The Most unusual festivals of the world who must visit each

If You want somewhere to take off in full, then you should look for a place that will host the festival. It is difficult to think of a better way to feel the atmosphere and culture of a country than to visit traditional holiday. Sviter will help you decide! We offer you a selection of the largest and most unusual festivals in the world. A sea of emotions and memories guaranteed!

Lantern festival in Thailand

This tradition of launching lanterns into the sky came from Burma, a neighbor of the Northern provinces of Thailand, but not widespread in the Central part and in the southern provinces of the Kingdom. In the North of Thailand this festival sky lanterns called Yee Peng.

The festival of colors in India

It should be noted that Holi is not exclusively a Hindu ceremony, as believers of other religions (Sikhism, Jainism and others) have their version of the holiday. The most noisy and solemn form to the festival in Punjab, where the participation of both Hindus and Sikhs.

The Tomatina festival in Spain

The festival lasts one week and includes musical performances, food fair, parades, dancing and fireworks. The night before the tomato fight, bidding for cooking paella. The first event La Tomatina start at 10 am. Many of the truckloads of tomatoes arrive at the Central square of the town, Plaza del Pueblo. According to the rules of the festival begins only after someone will climb up the wooden pole is two storeys in height, pre-lubricated with soap. Upstairs daredevil expects pork ham (jamon).

Balloon festival in Albuquerque (USA)

This famous festival is held every year and is considered the largest and most photographed in the world. Enjoy this breathtaking beauty attracts thousands and thousands of people.

Festival of flour and eggs in Spain

Every year the mayor of the town of IBI in Alicante province knows what to expect throughout the day. Therefore, on December 28, it suits not the most sophisticated outfits in order to humbly endure the coming trials with flour and eggs. The residents also dress up for the festival in appropriate military clothing old model, even prepare improvised weapons, invite buskers and they make plans for the capture of the city. Separately, it should be noted that participation in the festival will only accept married men that are grouped on the basis of a strong friendship.

The festival jumps over children in Spain

Adult men dress red-and-yellow costumes and jump over babies. The ritual takes place in North-West Spain since 1620. The idea of the festival is that jumpers, dressed up in devilish costumes with whips and clubs, embody satanic evil. When they jump, evil follows them, and the souls of infants are cleared.

Festival at altitude in Italy

The Highline Meeting on Monte Piana — the largest annual slackline festival in Italy! Monte Piana is one of the most beautiful places in the Dolomites.

Festival of umbrellas in Portugal

Installation Umbrella Sky was due to the fact that the Agueda street is narrow and quiet, and for the authors of the project is not big deal to stretch between the houses wire and attach it to a lot of umbrellas. And additional art-an effect that can be observed on the pavement, — this is an interesting pattern that turns out a Sunny day shadows of the disclosed umbrellas.

Elephant festival in India

One of the most colorful and spectacular festivals of India — the elephant festival in Jaipur. The owners of the giants of the paint with their feet to the tip of the trunk all kinds of patterns. By the way, participate in the festival only female elephants. Every owner tries his best, because at the end of the festival selected the winner in the nomination “the Most beautiful elephant”

Festival of tigers in India

This festival is held in support of the tigers. People are murdered every year a large number of these animals. By the way, in 2006, the Dalai Lama gave a speech in which he called for an end to the use, sale and purchase of these animals. As a result, the pilgrims returning from the festival in Tibet, have begun to destroy and throw away the skins of tigers and leopards and even garments, with their fragments.

The mud festival in Korea

Of all the festivals of Korea this is the most popular among foreigners. Guests of the festival in Perenni are mud slides, huge swimming pool with dirt, body art using colored mud, mud area massage and other entertainment. And in the evening for the guests of the festival will host various concerts, shows and fireworks.

Snow festival (Sapporo) in Japan

The tradition of celebrating the Snow festival began in 1950. In that year, during the children’s matinee, the pupils of one of schools in Sapporo Odori Park were installed six snow animal figures. It made an impression on passers-by, who oversaw the work. Since then, city residents began each year in early February to build shapes out of snow and ice.

The festival of the flame Valencia

Every year in March, residents of the Spanish province of Valencia and many tourists gather at one of the most vivid and crazy festivals in Spain “Las Fallas” festival of fire and the arrival of spring. One of the key events of the festival “Las Fallas” is a parade of giant puppets made of papier-mache and wood. On the last day of the festival of dolls are burned in honor of St. Joseph, the patron Saint of carpentry. This year on the streets of Valencia burned 600 giant puppets.

The desert festival in Jaisalmer (India)

The desert festival in Jaisalmer begins with a morning procession. Brightly adorned camels and elephants, on which sit colorfully dressed jockeys are marching through the main street, near Fort. They are accompanied by singers and dancers. The festival lasts three days, during which time all over the city sounds of folk music. All dance and sing ballads of valor and courage, love and tragedies. Musicians trying to outdo each other in their musical creativity.Camels are the main participants of the festival

The underwater festival in Florida

Every year, this underwater view attracts up to 600 divers and divers who have a great opportunity to explore the unique underwater world of coral reefs of the archipelago. In addition to providing an unforgettable underwater spectacle, the festival also aims to make people think about the issue of preserving the unique local ecosystems.

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