Top 10 summer festivals in Russia

“Your Parallel” offers to spend the summer holidays so that they remember for a long time! Go to the festival! Nadori your vocal cords and get a lot of pleasure from the fact that live to see their favorite artists.

Ethnic festival “wild mint”

When . 13, 14 and 15 June

Where: Ethnographic Park “ethnomir” near D. Petrovo (Kaluga region)

This is the largest ethnic festival in Russia, filled with an atmosphere of goodness and happiness, are not wildly popular international rock artists or already overused, but time-tested Russian and Srsne group. Its atmosphere here! A bunch of “indie” and “folk” groups and singers will storm your brain with pleasant melodies and voices. Also at this festival you can not only enjoy music, but also to meditate with Indian yoga instructor, to learn how to swing a samurai sword, to attend various trainings on the development of self-knowledge and to try a lot of exotic dishes. Practically, it’s the same our native “Annual”, which, of course, far less in terms of scope of action and place, but I hope that our native multi-festival will grow, and will even surpass this cultural event.

Promotional video of the Festival “wild mint”

What else?: If there is no desire to sleep in a tent, you can book a place in the hotel “Park” or the nearby hotels of Obninsk and Borovsk. Perishable products, food and alcohol to bring forbidden, but the fest will be many stalls as exotic and familiar language meals and snacks. You can also buy food in the nearest selimage . Parking is free. And don’t forget to buy Souvenirs!

Participants: participants were specific. Basically it’s representatives are not very popular and world music. Participating this year: AlexClare, Brainstorm, Surganova and orchestra, IPAF many others. A total of 50 teams from different countries, many of which at the hearing only from professional music lovers.

The cost of tickets . Adult – R. 2000 child (5 to 12 years) – 1000 p. Children under 5 years old can enter the festival for free. Price platanista 3 days – 1000 R. the Ticket is valid for all 3 days.

How to get from Syktyvkar . by car 1 448 km – which is 18h.53 min. you can Also get to Moscow by plane or train, and the “ethno-Park” by taxi, which costs 1500 rubles or by train.

International festival of live music “Air”

When: 20, 21 and 22 June

Where: the airport, “Sands”, Petrozavodsk (Karelia)

Festival “Air” has been held since 2005 with a break for 2010-2012. Initially, the fest was called “Northern invasion” that is clear: at each event was mainly organized by famous Russian bands and performers. This year the trend is to invite “our” interrupted, because it comes already love us after last year’s “Ybitsa” group TheRasmus.

Promotional video of the festival “the Air”

What else?: Bring liquids and perishables, but the organizers every backpack still shmonat can not!

In Petrozavodsk there is a street Syktyvkar, Russia’s only!

Participants: Representatives of Russian rock (DDT, NoizeMC, , Earring, NAIVE, Surganova and orchestra, Murakami, Slot, Znaki, Master, Plan Lomonosov), TheRasmus, as well as several little-known and local bands.

The cost of tickets . Ticket for 1 entrance to one of the 3 days – 1500 p 3 in 3 days – 2500 R. If you want to get in and out of the festival grounds constantly, you will have to pay 5000 R. platanista – 2000 R. , which gives unlimited freedom of action and allows you to go backstage – 25000 R. Children up to 8 years free pass.

How to get from Syktyvkar . by car 1 385 km which will take about 19 hours. Airport transfers in Moscow or St. Petersburg by train, too, with a connection in Moscow that will be about 2 days on the way.

The band Lyapis Trubetskoy on the stage of the festival “Air-2013”. Photos from the group

Festival of music and entertainment “Dobrofest”

When: 27, 28 and 29 June

Where: the Airport Levovo near Yaroslavl

History: the Festival of good quality and rock music “Dobrofest” pleased with its existence Yaroslavtsev and guests of this city since 2010. Basically at this festival are heavy and punk band. As world-famous names were noted, but this year come known for his leftist political views and anti-war agitation punks from the U.S. “Anti-flag”.

Promotional video of the festival “Dobrofest”

What else?: Parking there are two types – paid and free. Paid, of course, is more convenient because it is located closer to the venue of the fest and heavily guarded.

At the festival you can get married with your partner. All this, of course, not serious, but to rehearse the upcoming or repeat your wedding to the sounds of favorite bands – this is just gorgeous!

Participants: Anti-flag, Lyapis Trubetskoy, NoizeMC, Lumen, Pilot, mental hallucinations, Княzz, NAIVE, Cockroaches. Slot, Kukryniksy, F. P. G. Stigmata, 5diez, Plan Lomonosov and many other rock and punk bands. Organizers also intrigued by the only (!) mathcore group from Turkey Chopstick Suicide.

The cost of tickets . A ticket for all 3 days and a tent – 2500 p. Children under 12 are free.

How to get from Syktyvkar . by car 1 044 km which will take about 14 hours. By train, the journey time is about 20 hours.

“Park Live Festival”

Where: VDNKH, Moscow

ParkLiveFestival only the second time, but already boasts last year’s participants: LimpBizkit, TheKillers, Zemfira, Mumiy Troll, and many others. Besides, it all takes place in a stunning location in the heart of our country – the Soviet era.

What else?: From all the above festivals, this differs in that you will not need to sink in the mud, if it rains, and no tents.

Participants: the Composition is truly stellar! Marilyn Manson, Skillet, The Prodigy, Enter Shikari, Hollywood Undead, Deftones, 7 race and many others

The cost of tickets . before June 1 pass for all 3 days – 5000 R. 1-day Pass – 2500 rubles VIP for 3 days – 7000 p. Children under 8 years free


When: June 29

Where: small arena of Petrovsky stadium, St. Petersburg.

Greenfest festival, held since 2005. A sponsor is a famous brand of beer, so if you want foam, you can use only a certain brand. This fest had polystrate many stars, including: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, The Rasmus, 30 Seconds to Mars and others.

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