Top 20 most vibrant cities

And how do you feel? Improved after our virtual tour of the most colorful cities of the planet? I hope so. Then we continue the “travel” to cities that seem to have gone from the pages of children’s books and attracted by his beauty.

Awaits another dozen amazing cities that are full of streets and houses, rainbow mood and state of eternal celebration of life.

It seems that the artist just took the brush and bright colors sprinkled rock. The brightest city in the world, from the most variegated coloured houses, blue sea and fragrance of flowers. It’s all about Manarola – a small Italian town in Liguria. And let the Italian Riviera known for many other attractions, but Manarola – it is something! It is somewhat reminiscent of a huge whale cartoon, which floats on the waves, and upstairs are small colored houses, drive colored small cars and little people live. When the evening comes, and in every window, the lights and streets lights, and the city turns into a colorful bright Kingdom on loose rock.

In the Indian state of Rajasthan has its “blue city” (as in Tunisia). But unlike the bright African city all the houses in Jodhpur are painted only in Royal blue color. According to one version, someone from the Royal family has offered to paint one of the buildings in the colors of a cool summer and water – in blue. And so they did. This so impressed the locals that they decided to continue and painted their houses too in this color. Even everyday objects painted in this color. And there was “blue city”.

Think well than to Peru, in addition to the ancient Incan civilization, may surprise. And no, maybe. The Capital Lima. Nothing surprising about that? And how bright the houses of the city, which lies in the mountains and his randomness resemble the contents of the handbag. Lima always attracts tourists due to its beauty – look from the image of the city, and just want to come here. No wonder in the capital are interesting parades and festivals that are different holidays and events.

Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles

This small town of the Netherlands Antilles (in the Caribbean) differs from other cities of the island in the first place with its bright colors. All the buildings in Willemstad built in two styles – tropical and colonial Dutch. House of Curacao’s capital; they look like good old Holland. In addition the city has many movable bridges and river channels. Even modern homes that are built in the city, also support this style to preserve the historical value of the city.

Meet, and it is a colorful city of St. John’s . It is the most “fun” in all of Canada. If you look at the city from the deck of the ship, then you might think that it is a city-LEGO: neat colorful houses, located on a hill. Or, for example, chocolate jelly beans in colored glazes, which were scattered on the green paper. The city even has a promenade with candy name – Jellybean Row (Candy street). The historical part of St. John built in the Victorian style. The house also began to paint for a long time. They say that this tradition was started by fishermen.

This Polish city is called the most colorful in Eastern Europe. Wroclaw is unique not only for its colourful houses, but that the city has more than 200 bridges, so called “Venice in Central Europe”. This, of course, do not argue, but I would call Wroclaw “the flower of Europe”. All houses here are built in the classical style and painted in pastel colors. But still in the city since 2001 “live” gnomes. Wroclaw, the city is ancient, but very modern, is one of the most brilliant in Europe.

The city of Utrecht in the Netherlands has not only bright medieval character, but colorful and corresponding “appearance”. Not only that, houses in the city are painted in bright colors, so at night the city turns on illumination color, which gives the city a special flavor. In it all the time something interesting happens, vibrant. It’s a city of students and young people, so it is very often held all sorts of festivals and jazz events. And, like any other city in the Netherlands, there is an amazing flower market, and is open on Saturdays flower fair. Holland, as always, in bright colors!

Very bright and colorful city is located in the heart of Mexico – silver Guanajuato . Old, colonial city, whose historical center listed as world heritage by UNESCO. Silver called because of the silver production. But he looks quite silver – variegated. When the sun rises, the impression is created that begin to illuminate the colorful rooftops. There are many areas that are crossed by streets with colourful houses. Surprisingly, they blend perfectly with the historic architectural buildings and typical industrial buildings.

Thousands of tourists come to this fabulous city, where there are beautiful castles and medieval palaces, colourful buildings, set among lakes and hills. Not to say that the capital of Sweden is in the North. Even on cloudy days, the city shimmers like a rainbow. Usually travelers go on a tiny square of Stortorget, which is full of bright houses. This is the most photographed place in Stockholm .

Tourists who arrive in the Chilean city of Valparaiso from the first minute to fall under his charm. The city has a serene spirit of freedom. It is a city of sailors and youth who walks along the promenade and quotes the poems of Pablo Neruda. It has its poetic charm, and in this Chilean city, there is a cultural heritage of the country. The city is located on the hills, with low houses painted in different color, and is buried in verdure. Climb up the streets wandering mazes between houses or noisy cable cars, which are used here as the main transport.

And that’s not all of the most colorful cities in the world. I wrote about the colored city of Svalbard in Norway and Moroccan blue Chefchaouen, tiny colorful island of Procida, in the South of Italy, “postcard” the Copenhagen area, unusual Bristol in Britain, South Riviera Menton, the Greek island of Amorgos, colorful Rio de Janeiro, RUB on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Dublin promenade, the picturesque town of Kulusuk in Greenland, the district of Bo-Kaap in Cape town, Maafushi Maldives, Secotex in Mexico, Pattaya in Thailand and many, many other towns and villages. If you want to, leave your comments and share your impressions about the journey of the brightest cities in the world!

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