the winners XI International festival of Muslim cinema

Approached the end of the annual forum of Muslim cinema. Yesterday in Kazan hosted the closing ceremony of the festival.

Traditionally, the closure began with the red carpet. Despite the cool weather to look at the stars of Russian and foreign cinema has gathered a respectable number of citizens of Kazan. This time the guests of the festival were actors Dmitry Pevtsov, Dmitry Kharatyan, the latter also held the awards ceremony.

The action began with Tatar folk songs, and then not postponing for a long time, moved to award the nominees. The first prize was awarded to the organization ’s TURKSOY”, the winner was the film «Rudolf Nureyev. Rudick” Farida Davletshina. A special diploma was awarded another film Tatarstan production that was not included in the competition program, “flowers”.

Then came the special prizes from the jury. Dilovar Sultonov from Tajikistan for the short film “White Sparrow” cartoon “no fluff, No pen!” from Bashkortostan. Another special prize from the mayor of the city of Kazan was presented by the head of Department of culture of the Kazan Executive Committee Aigul Gornysheva. Got it to Stepan Belova for documentary “Under the sign of love. Composer Sofia Gubaidulina in Kazan”.

Is a pleasure to be on this stage. I want to say to all the people of Kazan, and we should be proud that our land lived Sofia Gubaidulina. This film would not exist if not for the contemporary music center – briefly thanked Stepan Belov.

But the prize is distributed, and started the program. In the category of “Non-fiction short film” the victory was won by Ekaterina Dorofeeva for the painting “Vasily Eroshenko. Road to the sun”. The girl came out in a chic red dress, however, in a speech noted that such an award she didn’t expect, but apparently still prepared just in case. But among feature-length documentaries win again awarded Tatarstan Director – Denis Krasilnikov, for his painting “the Unforgiven War”.

Director at laurels of the winner to rest one did not want and was called to the stage the entire team, and also promised that their next work will be even better.

Between the official units of awards and reply sentences to the festival and Kazan, guest artists competed in their vocal and gave mini-concerts. First out of the theatre and film actor Simon truhachev and delightfully sang the song «Green carriage”. Not all know this, but the singer wanted to be an actor originally. He also was awarded best animated film, they began painting from Iran ’s When I was a kid”. Then Director Alexei Barykin was awarded the prize in spacemenace «Russia young” Michael Fattakhova.

Then the audience was waiting for a moment of entertainment from urban dance team ’s Action Mans Crew”, which presented a mix of Tatar folk dance and breakdance.

Another Director of the Tatarstan won the award for best fiction short film – Salavat useev. But the character of another picture – conductor Rustem he was, gave the guests of the festival a concert with his band “La Primavera” and beat-boxer Mitya Burmistrov M. V. successfully.

Then went and Dmitry Pevtsov, as usual with the guitar. Then said the winner in the category of operator skill.

– For anybody not a secret, how great is the role of the profession of cameraman for any audio – visual works. This man stands at the junction of creativity and technical implementation. We all watch the movie through the eyes of a cameraman, said Director and cameraman Nikolai Morozov.

And the award went to a film from India “known”. The victory in the nomination “Best actor” won Ildus Gabdrakhmanov for her work in the film “Slammed the door and left”, and the best actress of the festival was named Maria Mashkova for her role in the film, Poltoratskaya, Darya ’s Escape from Masquarade”.

Best script at the festival was two. Prizes went to Tajikistan for the film “Teacher” and to Iraq for his painting “the Face in the ashes”. The best Director was named Amirhossein Asgari from Iran for the film “No boundaries”. This award was presented by the Minister of culture of Tatarstan Ayrat sibagatullin.

– Firstly, many thanks to the organizing Committee, the Board of Directors, thank you to those leaders of the ministries of culture, who started this festival. I am very pleased that Tatarstan cinema over the years has grown, you see it today. Also a huge thank you to the selection Committee, the jury and, of course, you, dear viewers – he turned to everyone in the hall.

After the Minister’s words yet again, we waited a musical gift, now it was performed by Dmitry Kharatyan. He sang a song about the midshipmen, the hall applauded, someone sang. But the real storm of applause went to the Maitre of the Russian movie Vladimir Menshova, he went on stage to present the main prize of the festival. Statuette of the winner went to Kyrgyzstan for the film-the action, as called by Menchov, “Kurmadan Datka Queen of the Mountains”.

– This is a very instructive picture. In Kyrgyzstan, apparently, there was not the President, who loves movies, not the President of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Finance, who did not know, but suddenly went out of the picture. In not the richest of the republics, not the most generous of oil suddenly made with not allowed myself during the Soviet era. It’s a matter of respect and a desire to peer into this country, these people, praised the Kyrgyz cinema Menchov.

But the prizes were not yet over. The prize from President of Tatarstan for humans shooting Dina Hamza from Egypt for the film ’s Past will return”. Gave it to the Deputy Chairman of Tatarstan state Council Rimma Ratnikova. His speech she started in Tatar, then confidently moved on to English, but became agitated, apologized and continued in Russian.

– This festival has become a phenomenon, like the Muslim world. I hope that it will help people to understand each other, to live in peace and mutual respect, said Rimma Ratnikova.

These good words and ended the XI international festival of Muslim cinema.

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