Top 10 best festivals in August

In August, all of us a kaleidoscope of festivals: music, family, sports, charitable and historical. Those which definitely cannot be missed — and more in our collection activities of the month.

Festival exhibition «Laboratory of sculpture ”

Visitors to this festival and exhibition will be able to see how a sculpture is born, — after all, the participants, honored Russian and Finnish sculptors will create their works directly into their eyes. They will work in different techniques and with different materials, including introducing everyone to the latest trends. Who, what and when to do — you can learn from the schedule. For children, the festival has created an unusual “Stone sandbox”. It is also planned to conduct a series of master classes.

When? July 2-September 27.

Where? The branch of the State Museum of urban sculpture “Workshop of M. K. Anikushin” Vyazemsky pereulok bld. 8).

Charity Festival «Anton near here ”

For a second time, all not indifferent to the problems of autism, as well as just wanting to have a great time waiting for this charity open-air festival, all proceeds from which will go to the Center “Anton near here”.

On the first day of the last month of summer guests will enjoy their performances Vasya Oblomov, Amy Peters, of the “Pole”, “Forbidden drummers” and other famous artists. In addition, the festival will run 10 thematic areas and conducted master classes (for example, acting, cooking, juggling, magic tricks, linocut, manufacture of brooches). Children can separate a big area with a sweet table and a petting zoo.

When? August 1.

Where? Gorky Park. C. M. Kirov (Elagin island).

The festival ’s Days of Harley-Davidson in St. Petersburg ”

The main event of Harley-Davidson in Russia for the fourth time will be held in St. Petersburg. The holiday program of bikers and fans of choppers Harley-Davidson this year is divided into four thematic day: “Guest day” (Thursday), “Technopark” (Friday), “impressive motorbike parade” (Saturday) and “family Day” (Sunday).

Citizens of all ages colourful stunt performances, demonstration of a trip to new motorcycles, fun contests, a concert program and many surprises. By the way, all four days of the festival will be a children’s, food, trade and exhibition areas, as well as area airports. Detailed programs and.

When? 6-9 August.

Where? Ostrovsky Square.

Festival FamilyFest

It’s a big city free holiday for adults and children. In a green space organize several thematic areas such as health and beauty, sports, health food and others, where every visitor will be able to learn new skills, unleash your creativity and just have a great time. For the youngest guests of the festival will operate the interactive area with informative and educational games, workshops, science experiments, magic shows and fun outdoor activities.

When? On 8 August.

Where? The Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg (Primorsky prospect, 74).

Kite festival ’s easy to Fly! ”

For the fourth time in our city to host this major kite festival. As in previous years, it will be possible not only to admire the many soaring over the city bright and original kites, but also to try to make one of them at a special master class. Here will appeal to both adults and children, because the organizers prepared a lot of interesting surprises for visitors of all ages. The detailed programme .

When? On 9 August.

Where? The Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg (Primorsky prospect, 74).

Restaurant day

In August in our city will once again be a favorite of many international culinary event-the festival — Restaurant day. August 16, anyone can feel like a restaurateur or chef, and to suggest to the court the citizens their signature dish and to open a restaurant — cafe one day. Foodies, and just loving all the delicious, interesting, trendy and unusual walk, try your favorite dishes and even rate them. How to become a member or find out where the nearest Playground restaurant day, as relates to the police of this action, as well as answers to many other questions.

When? On 16 August.

The festival ’s Journey ”

The organizers of the festival want to try to bring the whole world in one Park and to meet with him, or rather, with the traditions and culture of different Nations inhabiting them, everyone. Visitors can look forward to 15 spectacular locations, each of which represents one of the countries of the world. In the program — a unique master-classes, traditional entertainment, authentic cuisine, music of different peoples of the world.

When? On August 22-23.

Where? Recreational summer project «Petrovsky Arsenal” (Sestroretsk, voskova str., D. 2.).

V Oranienbaum Maritime festival

This year Oranienbaum Maritime festival celebrates its fifth anniversary. Traditionally, in the framework of the annual competition will be held among catamarans and yachts on the prize of Prince Alexander Menshikov. This Amateur regatta «ORANGE RACE” and children Interclub race on the Dinghy class “Optimistic” and “Varien”. Also the viewers will see breathtaking international Windsurfing competitions, performances and rescue services OSAS and jet ski riders, sea show “Board”, an exhibition of samples of marine engineering, performance and entertainment and much more.

When? 29-30 August.

Where? The Gulf of Finland, near the ferry pier in the town of Lomonosov.

International organ festival Vox Venetia Nordica – 2015

During all summer weekends in one of the Catholic churches of St. Petersburg organ music performed by local and foreign artists. During the festival in August in the Church of St. Stanislaus will perform Anna Kolesnikova, Anna Alekseeva, Ekaterina and Stefan Flügel, Unterleitner, Maria Lebedeva, Love Nosov, Mikhail Mishchenko, Natalia Mikhailova. Please note that admission to the concerts is by invitation only and places are limited. Read more about reservations.

When? Until August 30.

Where? The Church of Saint Stanislaus (Soyuza Pechatnikov str., D. 22)

III Festival of puppets “Union Cartoons ”

For the third consecutive year in St. Petersburg held a large-scale festival of puppets. Children and adults will entertain all friends and favorite cartoon characters huge size. In addition to this parade of puppets in the program of the holiday will be a lot of contests, concert and performances. In addition, all came on the last Sunday of August in the Yusupov garden will find over 20 free themed games, sports and interactive sites!

When? On 30 August.

Where? The Yusupov garden.

Prepared by: Tatiana Maslova

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