in our top 10 most unusual festivals in the world really stand out for its originality – because if there is an opportunity to visit them, it is worth to do it. After all, what else can add such a variety in such seeming normal and measured daily lives, to which we are accustomed?

Room 10 – Festival of crying children

Many ordinary people are afraid of sumo wrestlers, but during this festival to be afraid of them have children. The main essence is to make the child who is in the hands of a sumo wrestler, to cry.

Strange goal of the festival? Of course. But an ancient Japanese proverb says that a crying child will grow much faster. That is why they are trying to thwart. When the baby finally lets out a loud cry, the man who arranged this, coupled with the child is the winner.

Room 9 – Festival drinking fish

You should not take the name of the festival literally, it is conditional. Takes place this action in Belgium. In the original, the feast is called Brakelines. He is dedicated, interestingly, the siege of that city.

People at this festival are given a piece of bread and lively little fish that you want to drink with wine. Of course, needless to say that the defenders of animals very unhappy with this, and therefore insist on the replacement of fish marzipan on analogue.

Number 8 – “Monkey Banquet”

It is difficult to imagine that such a festival could be held anywhere outside of Thailand. Its essence is very simple in the province, which is called Lopburi, spread tons of vegetables and fruits.

This is done in order to glorify Hanuman, the famous monkey God. Then begins a total mess, because running with hundreds of monkeys and in the blink of an eye destroys all the Goodies that were brought. But year after year people give more gifts to the deity.

Room 7 – the Festival of colors

I think everybody saw the pictures from this holiday on the Internet – they send each other all and Sundry, because everything is really very beautiful. Dressing up is not necessary – “dress” you here with the help of paints.

The point is that people in India, glorifying God Krishna, rush into each other special colored powders that are painting everyone in bright and cheerful colors. Also on this day you can eat foods with additives from marijuana and it will be absolutely fine.

Number 6 – Festival “almost dead”

Do not confuse this holiday with day of the dead, which is celebrated in many countries. Here, by contrast, all the participants live, but escaped death actually miracle.

During this unusual Spanish holiday called people sneaked in a kind of coffin to the Church and then the cemetery – sight more than specific. There is a festival in honor of the local patron risen from the dead – Santa Maria de Ribarteme, and at local scale festival is very famous.

Room 5 – the naked Festival

Much unusual comes to us from Japan, this festival is no exception. Although the climate in this country and warmer than ours, but January here insanely frosty.

But this does not scare thousands of fearless and desperate men who sweep the streets of the city Inazawa completely naked. In all this there is a ritual – like action symbolizes purification, because it so willingly and do the Japanese.

Room 4 – the Festival of the saints

Do not confuse this holiday with the popular all saints Day. This festival is a local Hindu. But the parades, which then arrange are really festive and Grand.

It would seem that that’s so unusual? And it in some ritual traditions of this festival. In particular, we can distinguish the piercing the body with safety pins. The pain the person is experiencing, is supposed to symbolize love and devotion to God Murugan.

Room 3 – carnage Festival food

One of those examples where the title explains the whole essence of what is happening to the maximum extent. Takes place this action in Itani. The tradition went from a cast of lovely ladies from the balconies of oranges in their fans. It gradually grew into a large-scale orange fights.

However, it does not stop in Italy you can find a similar holiday, but with tomato fights, pouring wine and water – what a waste.

Room 2 – Festival of children jumping

And once again scored Spain, more precisely to the specific village that bears the name of Castrillo de Murcia. There exists a very ancient, which had begun with 1620 tradition, which is the blessing of infants with jumps.

The man dresses up in a devil costume, then jumps over the babies back and forth. The result of this action as they would be blessed and cleansed from all future sins, and also acquire a “portion” of health.

Room 1 – the Festival of phalluses

This is the best example of what festivals can be strange. What’s even more unusual is the fact that this particular festival takes place in not one, but already in two major countries – Greece and Japan.

Occurs during this holiday is about what you can imagine – a huge installation in the form of body treats, which are also made as to its form and so on. Probably Freud would have had something to say about this unusual celebration.

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