Top 5 most spectacular stadiums in the world

Large stadiums, representing a beautiful architectural solution is a person, the national pride of the country and not only the venue of the sporting event. I represent to your attention the most ambitious, original, expensive and beautiful stadiums around the world.

Top 5 most expensive stadiums in the world

1. The most expensive stadium in the world recognized as MetLife Stadium . located in new Jersey, USA. The construction of the stadium, opened in April 2010, was spent 1.6 billion dollars. Recently in the annual ranking of the highest-grossing stadiums in the world, the MetLife stadium became the highest grossing in the U.S. and third worldwide. For the construction of MetLife Stadium in equal shares allocated money clubs “new York Giants” and “new York jets”, are available for home matches. The color of the interior light depends on which teams are playing. Also MetLife stadium, which can accommodate 82566 viewers is the most capacious in the NFL. At MetLife Stadium hosts international football matches and concerts.

2. The construction of Wembley stadium . also known as the New Wembley and located in London, at a cost of $ 1.5 billion. It was built on the site of the old Wembley stadium in 2007. Wembley ranks first in terms of capacity in the UK and second in Europe at the same time the stadium can take 90 thousand spectators. At Wembley stadium hosts regulary, home games of the England football main games internal tournaments, and it passed the final of the UEFA Champions League 2011, football finals of the summer Olympics 2012. The famous Wembley stadium “Wembley arch” — the longest single span roof structure in the world with a height of 134 meters.

3. “The Olympic Stadium” located in Montreal . Canada ranks third in the list of most expensive stadiums in the world, the cost of this arena after reconstruction in 2006 amounted to $ 1.4 billion. The Olympic Stadium was built in 1976 as the main arena of the XXI summer Olympic games. At the Olympic Stadium in Montreal the local team in the canadian football plays its home games, is also in his arena in 2007 was held the FIFA world Cup-20 world Cup France 2009 known fact that Bordeaux have beaten EA Guingamp

4. The fourth line of the rating of the most expensive stadiums in the world is American Cowboys Stadium . located in Arlington, Texas. Its opening was held in may 2009. The construction of this project was spent 1.3 billion dollars. Cowboys Stadium has the largest dome in the world and the second largest information display which works in HD. The capacity of the stadium to Cowboys Stadium 80 thousand spectators, considering the standing room, it will increase to 110 thousand, ranking it second in the NFL, after MetLife Stadium. The stadium holds home games the team “the Dallas Cowboys”, in his arena matches are being played basketball, Boxing, motocross races, music concerts. In the Guinness book of world records listed the world record for the “Match of Stars” of the NBA watched 108713 spectators.

5. Stade de France was built in the suburbs of Paris in 1998 for 974 million dollars specifically for the world Cup. At Stade de France for the first time in its history, the French team became the strongest in the world, defeating the Brazilian team with the score 3:0. At Stade de France pass the final game of the world Championships on football and Rugby matches of the championship of France, two times it hosted the Champions League final.

Top 5 biggest stadiums in the world

1. The May day stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea tops the list of the biggest stadiums in the world, it was built in 1989 for the XIII festival of youth and students, its capacity is 150 thousand spectators. A distinctive design feature of this stadium are 16 arches that form a ring and give the stadium the shape of a Magnolia flower. In the arena of the stadium hosts the annual Grand performance Arirang, which is more involved hundreds of thousands of people.

[youtube_sc url=»40rxjGJewik»] 2. The stadium salt lake in India can take on three tiers of stands 120 thousand spectators. In terms of capacity it is the second largest in the world. This arena hosts international and national competitions in athletics, but the main sport stadium salt lake is football. Salt lake has the shape of an ellipse, two huge electronic scoreboard, lighting provides for holding matches at night.

3. National stadium Bukit Jalil in Malaysia, built in 1998 for the Commonwealth Games, to 110 million viewers. This arena hosts the final matches of the Cup and super Cup Malaysia Cup. In 2007 at the stadium Bukit Jalil were held 7 matches of the Asian Cup.

4. Fourth in the ranking of the greatest stadiums in the world is the Estadio Azteca . built in the Mexican capital Mexico city. Its capacity of 105 thousand spectators. In this stadium the Brazilian team in 1970 he won the Gold Cup of the goddess Nike, and in 1986 Diego Maradona in the game between Argentina and England scored the goal of the century, showing the “Hand of God”. Estadio Azteca is also the highest stadium in the world.

5. Closes rating 5 biggest stadiums in the world Jawaharlal Nehru . named after the first Prime Minister of India. The stadium can accommodate from 78 to 130 thousand (at concerts) viewers. In the arena of Jawaharlal Nehru national team matches are held in India in football and cricket. The stadium has the sector for athletics. The infrastructure of the stadium Jawaharlal Nehru is covered arena with swimming pool and Playground for volleyball, basketball for 8 thousand spectators.

Top 5 most beautiful stadiums in the world

1. National Yoyogi stadium in Tokyo was voted the most beautiful in the world . This stadium was built to host international competitions 1964. National Yoyogi stadium is an interesting design with floor slabs, curved in the form of shells and supported by steel cables. Today, this stadium is the largest in Japan, there are national and international Championships and competitions.

2. The Olympic stadium in Munich . built in 1972 for the Olympic games and until recently served as the home stadium of Bayern. He surprised her “tent” roof made of Plexiglas, the stands are covered with giant hanging slabs-shells. The design of the stadium was considered revolutionary for its time.

3. New Mestalla in Valencia, Spain. The stadium has gone through 6 of reconstruction during its eighty-year history. It held the FIFA world Cup, the preliminary stage of the Olympic football tournament.

4. The Allianz Arena . Munich, Germany. The facade and roof of the stadium consists of 2760 pillows are inflated with dry air and highlights in red, blue, white colors and shades. The thickness of the fabric of the cushions is 0.2 mm.

5. The Stadium Jeong Chi . Shanghai. It is famous for a movable roof structure, made in the form of Magnolia, flower of Shanghai, there are open and closed tournaments in tennis.

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