The Organization of corporate events

Corporate events

Corporate events are different from other parties because they definitely have a reason. Team building in nature or training seminar you can spend any day, and the holiday must be confined to some important date: company anniversaries, New year, February 23 or March 8 — here are the most common days that are usually marked in Russia. Tell about the most interesting, in our opinion, the options are corporate of these festivals.

Corporate holiday on March 8

On March 8, decided to give women flowers and make them pleasant surprises. Champagne, fruit and chocolates at the end of the day — this is not a surprise, and banal tradition. You can organize something more interesting and memorable. For example, invite saxophonist and arrange a mini-concert right in the office. And, you can order service visiting the Spa or massage. The professional team of masseurs comes with a special table, which can be installed in the conference room. During the day each of the ladies can break away from work and in honor of the holiday, allow yourself an hour of relaxation.

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Corporate event on February 23

Almost all men like to drink and, preferably, good drinks. The exit bar can come to You directly to your office and conduct a master class on cooking the best in St. Petersburg cocktails. In addition to workshops, the bartenders will treat Your employees with the most delicious and original cocktails specialities.

Currently all just hung up on social media: watch the posts, write comments, likes, instarmac and are tweeting. Bad, if employees are doing during working hours, but well, if in favor of the company. This passion of colleagues you can use when organizing a corporate event. Let each Department will select one hero and will shoot the video «Real man».

The scenario could be: my professional skills, my Hobbies, my plans for the future. The rollers are laid out in the social network, 2 weeks all do repost and vote. At a festive party in honor of February 23, video is viewed, the results are summarized, with prizes awarded to the winner and best Director group. What is good in this event, one way or another, are involved in almost everything, and the holiday is more valuable and better to remember that we made ourselves.

Or you can come up with a #hashtag for your company and choose the best photos from the holidays.

The celebration of the anniversary of the company

For those who are tired of monotonous banquets and shows, we offer an original idea for a corporate event — Role-playing game live action . Role play — is an effective team building activity for good «shake» team. The game creates for the participants in an atmosphere that together with pleasure I communicate everything. Even those colleagues who only accidentally met in the corridors of the office or even were not previously familiar. Game live-action is a wonderful tool for teambuilding. The feeling of the need for action by all participants regardless of age, gender, functions in the company or belonging to a particular Department allows you to raise or reallocate roles of middle managers. Games form, as a sociocultural tool that allows you to have fun, and easy to achieve emotional connection between the participating employees.

How is «Role-playing game live action»? The game allows You to travel back to any historical period or fantasy fictional world, to temporarily be a pirate, a gangster, a hobbit or a wizard. First you choose one of the preset scenarios or a new spell. Then selected a place to play and negotiated the gaming space. Participants receive a role and game props, transform, now they have a few hours to live «someone else’s life». You can do anything you like, to negotiate, to change, to buy things and information, steal and bluff.

worth mentioning about the amazing Festival of lights. The glowing lights are hopes and prayers of the Thai people for the new year. Is celebrated on the first full moon night of the new year. Night of lights is a traditional holiday in China and Taiwan.

]]>do not be offended by the actions of the other, for the role he may be your arch-Nemesis. In the event of a dispute or if something is unclear in the role, you can always turn for help to the master of the game. He ensures that all information and artifacts were available, trying to make the game took place. Obviously, everyone can not win, as in any game there will be winners and losers, but the fun is really going to get absolutely all participants of the event.

More options for interesting team building >>

The organization of the holiday for the New year

The new year is a time of fairy tales and miracles. It is therefore necessary to arrange an interesting and exciting holiday instead of the usual, boring party. You can invite musicians, magicians and other entertainers and entertainment that will dilute the gray days of employees and will suit a bright holiday. You can organize something original, for example, to make a race radio-controlled cars on a special track, which will bring You to the office or have a party-photo shoot with beautiful scenery and elegant costumes.

The most important thing in conducting corporate event – to listen to the wishes of Your employees and choose the genre and scale of the event. The holidays will help to rally the team and to remove the accumulated fatigue and stress of employees. Bright and original holidays will always remain in the memory and the photos and memories will be pleasing to the eye the whole year!

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